Heritage Bank Transfer Code/PIN – How To Transfer Money With Heritage Bank

In this article, we are going to explain everything about heritage bank transfer code/PIN – how to transfer money with heritage bank. It’s practically obvious that days are gone when you will have to visit the nearest bank around you” for every single thing that you want to do. This time around, almost everything have been modernized” that, you can now use heritage bank ussd transfer code to fix a lot of things.

Make transfer, buy airtime for yourself or for your loved ones, check your account balance and lots more with this heritage bank transfer pin. It is easy, safe, secure and very reliable. The most amazing thing about this heritage bank transfer code is that, it’s not phone selective, you can do it with any phone at all” be it andriod or not. Also check out;

But before this heritage bank ussd transfer pin that I’m about to share with you now, can start working for you? You must have an account with heritage bank and also register for heritage bank mobile banking. Well, don’t panic” it’s not an issue at all. I will show you how to register and activate your account. So that you will start making transfer, buying airtime, checking account balance and more, all by yourself at your comfort zone.

How To Register For Heritage Bank Mobile Banking


This is for all new heritage bank customers, who are yet to register for heritage bank mobile banking. So, if you are among” simply calm down and learn how to register and activate your heritage bank transfer code. For you to register for heritage bank mobile. Simply dial *322*030#, then follow the instructions on the screen and register your mobile number.

The phone number must be linked to Heritage bank account. Make sure you enter your 4 digit pin. This pin will help you to authorize each transaction. So, you are expected to use a pin that you can’t easily forget, you can use your date of birth. Eg 1998 or 2003

How To Send Money Using Heritage Bank Transfer Code


Now that you have learnt how to register for heritage bank mobile banking” let’s quickly rush to knowing how to make transfer with it. Follow the steps below to transfer money, this must be done with phone number linked to heritage bank account, else it won’t work. For you to transfer money to your heritage bank account or other Banks, –

  • Dial *322*030*ACCOUNTNUMBER*AMOUNT# (e.g *322*030*0123456789*10000#).
  • Then select the bank of the recipient and proceed with your transaction.
  • Please ensure that you Confirm if the full name of the recipient corresponds with what you have in mind.
  • Then, enter your PIN or the last 4 digits on your ATM MasterCard to confirm your transfer or the mobile transfer pin that you created.

Heritage Bank Transfer Limits


You can only make a transfer of N100, 000 as limit for daily mobile money transfer. Once your transaction is authorized you will receive a debit alert from heritage bank.

So, for those asking of heritage bank transfer limit, it’s 100,000. If you want to transfer more than that in a day, then you will have to visit the bank. This is for security reasons.

Heritage Bank Transfer Charge


Charge Per Transaction: Heritage bank have mobile banking transfer fee. This money is deducted once you transfer money from your account. They charge ranging from 50 to 60 naira.

Heritage Bank Airtime Transfer Code


If you want to buy airtime for yourself or loved ones from heritage bank using heritage bank USSD code. Then, follow the steps provided here;

  • To buy airtime for yourself, simply dial – *322*030*AMOUNT# example – To recharge your line with N500 airtime. E.g Just dial *322*030*500#.

The Money is deducted Directly from your Heritage Bank Account. You will receive an SMS informing you of a successful transaction

  • Third Party Recharge – *322*030*PHONE NUMBER*AMOUNT# e.g *322*030*08104128059*1000#.

This method is use when you want to recharge phone number that’s not linked or registered to any Heritage bank account

You can use the above services to recharge your phone. This works for any network, and this service is available 247 hours.

How To Pay Bill With Heritage Bank Mobile Banking


All heritage bank customers can as well pay their bill using ussd code. You can pay from your TV subscription such as Dstv, Gotv, startimes subscription with Heritage bank. Follow the instructions below to make payment.

  • Bill Payment – *322*030*BILLER ID *AMOUNT#, for example, to pay for LCC Dial *322*030*1066*AMOUNT#

How To Check Heritage Bank Account Balance


If you want to check your heritage bank account balance after transaction dial *322*030# and follow the on-screen prompts. Remember, you must use the phone number that you registered when opening your Heritage Bank account.



In as much as we shared heritage bank transfer code/PIN – how to transfer money with heritage bank. we also encourage & advice you guys to keep your bank details safe and private. More especially your bvn number, ATM card and pin, to avoid any form of scam.  Also don’t forget to join our telegram channel for more updates.