BECE English Questions And Answers 2023 ( BECE English Past Questions PDF )

Are you in search of a compiled list of BECE English questions and answers? Do you intend to find out how to utilize these sample questions to their maximum potential? Perhaps you have any of these doubts running through your mind at the moment, be aware that you will be provided with accurate and unerring answers in the following content. 

BECE English past questions and answers always seem to come in handy while making preparations for your forthcoming English junior secondary school examination paper. It can be regarded as an additional reading material necessary for testing or exercising what you’ve previously learnt.

Whether or not your examination is imminent, it is recommended that you keep on practicing towards the final weeks and days of your examination. 

What Does BECE English Questions And Answers Look Like?


The English examination is different from other papers in the sense that it mainly comprises comprehension passages, essay writing, literature, objective test questions whereas you will be required to fill some gaps with the most appropriate answers. Some other likely questions which you might come across include lexis and structure, synonyms and antonyms and many other related questions. 

You definitely don’t need to panic as most of these questions are what you should be able to give correct answers to, provided you’ve made a lot of practice and studying of english questions and answers similar to the one that would be highlighted in the other sections of the article below. 

The Compiled BECE English Questions And Answers


In the first section of the questions below, you are required to fill the gap with the most appropriate answers in order to complete the sentences.

Question 1:

Aminah fell ill ………… measles

  1. at 
  2. by 
  3. of
  4. with


Answer: Of


Question 2:

The nurse gave ………… to her patient?

  1. some good advice 
  2. much good advices 
  3. many good advice 
  4. some good advices


Answer: Some good advice


Question 3:

Two people perished ……………. the spot.

  1. upon
  2. in
  3. on
  4. through


Answer: On


Question 4:

The principal scolded the students

  1. cruelly
  2. angrily
  3. strongly
  4. thoroughly
  5. wickedly


Answer: Angrily


Question 5:

The outgoing prefect gave ___ speech during the send-off party.

  1. a farewell
  2. a goodbye
  3. a welcome
  4. an acceptance
  5. an inaugural


Answer: Farewell


Question 6:

The ___ of thanks was given by the groom at the end of the reception.

  1. expression
  2. note
  3. remark
  4. vote
  5. word


Answer: Vote

Choose the answer that is mostly nearest in meaning to those bolded words in the questions below.


Question 7:

The meal was delicious.

  1. fine
  2. tasty
  3. sweet
  4. nutritious


Answer: Sweet


Question 8:

Jasper lamented the loss of his cat

  1. regretted
  2. mourned
  3. remembered
  4. discovered


Answer: Mourned


Question 9:

Adamu attached the cheque slip to the letter he sent to the manager


  1. Detached
  2. Removed
  3. Added
  4. Dissociated


Answer: Added


Question 10:

The audience applauded the actors at the end of the play.

  1. booed
  2. invited
  3. rewarded
  4. cheered


Answer: Cheered

Comprehension Passages:


At one point, we were suddenly awakened at dawn by the screams of the tenants in the house. Daddy quickly jumped from his bed and made for the door. Not long after we heard him screaming. We ran to the hall, switched on the light and saw him lying flat on his back, holding his forehead.

In his haste to get to the hall door, he must have forgotten to switch on the light thus running straight and crashing his head against the pillar in the middle of the hall. 

However, when we examined his forehead, we saw a big lump and blood oozing from a deep cut near his eyebrow. Mother, a retired nursing sister, shouted instructions at me to get the first aid box, some ice cubes and Daddy‟s towel.

When the items were brought she then sat to work first on the cut. She put some ice-cubes in the towel and pressed them on the cut for about two minutes. 

She then wiped the blood gently. Afterwards, she put a little iodine on gauze, placed it on the cut and bandaged it. Then turning to the lump, she massaged it with some ice- cubes, which reduced the swelling. 

Then, she opened the door and we were confronted with a pathetic scene. Lying in the middle of the house was the body of one of the tenants. Trying to resist an attack by armed robbers, he had been butchered mercilessly and his body left in the middle of the house.

Question 11:

Which of the following statements is not true according to the passage?

  1. Mother retired as a nursing sister
  2. Mother used Daddy‟s towel
  3. Mother used iodine and ice-cubes
  4. Mother applied warm water


Question 12:

What made the writer wake up?

  1. The noise made by his father
  2. The shouting of people in the house
  3. His father‟s jumping out of bed
  4. His father crashed into the pillar.


Question 13:

The father was holding his forehead because he

  1. ran
  2. lay on his back
  3. did not put on the light
  4. hit his head against the pillar


Question 14:

What does “Pathetic‟ mean in the passage?

  1. sad
  2. strange
  3. mighty
  4. merciless


Question 15:

How did the tenant die?

  1. He was a pathetic scene
  2. He was killed by armed robbers
  3. He was merciless
  4. He had resisted armed robbers

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From the following options under every question in this section, choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the bolded word in each sentence.


Question 16:

I am going to arrange the books in the cupboard.

  1. display
  2. scatter
  3. list
  4. spill


Answer: Scatter


Question 17:

There are guards on our border because the government wants to eliminate smuggling.

  1. notice
  2. manage with
  3. encourage
  4. investigate


Answer: Encourage


Question 18:

Most of the men were sacked by the company.

  1. used
  2. punished
  3. warned employed
  4. employed


Answer: Employed


Question 19:

The candidate worked the problem with a great deal of precision.

  1. sense
  2. energy
  3. inaccuracy
  4. detail


Answer: Inaccuracy

From the options below every question, choose the one which most suitably completes each sentence. 


Question 20:

I think we …………….Kwesi‟s offer.

  1. better taking
  2. had better take 
  3. had better taken 
  4. better to take


Answer: Had better take


Question 21:

The book you gave me was not…………..than the one I had before.

  1. any better
  2. much better
  3. any good
  4. very better


Answer: Any better


Question 22:

Frankly ……. I hate the gardener’s idea.

  1. Speak
  2. Spoken 
  3. To speak
  4. Speaking


Answer: Speaking


Question 23:

Are you sure ………….shirts on that table were the ones I gave you?

  1. that 
  2. these 
  3. those
  4. some


Answer: Those


Question 24:

Give me the book ………….I lent you yesterday.

  1. whom
  2. what
  3. whose
  4. which

Answer: Which


Question 25:

…………… the arable land was under cultivation.

  1. Most
  2. Many of
  3. More
  4. Most of

Answer: Most of

Would like to see more Bece English language past questions and answers? If yes, kindly check out the tutorial video below. 



Regardless of the samples of questions provided, you are required to read and cover almost all the necessary topic to get prepared for the exam after you must have completed the compiled BECE english questions and answers

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