950+ Karachi WhatsApp Group Link For ( Education – University, News, Job & Girls )

In this blog post, we shared about 950+ Karachi WhatsApp Group Link For ( Education – University, News, Job & Girls ) not only that, we also provide WhatsApp group links 18 Karachi. Karachi defence WhatsApp Group link and more group links for Karachi people. So, to all our top fans looking for means to join this group and have fun with others, I believe here is the only means.

Few days ago, we make out time to creat Pakistan WhatsApp group links for those in Pakistan to join for free and meet new friends. So, later when we discovered that a lot of people are desperately searching for Karachi WhatsApp group link to join. Mostly for news, defence, girls and university students. We thought of how to go about it, but my friends suggest we should go ahead and create group invite links too. So that everyone will join and meet new friends, have fun and also share thought.

Without wasting any time, we had to pick up our mobile device, login on WhatsApp and create about 950+ Karachi WhatsApp group invite links. And guess what? That’s what we shared here for you guys to join for free and meet new friends, have fun and most of all share thoughts.

Even if you’re reading this article right now and you aren’t in Karachi, you’re 100% free to join us. You can as well check our related article on different countries, hopefully you will see your Country and join. As it stands now, we have shared a lot and still sharing, anything that will put a smile on the face of our visitors is what we channel our energy on.

950+ Karachi WhatsApp Group Link For ( Education – University, News, Job & Girls )


I know by now you will be so anxious to join this WhatsApp group links, so desperate to meet meet friends. Well, you have to relax your mind and read this article till that point you will be asked to join. No rushing, so that you don’t make mistakes.  Now lete quickly point out some the Karachi WhatsApp group links that we don’t allow those that aren’t from that place to join. Read below and also know why;

Karachi University Girl WhatsApp group link


I know that most of you here right now are searching for Karachi girl WhatsApp number or Karachi university girl WhatsApp group chat. Lol, who doesn’t like something good? 😍😍  Absolutely nobody. Well, I just want to inform you that we have over 200 Karachi university girls WhatsApp group invite links here. So, meeting them is very easy and they are all beautiful for friendship.

So, what you will do, is to join any of the groups created for Karachi girls, chat any of them up and tell her your mind. But if you’re a girl, and you wish to meet your fellow Karachi university girls, then here is the best medium for that.

Karachi Job WhatsApp group link


If you fall in the category of people that are searching for a good job news update in Karachi. Then you’re advised to join this Karachi Job WhatsApp group chat instantly. In this group, we have so many people who specializes on updating fellow group members on the latest job alert.

When I mean latest job alert in Karachi, I’m talking about profitable ones that will change your standard of living for good. The amazing thing is that, this group chat is very active” and you will be getting updates all the time. Definitely, within a space of one to two weeks of joining this group” you will find a very well paid job. A lot of people have gotten a job through this group, and definitely you will.

WhatsApp group links 18 Karachi


No doubt, you want to have fun, Lol. I totally understand, and that’s why we didn’t hesitate to creat this group for you guys to join. Anyways before you proceed to joining this 18 Karachi WhatsApp group chat, make sure you aren’t a teenager anymore.

As a matter of fact, you are advised not to join this group if you aren’t matured enough. Before we will be sharing stuffs that are not meant for teenagers in this group chat, e.g pictures and videos.

Karachi News WhatsApp Group Link


If you want to know the latest happenings in Karachi, then consider joining this group instantly. There are so many news publisher from Karachi in this group, and they don’t fail to give us the latest events and happening in Karachi.

So to get the latest accurate, timely and educative news from Karachi” then it’s only in our website. And the groups are very active, definitely you will be inpired when you finally join us.

Karachi University WhatsApp group link


Initially, we wrote on Karachi university girl group chats, I’m I right? Definitely yes, you can scroll up again to see it. Well, that one is only for those searching for girls in Karachi university group link.

While this Karachi university WhatsApp group links is for everyone who in in the higher institution and wants to meet new friends. So, this University group chat, we make out tome to creat different group links for different Universities in Karachi. All you have to do right now is to scroll down and locate your school, then join and meet new friends.

Karachi WhatsApp Group Link


Undoubtedly by now you must be asking where are the group invite links? Anyways I had to inform you the necessary things you need to know before sharing it. Let’s I forget, lete show you guys the rules and regulations guilding the group so that you won’t be removed by our admins when you violate it;

  • Do not insult your fellow group members
  • Sharing of irrelevant links is not allowed
  • No advertising post should be shared by anyone in the group.
  • Do not share fake information that will mislead anyone
  • That’s all

Make sure you keep to the above rules and regulations before you proceed to joining us. Now follow any of the links below to join us;

Desi Aunty Group Links

Karachi Business Group chat

Karachi University Girls Group

Join Single Mom For Friendship

 African Girls Videos Group

Join Sing Karachi Girls Group

Pakistan Fun Room

Join Karachi Education Group

 Group Links For Everyone

Join Indian Videos Group

Tamil Group Chat

ATTENTION; more Karachi WhatsApp group links coming, we will be updating this article from time to time. So, if you tried joining and discovered that it’s filled up” don’t panic or loose hope. What you will do is to share this article on your social media wall or rather bookmark this website page and visit often for new group invite links or check if someone has left the group for you to join.

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