How To Share Data On MTN ( With Examples ) Share Data From MTN To MTN

This article explain how to share data on mtn ( with examples ) share data from mtn to mtn. Hello dear, you are highly welcome, today’ I will show you how to share data to your loved ones using your MTN sim. It is very easy and simple, when you follow the steps I’m about to share with you right now. It is not sim selective, and you don’t have to migrate to any new plan.

MTN will always come up with something new and extra ordinary. This time around, they have come up with an idea of sharing data from mtn to mtn, just to make sure that everyone is happy. So, you can easily transfer data to mtn network using the following steps.

Before I proceed, I want to to know that their are terms and conditions applicable to this great offer. So, you will have to slowly read this” understand how it works. And start sharing data from your mtn network, anytime anywhere. Now let me show you how to register for mtn data transfer to other mtn line.

How To Share Data On MTN ( With Examples ) Share Data From MTN To MTN


Just as I said earlier, this is very easy” and you won’t be charge anything for registration. So, kindly follow the 2 steps shown below to register for mtn data sharing.

  1. You can register for MTN data sharing for free by dialing *131*2*1#.
  2. Another option is to simply send the message REG to 131, after that, you will receive a unique security PIN for mtn data registration.

IMPORTANT; after the registration, you still need to change the default pin to your desired pin. Follow the below steps to change your pin.

  1. To change your pin kindly dial *131*2*5#
  2. Also you can change your default pin via SMS, kindly send CHANGE with you old pin typed right in front of the word change and your new pin right after the old one to 131, for instance, “CHANGE 8888 9999”, where “8888” is your previous PIN and “9999” is your new Pin for Data share.

How To Add Phone Number To Your MTN Data Share Account


Now you’ve successfully changed your mtn data share pin to your desired pin, now its time for you to add some phone number to your mtn data share account, it could be your family, friends, sibling’s or colleagues. below is how to add them,

  1. You can do it by using the MTN data transfer code *131*2*3#.
  2. There is also another option for you! You can always send the text message with the phone numbers of your beneficiaries to 131.

NOTE – According to these terms, you are a data sponsor, and they are the data beneficiaries. Do not forget that you can add only five beneficiaries and you can always delete beneficiaries.

How To Share Data On MTN


Now it’s time to learn how to transfer data on mtn, this guide below will teach you how to transfer data from mtn to mtn.

  1. You will need to send the keyword to start sharing the data with the number 131.
  2. You can also dial *131*2*4# to do the same.
  3. After that, whenever you want to transfer card to someone” simply dial *600* The person number* amount* your pin #. See this. ( *600*081340809500*500*9999# ) tap send.
  4. That’s all, nothing else.

For those searching for how to share data on mtn 2020 ( with examples ) share data from mtn to mtn. I believe you understand everything? We made it clear to a lay man understanding. So enjoy and don’t forget to share this with your friends who are in need of the idea.

If you have any questions, concerning this mtn data transfer, kindly use the comment section below to voice it out.