How to Create a JAMB profile on the JAMB Portal – 2022/2023

How to Create a JAMB profile on the JAMB Portal – 2022/2023. This is a complete guide on how to create 2020 jamb profile account by yourself, without visiting any cyber cafe for guidance. Jamb have made it compulsory, that all jambites should create account in their portal” so as to participate in the exam.

Creating your jamb profile will help you check your result so easily and also check your admission status. So, in this article” I will show you how to create a jamb profile on the jamb website.

All you have to do right now is to calm down and read carefully, so that you will understand everything and create your jamb profile by yourself.

How to Create a JAMB profile on the JAMB Portal


This is how to create and update jamb profile, the steps on how to create jamb profile on jamb portal is straight forward and very easy, see them below;

How to Create a JAMB profile on the JAMB Portal – 2020/2021


  1. Login to jamb official portal at
  2. When the page open, fill in the form by providing your functional email address and other relevant details. Make sure they are very correct, and click verify email
  3. Go to your mail box, and check the email the will send to you, then confirm it. But if you didn’t see it on your inbox, check your email spam folder, if you don’t see it there. Please relax and check again in a couple of minutes. It sometimes take time to arrive.
  4.  Tap on the link jamb will send you to continue the registration. When the page opens up, enter your name, surname, email, date of birthday, password, etc.
  5. Make sure you write them down, so that you won’t forget anything.
  6.  Then click on “Sign Up” to complete the creation of your account.
  7. Finally you can now login with your details to view your jamb profile.

Very easy right? That’s all about how to create jamb account or how to create jamb profile in jamb portal. Don’t forget to share with friends who might need this information.