Finland Nursing Entrance Exam Sample Questions & Answers

I presume you have just applied to study the prestigious nursing degree programme in Finland and you probably need a finland nursing entrance exam sample questions in order to keep you prepared for your upcoming examination.

Studying in Finland requires a lot of dedication, commitment and hard work in order to become a successful student at the end of the day. You literally have nothing to worry about as long as you are ready to take on advanced assignments and it is really important you make your pre-reading materials available as it tends to become useful while solving these sample questions below. 

Meanwhile, the detailed list of Finland nursing entrance sample questions and a brief solution to the questions will be highlighted below in addition to other related information you need to be aware of. 

What Does Finland Nursing Entrance Exam Sample Comprise Of ?


First and foremost, while proceeding to the section of the nursing degree programme examination, you need to realize that these are simply not the actual questions but rather a sample of what they look like. 

There are tight and strict guidelines in this particular part of the world, questions don’t likely get exposed before the examinations but there are definitely samples to practice with. 

However, If you intend to know exactly what the entrance examination looks like, you will be provided with a direct answer below. The questions comprises different phases which includes the written sections which is mostly conducted on the applicant’s computer online and this also depending on your course or study programme. 

Specifically for Finland nursing aspirants, you are definitely going to be dealing with a lot of technical topics related to your course of study.

  • Mathematics
  • Reasoning Skills
  • Essay writing
  • Some other international subjects such as basic algebra and arithmetics.
  • Conversions that involves decimals, micro and macro grams
  • Questions related to percentages and many more

What Are The Finland Nursing Entrance Exam Sample Questions And Answers?


The Finland nursing entrance exam sample questions are categorized into several sections regarding each applicant’s study programme. 

Since you applied for the nursing programme, you should have been informed of the question sections you will be required to answer as this includes the English language which is compulsory for every applicant, mathematics, reasoning skills and many more.

  • Mathematics

For the mathematics subject you actually will be required to give answers to a list of questions without the use of a calculator. Yes! Don’t be surprised, the use of calculators is literally prohibited and this is why a lot of applicants find the Finland nursing entrance exam questions quite difficult to tackle. 

I personally don’t think this would seem likely for you as long as you go through these question samples, this definitely serves as a head start compared to your mates. 

Question 1: The price of a product decreased by 12%, which caused the sales of the product to increase by 25%. 

How many percent did the income from the sales change?

  • +25%
  • +15%
  • +13%
  • +37%
  • +10%

Question 2: How many percent is one second out of a 24 hour day?


  • 0.069%
  • 0.041%
  • 0.00069%
  • 0.0041%
  • 4.1%

The sugar content of orange juice has decreased from 6% to 4%. How many percent does the sugar content decrease?


  • 2%
  • 20%
  • 33.3%
  • None of these

Question 3: Peter’s regular salary bonus is altogether $3600. Peter’s regular salary is $3100 more than the bonus. What’s Peter’s regular salary?


  • $3500
  • $3050
  • $3100
  • $3350

Question 4: When Bob was 4 years old, his mother was 32. Now the mother is three times older than bob. How old is Bob now?

  • 42
  • 6
  • 10
  • 24
  • 14

Question 5: A regular prism has a length of 2 units, width of 3 units, and height of 4 units. How cubic is the volume of the prism?

  • 9 cubic units
  • 20 cubic units
  • 24 cubic units
  • None of these

Question 6: A factory manufactures cell phones. The probability of a defective product is 4%. Five phones are chosen randomly, what is the probability that none of them is defective?


  • 96%
  • 80%
  • 20%
  • 84.9%
  • 81.5%

Question 7: The price of a pack of yogurt is

  • English Language

This subject is generally compulsory for every applicant regardless of your study programme. It is definitely a subject with lots of sections included in the Finland nursing entrance exam sample questions.

The institution doesn’t quite provide applicants with some pre-reading materials, so you obviously have to do some outsourcing. This is why I’ve compiled some samples of Finland nursing entrance exam questions.

Question 1: Five school mates (ben, kelvin, frans, maya, alina ) competed, who was the quickest to build a card house. They all started this competition at the same time.

Ben was ready before alina but later than maya, kelvin was ready before frans but only after alina. Choose the correct order of school mates from the quickest to the slowest.


  • Maya, ben, alina, frans, kevin
  • Alina, maya, ben, frans, kevin
  • Alina, kevin, ben, maya, frans
  • Maya, ben, alina, kevin, frans
  • Ben, maya, alina, frans, kevin
  • Alina, kevin, frans, maya, ben

Question 2: Lucas takes care of his brother’s new puppy for the first time. His brother has instructed Lucas as follows; if the puppy wants to have a ball, the puppy wants to play.


  • If the puppy does not want the ball, then the puppy does not want to play.
  • If the puppy wants to play, then the puppy wants the ball.
  • If the puppy does not want to play, then the puppy does not want the ball.
  • None of these questions is definitely correct based on the information given.
  • I will leave this question unanswered.

Question 3: There were five people at a party, and there was 50% probability that one of them, bill, was carrying covid-19, a disease that has an 80% probability transmission as a result of the condition at the party. Anna met one of the five people at another similar party 4 days later.

What’s the approximate probability that she got infected?


  • 42%
  • 22%
  • 37%
  • 58%

Question 4: The order of the sentence in the following text has been altered. Put the sentence into the correct order by indicating the order of the sentence.


  • If the speaker uses the wrong rhythmic patterns, the intended message is not transmitted because the listener fails to distinguish between key information and other less significant in utterance.
  • When interpreting a speaker account, a listener uses both the linguistic and the non-linguistic parameters of speech rhythm.
  • For example, speech consists of a subsequent rhythmic pattern which plays an essential role in speech processing.
  • Grouping recurring patterns is typical of us humans and is not haphazard based on certain cases in these patterns.
  • The parameters organize speech into coherent, cohesive utterance and mark the information bearing element in each utterance.

More sample questions on the Finland nursing  entrance examination.




The moment you apply to study a nursing degree programme at JAMK in finland and you are optimistic of getting admitted. Practice without using a calculator. However, this is very vital as applicants won’t be allowed to use calculators. Also, Practice with the above exam samples as it includes some of their top international subjects you ought to pay attention to.

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