Top 6 Cheapest Universities In Dubai For International Students

Masters degree, NBA, Phd, and so much more can literally be obtained in the numerous cheap universities in dubai for international students. If your intention is to study in the United Arab Emirates and you simply do not have enough financial capability of doing so, you will find a compiled list of cheap institutions which won’t actually cost you a fortune to study in Dubai.

Most of these cheap universities only have a few educational requirements for foreigners and their tuition fees only cost a few thousand AED or dollars compared to other expensive institutions in the country.

You need to realize that irrespective of the low cost of the university, this does not necessarily mean adequate education isn’t communicated with the students.

The schools are top notch with a lot of various basic amenities in addition to offering several degrees for postgraduates alongside undergraduates too. Meanwhile, I’ll be going into details on the top list of cheapest universities in Dubai for international students alongside the basic requirements.

What Are The Cheapest University In Dubai For International Students


Here is a list of the low cost institutions specifically for students and they’re all located in Dubai.

  1. University of Wollongong in Dubai
  2. American University in the Emirates
  3. University of Sharjah
  4. United Arab Emirates University
  5. Aldar University College
  6. Abu Dhabi University


  • American University in the Emirates


The American University in the Emirates is one of the numerous cheap universities in UAE, it’s located in Dubai International City and the university’s tuition fee is as low as AED 1230 which is approximately 330 USD. 

Meanwhile, there are basically 7 colleges in the institution and each of them offers several degree programmes as undergraduate university graduation fees are certainly a very low cost.

The university offers various undergraduate courses and has also been accredited by the accreditation organization.

  • University of Wollongong in Dubai

This is one of the oldest international University In United Arab Emirates. The University of Wollongong in Dubai is quite a cheap university for international students as the undergraduate courses are offered at a cheap and affordable cost.

Doctor of business administration and Phd are one of the numerous degree programs offered by the university.

  • University of Sharjah


The University of Sharjah is a well recognized institution in the United Arab Emirates, as it is precisely located in University City. The degree programmes and courses are really cheap and affordable to the extent that foreigners or international students can easily afford. 

An idea of how the university tuition fee is structured has been highlighted below. It is basically as low as AED 30,000 which is approximately over 8,000 USD. 

Meanwhile, note that the graduation fees are quite lower compared to the undergraduate tuition fee and many more. You also need to be aware that the tuition fee is only paid on a yearly basis.

  • Abu Dhabi University

The next institution on the list is Abu Dhabi University, it is also one of the cheapest universities in dubai. The University offers more than 50 degree programmes in addition to the fact that it is perhaps the largest university in the United Arab Emirates. 

Over 8000 students have been enrolled and this is probably due to their affordable tuition fee and credibility. Abu Dhabi University tuition fee costs AED 1440 which is approximately 440 USD.

  • United Arab Emirates University

The United Arab Emirates University is particularly one of best institutions situated in the country. Their undergraduates tuition fee doesn’t really cost a fortune as students are required to pay AED 1900 which is estimated to be 530 in USD.

The University was founded in 1976 as it offers a range of degree and undergraduate programmes which includes Education, Social Science, Food and Agriculture, Medicine, Humanities, Information Technology, Law, Economics and many more. 

Without a doubt, the United Arab Emirates University is a top ranked institution which has produced thousands of important personalities till date.

  • Aldar University College

Aldar University College is another top and one of the cheapest universities in Dubai for international students. 


Applicant’s and undergraduate are required to pay a tuition fee worth AED 900, this is approximately 245 USD and it’s really an affordable cost for a highly recognized institution in the United Arab Emirates.

Aside from the fact that the university is a highly recognized institution, it has a huge number of enrolled students as they offer a wide range of degree programs depending on the choice of different students.

What Are The Basic Requirements For Studying In Cheap Universities In Dubai?


Before applicants can be qualified for getting admission into any of the universities highlighted above, there are some basic requirements that must be met in order to get enrolled. 

One of those numerous requirements includes the presentation of a bachelor’s certificate or a high school certificate, you must be proficient in English, you also need to meet up with a certain grade in order to be qualified.

Proficient In English


Applicants who intend to study in any of the above universities would be required to present a proof of English proficiency. You can easily present a proof by taking any of the following examinations, the TOEFL or IELTS. 

With a good result in any or both of the above examinations, you are good to go regarding whether or not you are proficient in english. 



The presentation of a bachelor or high school certificate is one of the basic requirements to get enrolled into any of these aforementioned cheap universities in dubai. 

However, it’s just proof that an applicant has successfully completed high school whether or not it is in the United Arab Emirates or not. This is actually an important necessity for all applicants.

A Certain Grade Is Required


For UAE universities, students would be required to meet up with some certain grades in order to be qualified for admission. It might be 70% or 80% depending on each particular institution.

Perhaps applicants could not score up to this mark, percentage or chances of getting enrolled is quite small.

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