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Making plans for your upcoming educational practices should not necessarily become a strenuous task if you could get a hold of the Beaverton school district calendar. The institution’s academic calendar would definitely assist you in planning ahead of time.

A good impact of Beaverton school district in the education of the students is the fact that affordable learning is provided compared to some private institutions in the country. At the moment all the academic and non academic activities are currently managed by the government of this province. 

Meanwhile, the beaverton school district is located in the province of beaverton, Oregon, in addition to the fact that there are so many schools that can be found under the district. 

The following article will be focused on the school’s academic calendar, the dates for every holiday, events and numerous important information you need to be aware of in order for you to make plans ahead of your academic budgets.

Beaverton School District Calendar


This academic calendar applies to all the public schools under this county. You also need to realize that a newly updated school calendar is released by the educational sections of the institution on a yearly basis. 

Well, this simply implies that there would be a slight difference in the Beaverton school district calendar for the 2023 session compared to other previous semesters.

Included in the calendar are the staff’s development workday, seniors’ last day, days for which schools are being closed due to holiday or break periods, First/last day for students and many more.

Academic Events Upcoming Dates
First Day of school Tuesday, 6th of september 2022 This is basically the resumption day for every school in the district
Labor Day Break On the 5th of september, 2022
Fall season break 13th of October 2022 This is the first break of the semester following resumption
End of first term 31st of October 2022
Beginning of second term 2nd of November 2022
Thanksgiving day Starts on the 24th of November 2022 Ends on the 28th of November 2022
Ending of second term 13th of January 2023 Ends on 17th of January 2023
Beginning of third term 18th of January, 2023
Ending of third term 16th of March 2023
Beginning of fourth term 20th of March 2023
Spring break Starts on the 21st of April 2023 Ends on the 25th of April 2023
Ending of fourth term 26th of May 2023
The last day of school 16th of June, 2023 This is basically the vacation day for every school in the district


Note that the beaverton school district calendar is as important as your carrying out academic activities too as you will be required to keep check on the academic events. 

Beaverton School District Calendar Holidays And Breaks


Aside from the regular day-to-day academic activities carried out by the institution, you also need to be aware of the holidays date and the exact days for breaks to be given.

Beaverton School District Holidays Beaverton School Holidays Starts Beaverton school holidays ends
Christmas break Monday, 19th of December 2022 Monday, 2nd of January 2023
Mid Winter Break Monday, 20th of February 2023 Tuesday, 21st of January 2023
November Break Thursday, 10th of November, 2022 Friday, 11th of November 2022
Thanksgiving Break  Thursday,v24th of November, 2022  Monday, 28th of November 2022
April Break  Thursday, 13th of April 2023 Friday, 31st of April 2023
Spring Break Monday, 27th of March 2023 Friday, 31st of March 2023
Summer Break Monday, 19th of June 2023
Labor Day September 2nd 2022 September 5th 2023
Rosh Hashanah September 26th 2022
Yom kippur October 5th 2022
Diwali holiday October 24th 2022
Student Holiday October 10th 2022
Professional Work Day October 31st 2022
Veterans Day November 11th 2022
Winter Break December 19th 2022 January 2nd 2023
Martin Luther King Jr’s Day January 16th 2023
George Washington Day February 20th 2023

Beaverton School District Calendar Terms And Semester Dates For 2023- 24 Session


Here are some vital academic events that occur during each term of the semester of all academic calendars, on a yearly basis. This includes the dates for the beginning and ending of every term in an entire academic session.

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Beaverton School Term Events Begins and Ends
Beginning of first term 1st terms begins on the 6th of september 2022 and ends on the 31st of October 2022
Beginning of second term 2nd term begins on 9th of November 2022
Beginning of third term 3rd term begins on the 16th of January, 2023
Beginning of fourth term 4th term begins on the 31st of March 2023
Early Release Day This starts on the 2nd of March 2023
Eid Al Fitr Begins on the 3rd of April and ends on the 7th of April 2023
Memorial Day April 21st 2023
Veteran’s Day November 11th 2022



Previous beaverton school district calendars for every academic session can easily be discovered on the school official website via the internet. However, keeping the upcoming academic schedules helps you make adequate preparations ahead. 

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