Davido Phone Number 2022 – How To Get Davido WhatsApp Number

Hello fans of OBO, this is the real Davido Phone number – how to get Davido WhatsApp number and chat with him live and direct. Are you among those searching for how to get Davido’s phone number and WhatsApp number? If the answer to this question is yes, then count yourself very lucky to visit this website today.

Probably you want this popular Nigerian singer to sign you in, in his music world” just the way he signed Lil Frosh or help you build your career. Well, the good news is that he’s among the good hearted celebrities in Nigeria, ready to help his fans. Just as I said earlier” you have to count yourself very lucky to be here right now.

Few months ago, the popular Nigerian singer, Davido, a.k.a “OBO” took to his Instagram page to announce that he has changed his phone number and WhatsApp number too. Which means that Davido’s phone number isn’t gonna be reachable anymore. But don’t panic, relax your mind” we have good news for you.

Davido Phone Number 2022 – How To Get Davido WhatsApp Number


I know what’s ringing in your mind right now, what’s the good news all about? Well, here is it. We have been able to dig out the current Davido’s phone number and WhatsApp number. Amazing right? Ohh yes, you can now contact him either by phone call or chatting him on WhatsApp.

But if I may advice you, David doesn’t reply WhatsApp chat on time. He is a busy man, always traveling for a show and doing other activities. And he have a lot of fans to attend to, so getting Davido’s WhatsApp number is cool” but is not the fastest way to contact him.

How To Connect With Davido


Getting real contact of celebrities is not easy, but in this article? We are going to provide you with real Davido phone number for free. The number is his current phone number, we have spoken to him with it.

Davido Phone Number - How To Get Davido WhatsApp Number

The current Davido private phone number is 0803644521©. If you weren’t able to reach out to him via the phone number above, kindly send him an email at [email protected].

Also, you can easily chat with him on social media, following the below handles



Now that you have seen where to get Davido phone number – how to get Davido WhatsApp number. It’s now left for you to take action and see the result.

Do not allow your dream to become a celebrity die just like that, more especially now that you have seen where to get connection from a top rated Nigerian celebrity.

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