Babcock University Cut Off Mark 2023-2024 ( For All Courses )

Definitely you are in search of the minimum score requirements, which is also the cut off mark for gaining admission into Babcock University. Cut off marks or points are referred to as the minimum points all institution applicants are required to have in UTME before they can be qualified for admission regardless of the institution.

You have perhaps chosen a desired course to study in the university and you are probably in need to find information concerning the cut off mark for your specific course or degree programme.

However, all the details you need would be made known to you in the article ahead. Irrespective of the course you want to study in Babcock University, students or applicants are required to have a certain score in their respective JAMB examination in order to be qualified.

What Is The Minimum Cut Off To Gain Admission Into Babcock University?


There is a minimum cut off adopted by the management of Babcock University, which students would be required to pass so as to be granted admission. The minimum cut off mark to secure admission into this university irrespective of your choice of course is 180. 

Students who meet up with the minimum score requirements can therefore be guaranteed of getting an admission based on some other criteria in addition to participating in the school’s Post UTME screening exercise. 

Note that there is a probability that this cut off marks might change depending on various factors and circumstances. This could probably arise if the Joint Admission Matriculation Board decides to make some changes to the official Jamb approved cut off mark, Babcock University and other private and public institutions will also have to adjust their system in order to be in line with JAMB.

Babcock University Cut Off Mark For All Courses In Babcock University


While having the course you are willing to study in mind, you definitely intend to know the exact cut off mark for your course particularly. I will be highlighting every main course in a tabular representation along with their minimum points in each department.

Faculty Of Medicine

Courses In The Department Babcock University Minimum Cut Off Mark
Anatomy 180 and above
Biochemistry 180 and above
Medicine 180 and above
Histology 180 and above
Physiology 180 and above
Microbiology 180 and above
Medical laboratory science 180 and above

Faculty Of Law And Security Studies

Courses In The Department Babcock University Minimum Cut Off Mark
Private and Public Law 200 and above
International law and security services 180 and above
Jurisprudence 180 and above
Commercial law 180 and above
International Law/Diplomacy 170 and above

Faculty Of Computer And Engineering Science

Courses In The Department Babcock University Minimum Cut Off Mark
Information Technology 180 and above
Software Engineering 180 and above
Computer Science 180 and above


With the tabular structure illustrated above, we can simply depict that it helps illustrate the specific minimum cut off for each departmental course. There are still some more departments that would be highlighted along with their minimum cut offs.

Faculty Of Science And Technology

Courses In The Department Babcock University Minimum Cut Off Mark
Basic science 180 and above
Agricultural and Industrial Technology 180 and above
Animal science 180 and above
Computer Science (Technology) 170 and above

Faculty Of Nursing Science

Courses In The Department Babcock University Minimum Cut Off Mark
Adult health 180 and above
Community health 180 and above
Public health 180 and above
Nutrition And Dietetics 170 and above

Faculty Of Social Science

Courses In The Department Babcock University Minimum Cut Off Mark
Mass Communication 180 and above
Political science 180 and above
Social work 180 and above

Faculty Of Management Science

Finance 180 and above
Business Administration and Marketing 180 and above
Accounting 180 and above
Information resource management 180 and above
Economics 180 and above
Information Resource Management 170 and above

Faculty Of Education and Humanities

English Language education 180 and above
Christian religious studies 180 and above
Music and creative arts 180 and above
Language and literary studies 180 and above
General education studies 180 and above
History and international studies 180 and above
Educational planning & administration 180 and above
French and internal relations 180 and above
Business Education 180 and above
Physics With Electronics 170 and above
Physics Education 180 and above
English And Literary Studies 170 and above
Guidance And Counseling 170 and above
Mathematics 170 and above
Teacher Education Science 170 and above
Chemistry 170 and above
Biology 170 and above
Agriculture 170 and above
Economics Education 180 and above


Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the university’s cut off marks and other related information. 

Who Are The Management Of Babcock University?


Babcock University is a private institution based in Ogun state, Ilishan-Remo to be precise. It is managed and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nigeria.

What Is The Next Procedure After Meeting Up With Babcock University Cut Off Mark?


If an applicant manages to score above the minimum cut off mark released by the management of the institution, the next step is to get prepared for a Post UTME examination which would be held in the University.

First and foremost, you can literally prepare for the Post UTME by registering for the screening form and practicing a compiled list of Babcock University’s past questions. 

Ensure that you make inquiries for the syllabus in order to be certain of the parts and sections of topics to pay attention to while studying. 



In the concluding section of the content, meeting the requirements for Babcock University admission certifies that you are qualified. Note that some internal screening exercise would have to be completed in order to get admitted successfully.

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