Cobb County School Calendar 2023 – 2024

Spring holidays only come once on a yearly basis for almost every academic session. Do you need information on the exact period when Cobb County spring break, will be scheduled and  Cobb County School Calendar? All the details of Cobb county schools district academic calendar would be highlighted in this article below.

In addition to this, the necessary basic details concerning the elementary or middle school conference week, class breaks, graduation ceremony commencements and other holidays would be incorporated in the lcalendar about to be shared ahead.

When Is Cobb County Spring Break?


Following the early release dates for all levels, it is definite that this break begins on Monday the 3rd of April 2023. This is a 4 to 5 day break that ends on the 7th of April in the year 2023. 

Spring Break 2022/2023 Starting Date Ending Date
Monday To Friday Monday, 3rd of April 2023 Friday, 7th of April 2023


However, students need to note that they’re allowed to refer or get in touch with the institution’s official website, precisely the district’s online calendar for more details.

What Day Does Cobb County Schools Start?


In accordance with the information on the school’s academic calendar, the beginning of school and academic activities is only a day ahead compared to the previous year’s starting date. The beginning of Cobb county school calendar for the year 2023 is exactly on Monday, the 1st of August, 2020. 

What Day Does Cobb County Schools Academic Session Ends?


Initially, after the starting date of the public school academic activities on August 1st in 2022, the session officially ends on Wednesday, the 24th of May in the year 2023. Note that the difference between the previous academic calendar ending date and the 2022/2023 session ending date is only 1 day earlier. 

Notwithstanding, the end of the school academic session will be decided after the graduation ceremony programs have been scheduled.

What Are Cobb County School Calendar Guidelines?


You need to be aware that every school is offered with emergency days which are only used on important occasions. Cobb county schools always find strategies to incorporate these emergency days into the school academic calendar without excluding the need to meet the minimum requirements by law for students to be in school for over 180 days.

Cobb County School Calendar


The detailed academic calendar would consist of the deadlines for when payments are due, the first and last day of class, holidays, special event commencement dates and many more. 

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Nevertheless, the school’s first semester with over 80 days comes to an end during the Winter holidays while the second semester ends during the memorial day period.

Cobb County Academic Activities 2022/2023 Cobb County Activities Dates (Starts) Cobb County Activities Dates (Finishes)
The First Day Of School Starts on Monday, the 1st of August, 2022 Ends on the Wednesday, 24th of May 2023
Fall Break Monday, 26th of september 2022 Friday, 30th of September 2022
Labor Day 5th of September, 2022
Student Holiday/Staff Workday 8th of November, 2022
Thanksgiving Holidays Monday, 21st of November 2022 Friday, 25th of November 2022
Christmas Day Monday, 19th of December 2022 Wednesday, 4th of January 2023
Mid Winter Break Monday, 20th of February 2023 Friday, 24th of February 2023
Spring Break Monday, 3rd of April 2023 Friday, 7th of April 2023
Summer Break Thursday, 25th of May 2023
Martin Luther King Jr Day 16th of January, 2023


Now that you are aware of the specific date scheduled for spring break to take place, it brings a sort of relief but you need to be updated regarding any changes to this date by regularly checking the institution’s website for any updated information.

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