Divine Ikubor ( Rema ) Real Phone Number – How To Get Rema Real WhatsApp Number

Hello dear, search no further! This article provides you with Divine Ikubor ( Rema ) real phone number – how to get Rema real WhatsApp number. Have you been wanting to talk to Divine Ikubor, popularly known as Rema over the phone? If the answer to this question is yes, then’ here is an end to the search. Recently, we got new Rema real phone number , WhatsApp number, house address and email address.

As a matter of fact, I personally called him with this number that I’m about to share with you guys now” just to confirm that it’s his real phone number. Because I got it through his close friend, though he warned me not to disclose it with anyone. But guess what? I don’t know how to keep secret, Lol. So, I decided to share it with those searching for Rema real phone number.

Right now, I expect you to calm down and read this article till the end, you know that Divine Ikubor is a popula Nigeria singer. So, a lot of people are desperately searching for his real contact” more especially Nigerians. Probably you want him to assist you financially or you just want to be one of his close friends. Anyone at all, I will provide you with his number here and now. Check out;

If you’re reading this article right now, and you’re not in Nigeria” then consider chatting with him on WhatsApp. Because it will be more expensive to talk to him over the phone. Ohh yes, he is also on WhatsApp and we will also share his Rema WhatsApp number here.

Divine Ikubor Real Phone Number


But before I proceed to sharing any of his contacts with you guys, I must provide you with information that will make him not to take your calls. Read below;

  • Do not call him at night
  • Ensure that you have enough airtime before you proceed to calling him on phone, Rema doesn’t accept flashing.
  • Make sure your main aim of searching for Rema phone number isn’t to beg him for financial assistant.
  • You must know how to speak good English, so that you can be able to communicate with him
  • Make sure you have a very good reason for calling him, mostly for business.
  • Be audible and specific during phone conversation.
  • Work on your manner of approach, if you don’t know how to approach someone” more especially celebrities.
  • That’s all, scroll down to see his contacts.

Divine Ikubor ( Rema ) Real Phone Number – How To Get Rema Real WhatsApp Number


Anyways, for you to get Rema real phone number and house address is very easy, and that’s exactly what we are about to do now. But before you proceed to calling Divine Ikubor on phone or chatting him on WhatsApp, make sure you have something tangible to discuss with him.

Else he might not attend to you, as you’re reading this right now” there are other people doing the same. So, you aren’t the only one that wants to get Rema phone number and WhatsApp number.


Now let me tell you something, celebrities are so occupied, and they have appointments almost all the time. You don’t expect him to leave contract calls that will make him big money and attend to you.

If lucky you call this Rema real cell phone number that we dropped here and he picks up, kindly go straight to the point and be specific. Apply manners of approch, so that he will see reasons to give you listening ears. Do not ask him for urgent 10k or any dime at all, else he might end the call and never pick again.

Rema Real Phone Number – Rema WhatsApp Number


For you to contact Rema using his phone number kindly dail 0803566xxxx

To chat Rema on WhatsApp, kindly dail +2349068777xxx

NOTE: to get the number complete kindly share this post on social media and unluck it.

Remember!! Do not ask him for urgent 10k, don’t call to beg him for assistant. Let it be something very reasonable.

You can as well follow him on social media, send him test message to see if he will reply. But I think calling him is the best, because a lot of people are already in his inbox on social media.