Haaga Helia University Entrance Exam Questions

It is guaranteed that an applicant sits for an entrance examination after you must have applied for any degree programmes in an highly focused institution in Finland such as haaga helia university. Perhaps you have no idea what the institution exam looks like, rather than waiting all day to discover that an exact sample of the Haaga helia university entrance exam question will be highlighted in this particular content.

You need to be regarded as a lucky candidate for having the opportunity to get accepted in Haaga helia university. It is really important that you practice the university past entrance exam questions ahead of the real test. 

About Haaga Helia University Entrance Exam Question?


Regardless of the degree programme or full time studies, there is some information you need to know about the entrance examination

  • The examination consists of a written part and an interview in addition to minimum and maximum points.
  • Note that the structure, contents and minimum and maximum points of the exam are subject to change.
  • The examination consists of multiple choice tests, mathematics and logical thinking.
  • Writing test based on your writing materials.
  • Providing more than one alternative per question will be graded as an incorrect answer.

Haaga Helia University Entrance Exam Questions


As we have stated in the details above, the university’s entrance exam is categorized into different phases which includes mathematics, logical thinking tests and many more. 

  • Logical Thinking Test And Mathematics

Instructions: You are required to select an answer to this logical thinking part on a separate answer  sheet provided. Every question comes with separate points.

Question 1:

In a company, 60 % of the employees are female. The number of male employees in the company is

  1. How many female workers are there?
  2. 51
  3. 39
  4. 48
  5. none of the above


Question 2:

The normal price of a product you wish to purchase is 200 €. A discount of 40 € is given. What is the discount percent?

  1. 25 %
  2. 16.7 %
  3. 20 %
  4. 50% 

Question 3:

The average monthly salary among a firm’s twelve employees is 3500 €. There are two part-time workers in the firm who both earn 2500 €/month. 

If the salaries of these two part-time workers are excluded from the average, what will the new average salary be?

  1. 3700 €
  2. 4300 €
  3. 4000 €
  4. 4800 €

Question 4

The price is discounted by 20 % and the discounted price is 200 €. How many euros was the discount?

  1. 66.67 €
  2. 50 €
  3. 40 €
  4. 25 €

Question 5:

A manager has to choose three products out of five possibilities to take into production. How many different ways are there to choose three products out of five?

  1. 15
  2. 10
  3. 60
  4. 30

Question 6:

A share lost 80 % of its value. How many percent should it increase to reach the original value?

  1. 500 %
  2. 80 %
  3. 120 %
  4. 30 %

Question 7:

Indicate the first value in the sequence: , 24, 12, 36, 18, 54________

  1. 8
  2. 9
  3. 6
  4. none of the above

Question 8:

The probability that a passenger is chosen for customs inspection is 10 %. Emma and Michael go through customs. 

What is the probability that neither of them is chosen for inspection if the probability of one passenger being chosen is independent of that of other passengers.

  1. 81 %
  2. 90 %
  3. 99 %
  4. 70%

Question 9:

B is 20 percent smaller than C and A is 25 percent bigger than B. Which of the following statements is


  1. A is 5 % bigger than C
  2. A and C are the same value
  3. C is 5 % smaller than A
  4. None of the above
  • Writing Test


In this test, your task is to write a summary as instructed below. The answer must be based on information presented in the written material available during the examination.

The Executive Summary of Environmental Potential of the collaborative economy” is a sample of the written material you would be required to summarize. The material deals with the European Union. 

The answer will be evaluated in terms of both content and quality of written expression.


There is a technique that is used to answer every question in the writing test phase.

  • Write the answer in your own words. Do not reproduce passages from the source material word for word except where terminologically essential. 
  • Include details and examples to illustrate the main points. Use a formal style and write full sentences. Write your answer in clear handwriting on the lines below. Do not exceed the lined area. 
  • Remember that the answer must focus on information presented in the indicated part of the material.
  • Summarize what the current size of the collaborative economy is and what the present socio-economic impact of the collaborative economy is. 


  1. Multi choice test on written material

What is the collaborative economy? There exist many definitions and interpretations of the collaborative economy. It is an 

evolving concept, referring also to the ‘sharing economy’ or ‘gig economy’. 

The scope of  this definition also varies greatly across different studies. Building on the recent contributions in literature, for the purpose of this study, collaborative business models were defined as:

Business models where activities are facilitated by collaborative platforms that create an open marketplace for the temporary usage of goods or services often provided by private individuals.

Generally, the size of the collaborative economy in Europe is still quite limited, despite the rapid growth of some of the most known platforms. The case studies estimated the current market shares of the five selected platforms and their number of users in the EU. 

The tourist accommodation sector is the only sector where collaborative economy transactions are estimated to have a considerable market share. 

Question 10:

According to the written material, which of the following options is true.

  • The collaborative economy relates to transactions where ownership is passed typically from one private person to another.
  • Literature has usually depicted the collaborative economy as a phenomenon with beneficial environmental and social impacts.
  • The collaborative economy is stable both as a concept and in scope.

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Instructions To Take Note Of Before Writing Haaga Helia University Entrance Exam?


It is recommended that you pay attention to the instructions, although you would obviously be instructed on what to do. Having an idea about these instructions ahead of your examination will definitely accelerate your level of understanding.

  • It is compulsory that you write your name, exam number and date of birth on each sheet.
  • Do not separate any of the stapled sheets from each other.
  • While answering the mathematics and logical thinking aspect of the questions, note that applicants are not allowed to use a mobile device, calculator or dictionary during the exam.
  • Note that only one alternative should be chosen for each and every questions
  • All exam papers must be returned.
  • Two points are deducted for each answer, and the maximum score is ten points while the minimum score is four points.


Definitely you have seen the sample questions of Haaga Helia University Entrance examination. You’re expected to take your time and study them, answer the questions if possible. This will help you improve in your academics.

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