Jamb Cut Off Mark For Law 2023-2024 In All Universities

Studying law as a course requires a lot of dedication, commitment and hard work. Regardless of the fact that it is without a doubt one of the most highly recognized and lucrative professions in the world, this is basically a candid reason why there is a high competition surrounding the course in most institutions.

In this article, I will be taking you through the Jamb cut off mark for law which is simply referred to as the minimum score you are required to have in your Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) in order to stand a chance to be admitted to study law in any university in Nigeria. 

Notwithstanding, there are literally different cut off marks to study law in some certain institutions irrespective of the actual Jamb cut off mark. So basically, I will be highlighting the exact accepted minimum mark set aside by Jamb to study law and some hints on the score that is accepted by some common public and private institutions in Nigeria. Stay Tuned!!

What Is The Jamb Cut Off Mark For Law?


In a simple word, the Jamb cutoff mark for law is 250. This means that only utme candidates that score exactly as the cut off mark or slightly above will be considered by Jamb to study Law in any institution of their choice. 

Note that Jamb do refresh their system in terms of updating the cut off mark for all courses, law inclusively. So you need to be aware that the cut off mark for law for a particular year or academic session might differ from the upcoming or new academic session. Meanwhile, it could also be the same depending on some certain statistics or situation at a particular period of time.

However, the minimum cut off point which is recommended that law aspirants meet up with in order to be guaranteed of getting admitted to study law as a profession in any university of their choice is 250. 

I purposely made mention of the university above while empathizing on the Jamb cutoff mark for law. What you need to understand about this is that, most times only private or public universities offer Law as a course in their database. Unless the university is not certified or allowed to do so. Polytechnics or other institutions aside, universities don’t really offer law as a course by the way.

What Is The Best Cut Off Mark To Study Law In Nigeria?


Without having to pay much attention to the assigned law cutoff mark by Jamb, you can simply just ignore that and ensure that you score a high mark in your upcoming examination. From experience, the best cutoff mark a student should aim to target in his or her examination is average of 260 to 300 and more.

The best advantage you have as an aspirant to compete in the law field alongside many other brilliant and intelligent students is to score an additional 50 marks abundantly above the Jamb cutoff mark for law. 

You should simply skyrocket your score to above 300, with a UTME score like this you definitely have to be rest assured that you will get your desired course in any institution of your choice.

However, this is the strategy that most smart students apply while aspiring to study a very competitive course. While focusing on Jamb cutoff marks for law, you might end up not meeting up because you have literally decreased your actual potential.

Aiming for higher marks and score is the only way you can be assured of gaining admission to a law school in basically any university in the country.

What Is The Departmental Cut Off Mark For Law?


The context of departmental cut off marks is slightly different from the actual Jamb cut off mark. Departmental cut off marks normally vary from institution to institution depending on the academic system of the school.

Generally, the departmental cut off mark for students to study law in Universities is 250. Some institutions’ departmental cut off might be less while some could actually be increased. All of these won’t matter that much if you have a very high Jamb score, that is one of the huge privileges of being a better student with a beautiful score.

If you are an applicant, it is highly recommended that you are aware of this information and willing to take all the necessary procedures in order to succeed.

What If I Don’t Have Up To Minimum Cutoff Mark In Jamb?


As we are all aware that Law is a highly sought after course in most public institutions, chances are that students might fail to meet up to expectations regarding their UTME score. There are some universities that accept 180 from students who didn’t score a high mark during their Jamb examination.

Meanwhile, some other institutions that have quite high expectations from law aspirants include obafemi awolowo university, university of calabar, university of ilorin, university of Ibadan and many more. 

What Is The Next Step To Take After Completing Your Jamb Examination?


Perhaps you have successfully completed your Jamb examination and you probably made it up to the minimum Jamb cutoff for law, you need to know that the institution you selected will subsequently organize a Post UTME screening exercise. 

Some institution’s Post UTME screening exercise could only consist of clearance procedures without having to sit for any further examinations whatsoever. While a few would make it known that students need to finally complete a Post UTME screening examination before a final clearance is initiated. Whether or not an examination would hold depends on your choice of institution.



In conclusion, the Jamb cutoff mark which is required for students to meet up with if their intention is to study Law is 250. Note that this cutoff mark might literally differ from the actual departmental cut off for law in any specific institutions. However, as we have stated above you will need to score way above the actual cut off mark due to the competition attached to the course.

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