Bank Of America Withdrawal Limit 2022 ( Daily, Weekly & Monthly)

Have you ever tried making a transfer with your Bank of America account, only to hear that you have reached the withdrawal limit? Or have you heard of people who reported that they reached their bank of America withdrawal limit? Bank of America is a pretty popular bank in the United States. This bank provides a safe haven for people to save or deposit money, which they can withdraw anytime that they want.

However, like most other banks, there are speculations that the Bank of America has a withdrawal limit, and after this withdrawal limit has reached, one can not make further withdrawals. 

In this article, I will be sharing with you everything that you need to know about the Bank of America withdrawal limit. What it means, and if it is even a real thing. And so, without further ado, let us proceed –

Does Bank Of America Have ATM Withdrawal Limit?


Yes, the bank of America, like most of the other banks of the bank, have a withdrawal limit, with which, the customer can not pass. This simply means you can not withdraw more than that fixed amount of money even if it is your own money.

What Is Daily Withdrawal Limit For Bank Of America?


The daily withdrawal limit for the bank of America is about $700 per day. That is, bank of America only allows their customers to withdraw the maximum amount of $700 every day. And the minimum amount of which you can withdraw from the Bank of America is $1.

However, this withdrawal limit is mostly valid whenever the account owner wishes to make their withdrawals using any of the ATM with a debit card linked to their Bank of America account.

Note: the daily withdrawal limit can be extended to about $10,000 depending on your account type, and the method of which the withdrawal is made. Customer care agents, allow some customers to withdraw about $10,000 or even more, which is more than the amount one can withdraw from an ATM.

How Do I Withdraw More Than $1000 From Bank Of America?


Withdrawing more than $1000 from bank of America is a very simple task that most people think it is complicated. To withdraw this amount of cash, you will not need to use the ATM, rather you can visit any of the Bank of America’s branch office, and speak to any of the customer service, and they will guide you on how to go about it.

However,  if you still want to use an ATM to withdraw more than $1000 from Bank of America, considering the fact that it daily withdrawal limit is $700, you will then have to split the money into two. Withdraw $700 on the first day, and then withdraw $300 on the next day. Making it $1,000.

How Do I Withdraw Large Amount Of Cash From Bank Of America?


As I had said, withdrawing large amount of cash, or withdrawing $1000 are pretty almost the same way, in that both will exceed the Bank of America withdrawal limit. To withdraw a large amount of cash from bank of America, you will need to note the following;

  • Visit any of the Bank of America’s branch office
  • At the Help desk, request to speak to any of their customer service agent
  • Inform them of the amount that you wish to withdraw
  • Follow their tips to make the withdrawals.

However, as an alternative, and just like you can use the ATM to withdraw $1000 from the bank of America, you can also use the ATM to withdraw large amounts of cash from the bank of America. 

Simply split the money into withdrawable units. That is if you intend to withdraw $7,000. You can withdraw $700 each for ten days. Of which on the tenth day, you will have your $7,000.

Note: this method is time consuming, and not really worth it, except the need for cash is not serious.

Bank Of America Withdrawal Limits Per Month


The Bank of America withdrawal limit per month is $21,000 using an ATM. That is, this is the amount that you can withdraw from a Bank of America account.

However, as with the daily withdrawal limits, this amount is not fixed as the customer agents, can actually raise the amount that you wish to withdraw monthly to about  $100,000

What Happens When One Exceeds The Bank Of America Withdrawal Limits?


When one exceeds their bank of America withdrawal limits, they are not allowed to make withdrawals any longer. Also, their account is also not closed or banned, the bank simply just prohibits from making further withdrawals.

Note: you can contact the Bank of America customer agents if you noticed that your account was closed after you made a withdrawal that seemed to have exceeded the withdrawal limits.

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Are There Withdrawal Limit Per Months For Bank Of America?


Yes, there are withdrawal limits per months for bank of America. And this is gotten from calculating the daily withdrawal limits for the daily transactions, especially via ATM, which is just at $700.

Can I Withdraw A Large Amount Of Cash At Bank Of America?


Yes, you can withdraw a large amount of cash at Bank of America. However, for you to make withdrawals of large amounts, you will need to contact a bank of America customer support agent.

Can I Withdraw $5000 From ATM At Bank Of America?


No, you can not withdraw $5000 from ATM at Bank of America. However, you can withdraw the money, if and only if you are going to split it. That is, withdraw it in about 8 or 9 days.

Can I Withdraw $5000 From Bank Of America?


Yes, you can withdraw $5,000 from bank of America if you are approved by the Bank of America customer support team. Or, split the money into withdrawable units, which you can make use of the ATM to withdraw.

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