Does Earnin Work With Chime? Check Out How To Use Earnin With Chime

Are you wondering if indeed does Earnin work with Chime?If you can use a Chime bank account to receive money from your Earnin platform? You see, Earnin is a mobile platform that provides its users with different access to make money. Basically, the Earnin financial app allows their users to access their hard earned wages before this money get deposited into the bank account. This is done through some cash Advance, and of course, the usher will later pay.

It is no surprise that a lot of Earnin users or people who make use of the Earnin platform, will find a place to save their money, and this is where Chime comes in. So, in this article, we will be providing answers to the question, does Earnin work with Chime?, can you use your Chime account to receive money from the Earnin platform, and every other information that you need to know about Earnin, alongside Chime. So, without further ado, let us proceed:

What To Know About Earnin?


As I had said earlier, Earnin is basically a financial mobile app where users can request for some cash advance even before they have money. That is, with this mobile app, you can get loans which you will have to pay back when your employers have paid you. These loans can then be transferred to a Chime account.

What To Know About Chime?


According to the official Chime website, Chime is a financial technology company that offers an award-winning mobile banking app. Unique to Chime, you can get your paycheck up to 2 days early⁵, overdraft up to $200 fee-free⁶, send money to anyone, save money automatically⁷, and so much more. 

That is, there is a bank where you can put in money just like every other banks, and then withdraw based on how you want. They also have a Chime card, which is a real bank card that you can use to make payments at stores, or for services rendered to you. 

Does Earnin Work With Chime?


Having fully known what Earnin is, as well as Chime, one will be prompted to ask, does Earnin work with Chime? Well, the answer is just about to come.

It depends. That is, it is a yes and No. Earnin does indeed work with Chime. Albeit, with a whole lot of limitations. And the truth is, one needs to go through several processes before they can make their Earnin account become compatible with their Chime account.

Are There Requirements To Use An Earnin Account With A Chime Account?


Yes, there are several requirements to using an Earnin account alongside Chime, or using a Chime account to make a withdrawal of your Cash advance loan on Earnin. Later on in this article, I will brief you what the requirements are. 

Requirements To Use A Chime Debit Card At Earnin


Just as I had said earlier, there are a few requirements that you will need to meet before you are allowed to use your Chime debit card at Earnin, or even to use the Chime platform on Earnin. Below are the few requirements to use a Chime debit card at Earnin, or to use a Chime bank account on Earnin:

  • Has creates an Earnin account
  • Has a Chime bank account
  • Has a verified Earnin account
  • Has a top level Chime bank account
  • Has not exceeded the transaction limit
  • Has the Earnin mobile app
  • Above the legal age of 18
  • Resides in the United States.

How To Link Earnin With Chime


Having known the requirements on linking Chime with Earnin, one can now easily link their Earnin account with Chime. Below are steps on how to link Earnin with Chime:

  • Download and install the Earnin mobile app on your device. You can find the Earnin mobile app on the Google play store for Android devices, and the Apple App store for iOS devices. 
  • Proceed to create an account on Earnin
  • Ensure that you have verified the Earnin account that you have just created
  • Open a Chime mobile bank account. You can download the Chime mobile app on the Google play store for Android devices, and the Apple App store for iOS devices. 
  • Sign up a Chime account, and also have it verified
  • If you already have an Earnin mobile app account, and a Chime mobile app account, you can login them instead
  • On your Earnin account dashboard, proceed to the settings section
  • Tap on either of the Add Card or Add bank
  • Enter your Chime details. For the card, you will enter your Chime debit card. And for the bank, you will enter your Chime bank account details
  • Tap on Continue
  • You can try sending money so as to see if it really worked.

Is It Free To Use Earnin With Chime?


Yes, it is absolutely free to use Earnin with Chime. There is no fee attached, when you use your Earnin account with Chime.

Alternative Methods To Cash Out From Earnin


Aside from using the Chime bank as a method of making withdrawals on Earnin, you can also make use of several financial companies or institutions to make your Earnin withdrawals. 

Below are a few alternatives to cashing out from Earnin –

  • Bank account
  • Paypal account

Note: with a bank account, you can make withdrawals into other banks, such as Chase bank, Wells Fargo and a lot of other banks.

Is Earnin Working With Chime?


Actually, yes, Earning is working with Chime. But they are not really compatible with each other. You will need to meet a few requirements before you are allowed to use Earnin with a Chime account.

Does Earnin Work With Chime Fully?


No, Earnin does not work with Chime fully. There are still exception’s, as not every Earnin account can work with Chime.

Can I Use Earnin With Chime Anyhow I Want?


Well, if you have met the requirements to use Earnin, you can use Earnin with Chime, anyhow you want.

Do I Have To Pay Before I Can Use Earnin With Chime?


No, you do not even need to pay a dime before you can use Earnin with Chime.

Is It Possible For Two Earnin Users Not To Use Chime?


Well, while it is possible for two Earnin users to use Chime, they must have met the Chime requirements before using it.

Does Earnin Work With Chime For All Users?


No, Earnin does not work with Chime for all users. It only works for users that have met its requirements.

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