Apply For International Master’s Research Scholarship 2024 At The University Of Otago, New Zealand

With various prestigious universities, New Zealand ranks among the top countries to go in pursuit of educational advancement. The country’s educational system definitely serves as an object of attraction for both domestic and international students. Another interesting thing about New Zealand is the availability of scholarships for international students who are not financially capable to study in the country. The motive of this scholarship is to promote peace, welcome foreign students and also help foreign talents who are in need of financial assistance to pay for their tuition fees.

This scholarship is hosted by The University Of Otago New Zealand and it’s only for international students who are looking to pursue a master degree in the university. Of course  when I say international students, I mean, students from all over the world except for New Zealand and maybe Australia too. The application process of this scholarship is online and requires you to fill out some documents which will be used to evaluate your academic performance, and to also know more about you.

Now enough with the chit chat, let’s proceed to the main phase of this content where we will be providing you with information about the International Master’s Research Scholarship 2024 At The University Of Otago, New Zealand, the eligibility criteria, and also how to apply for the scholarship. You might want to fasten your seat belt as we take you through the roads of becoming a master student in New Zealand.

Ongoing Scholarship For International Master’s Research In New Zealand


Firstly you should know that this is a scholarship, and not a student loan. As you might have known, a scholarship is a grant usually awarded to outstanding students that lacks the financial strength to further their education. Some of these scholarships usually cater for the whole tuition fees while some only cater for half. However, no matter the scholarship value, a successful candidate won’t have to pay back.

University Of Otago, New Zealand International Masters Scholarship Overview


Scholarship Description

This scholarship serves as a financial aid for international students seeking master degrees in New Zealand. Please note this Scholarship only covers your Master’s Research degree for up to 1 year full-time enrolment, and since the tuition fees of an International student is higher than domestic, you will have to pay for the different charges yourself.

The university council board are in charge of awarding through the recommendation of the Senate and the Same goes with Doctoral scholarships

Scholarship Value

This scholarship has proven to have helped many International students in their journey of pursuing a Master degree in New Zealand. No doubt the fee an international student pays is much higher than that of a domestic student, so it’s no surprise that the need for financial assistance might be unavoidable. Before covering your accommodations expenses, feeding and traveling expenses, the fees would have definitely piled up. But with this scholarship, half of your burden will be reduced.

Scholarship Value:NZ$18,204 stipend plus a tuition fee waiver will be paid per annum. Note that the scholarship doesn’t cover the international students’ extra charges.

Eligibility Criteria


  • Applicants must be obtaining Master’s qualification for the first time.
  •  Applicants must be international students and not from New Zealand or Australia
  • Applicants must be enrolling for a thesis-based Master’s
  • Must not own a New Zealand or Australia permanent residency permit.
  • Must be willing to study at the University of Otago.
  • Demonstrate an outstanding educational performance, academic merit, with exceptional undergraduate studies results.

Other Factors To be Considered includes:

  • Applicants Academic merit: this includes the evaluation of your academy transcript. The higher your achievement the higher your chances.
  • Research proposal: you should consider writing a well structured proposal as it will be part of the scholarship eligibility criteria.
  • Supervisor support: applicants must submit a letter of support from their supervisor.
  • Your Communication skills will also be evaluated.

How To Apply For The International Master’s Research Scholarship


Visit the University of Otago official website to learn more about the scholarship and eligible programs. Also you should be ready to submit some documents as you will be required to do so.


In conclusion, I will Implore you to read the above content carefully and make use of the information provided. Although applying for the scholarship is very competitive, that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. Start your application process early and make sure you submit all the required documents. For more information, click on the Otago Official website Link above.

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