BECE Social Studies Questions And Answers 2023 ( Social Studies BECE Past Questions PDF)

One of the best learning practices to portray is studying past questions ahead of any examination alongside knowing the correct answers to every single one respectively.

Initially, if you intend to get a large compilation of BECE social studies questions and answers which you need to prepare ahead, you can be assured that you’ve landed on the right place to get all the necessary information you need.

Students do offer lots of subjects simultaneously without excluding the fact that they’re also required to prepare ahead for all. 

Social studies is typically among the list of subjects you will be required to offer and this is simply the main reason why you obviously need a sample of pre-written questions to pay attention to before proceeding to battle with your social studies examination.

How Do You Answer The Bece Social Studies Questions?


Perhaps this is your first time sitting for an exam like this, you need to be aware that there are no unnecessary technicalities associated with answering bece social studies questions.

All that is required of you is to pay attention to the questions on your paper and read carefully before you decide to choose the correct answers. In addition to this, detailed information on what you are expected to do will be printed on the front page of your question paper.

This basically means that you need not to be concerned about any other procedures other than your full concentration and focus. 

What Are The BECE Social Studies Questions And Answers?


Below are the numerous bece questions on social studies alongside the answers to each question;

Question 1:

The main reason for the abolishing of the slave trade was the

  1. difficulties in the trade
  2. inhuman nature of the trade.
  3. lack of finance.
  4. lack of market for slaves

Answer: Inhuman nature of the trade.


Question 2:

Which of the following is the most effective measure for reducing the rapid population growth in Ghana?

  1. adolescent counseling
  2. women empowerment
  3. gender equality
  4. girl-child education


Answer: Girl-child education.


Question 3:

What is the main benefit of tourism to Ghana?

  1. encourages inter-tribal marriages
  2. enriches our culture
  3. is a major foreign exchange earner
  4. promotes political stability


Answer: Is a major foreign exchange earner.


Question 4:

Which of the following is/are not among the benefits of positive group behavior except one?

  1. Destruction
  2. Disobedience
  3. Threat
  4. Unity and process


Answer: Disobedience


Question 5:

Which of the following cultural practices undermines girl-child education in Ghana?

  1.       Widowhood rites
  2.       Dipo
  3.       Female Genital Mutilation
  4.       Trokosi


Answer: Trokosi


Question 6:

The township of Asuabena has an aged population of 1,000 and a youthful population of 4,000. Which of the following amenities should be given the highest priority?


  1.       Post Office
  2.       Recreational facilities
  3.       Radio station
  4.       Markets


Answer: Recreational facilities


Question 7:

Which of the following festivals has helped to conserve wildlife?

  1. Damba
  2. Hogbetsotso
  3. Homowo
  4. Aboakyer


Answer: Aboakyer


Question 8:


If Afua Asantewaa is a judge, then she contributes to

  1. Law making
  2. Interpretation of the constitution
  3. Land administration
  4. Policy formulation


Answer: Interpretation of the constitution

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Question 9:

The migration routes of the Guan are traced to an area around the

  1. Pra basin
  2. Offin basin
  3. Volta basin
  4. Ankobra basin


Answer: Volta basin


Question 10:

Which of the following factors least affects vegetation in Ghana?

  1.       Relief
  2.       Soil
  3.       Climate
  4.       Human activities


Answer: Relief


Question 11:

Which of the following festivals has helped to conserve wildlife?

  1.       Damba
  2.       Hogbetsotso
  3.       Homowo
  4.       Aboakyer


Answer: Aboakyer


Question 12:

One this is a major way of spreading HIV and AIDS?

  1. eating in public places
  2. indiscriminate sexual relations
  3. mosquito bites


Answer: Indiscriminate sexual relations


Question 13:

The Ga-Adangbe migrated from____according to oral tradition.

  1. Eastern Nigeria 
  2. Western Nigeria 
  3. Western Sudan 
  4. Central Sudan


Answer: Eastern Nigeria 


Question 14:

Which of the following causes the revolution of the earth around the sun?

  1. day and night
  2. high tides
  3. four seasons
  4. earthquakes
  5. line squalls


Answer: Four seasons


Question 15:

What capital was built by Osei Tutu I for the Ashanti kingdom?

  1. Kumawu
  2. Ejisu
  3. Kumasi
  4. Mampong
  5. Bekwai


Answer: Kumasi


Question 16:

Which of the following towns enjoys a cool climate throughout the year?

  1. Accra
  2. Aburi
  3. Nkawkaw
  4. Tema
  5. Koforidua


Answer: Aburi


Question 17:

The Sagbadre war was fought between the Anlo and the

  1. Dutch
  2. British
  3. Germans
  4. Portuguese
  5. Danes


Answer: Danes


Question 18:

The British used the indirect rule system to govern the people of the Gold Coast through the

  1. police
  2. army
  3. registrars
  4. chiefs
  5. judiciary


Answer: Chiefs


Question 19:

Thick dark clouds, thunder and lightning are associated with

  1. convectional rainfall
  2. relief rainfall
  3. evaporation
  4. transpiration
  5. condensation


Answer: Convectional rainfall


Question 20:

Which of the following is produced on a large scale in the Middle East?

  1. Bauxite
  2. Coal
  3. Petroleum
  4. Gold


Answer: Petroleum


Question 21:

The three main ways of expressing scales are linear, representative fraction and

  1. kilometers 
  2. longitude 
  3. latitude
  4. statement
  5. distance


Answer: Distance


Question 22:

Sheep are reared for

  1. wool and hide
  2. hide and mutton C. mutton and wool D. wool and beef
  3. beef and hide


Answer: Mutton and wool


Question 23:

The insect responsible for spreading river blindness is the

  1. tsetse fly
  2. simulium fly
  3. mosquito
  4. housefly


Answer: Tsetsefly


Question 24:

Countries in North Africa are noted for the production of

  1. iron ore
  2. gold
  3. crude oil
  4. diamond


Answer: Crude oil


Question 25:

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) was formed in

  1. 1974
  2. 1975
  3. 1976
  4. 1977
  5. 1978


Answer: 1975


Question 26:

Children under the age of five years should be immunized against all the following diseases except

  1. Polio
  2. Tetanus
  3. Cholera
  4. Diphtheria
  5. Whooping cough


Answer: Cholera


Question 27:

Environmental degradation in Tarkwa and Prestea is mainly due to

  1. sand winning
  2. illegal mining
  3. timber lumbering
  4. palm wine tapping


Answer: Illegal mining


Question 28:

The location of an object measured in degrees is known as

  1. cardinal point
  2. bearing
  3. landmark
  4. survey beacon


Answer: Bearing


Question 29:

The poll to determine whether British Togoland should join Ghana or not is known as

  1. referendum
  2. general election
  3. plebiscite
  4. electoral college


Answer: Plebiscite


Question 30:

The year 2000 is in the

  1. 13th century 
  2. 15th century 
  3. 20th century
  4. 21st century
  5. 17th century


Answer: 21st century

BECE Social Studies Exam Focus Topics

Social studies is mainly classified into various topics and among these topics are where question would likely be set. 

You will be required to cover a lot of topics alongside practicing the bece social studies questions and answers that has been listed in the other segments of the content above.

Here are some basic topic to add to your to-read list.

  • Environmental degradation
  • The importance of social studies literacy
  • Development and sustainable 
  • The significant features of earth
  • Plant and animals
  • Climate change and weather
  • Population 
  • Culture and change
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Following the aforementioned list of likely bece social studies questions and answers, I recommend you pay attention to the technique used in setting the questions so as to assist you for the upcoming examination.

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