Download Pokemon Blazed Glazed ( Latest Version )

Definitely you’re among those searching for how to download pokemon blazed glazed rom game. Well, search no further! We have provided you guys with the latest version of pokemon blazed glazed download link.

To download this game is absolutely for free, and the amazing thing here’ is that, it’s an offline game. So, it doesn’t require internet connection to start playing it, which means” you won’t spend a dime to play this pokemon blazed glazed hack game.

Pokemon blazing glazed hack download link was found, according to the author, he quote “my main goal was creating a fun, challenging, yet mostly fair experience. Having played Pokemon Glazed a few times, I noticed that there were some things that could be done to improve the experience.

Download Pokemon Blazed Glazed ( Latest Version )

I initially made the hack to implement moves from later generations that weren’t present. However, I went further, and the little project bloomed into something that I would never have imagined. Check out similar articles;

In the new version of this pokemon blazed glazed hack, a lot of things were added and bugs were corrected. It’s very cool and works very well on android phone and iOS. You can take a glance at some of the new features added;

Pokemon Blazed Glazed – Features:


  •  New moves from Generations 4-6
  •  Plenty of changes regarding Pokemon, including stat changes, movepool additions, typing changes, altered wild distributions, and even new Pokemon altogether.
  • Movesets and rosters given a complete overhaul, making the early-game a lot less punishing and increasing the challenge of the late-game.

The plot, the large majority of the dialogue, and the tilesets remain unedited (although there are some very rare map changes).

Pokemon Blazed Glazed Download – Latest Version




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Game Pokemon Blazed Glazed Rom Info


  • Name: Pokemon Blazed Glazed
  • Type: GBA
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Language: English
  • Creator: tudou

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