Jamb Cut Off Mark For Pharmacy 2023-2024 In All Schools

Do you know that there are specific cut off marks for every course that students are aiming to study in any university? Regarding the jamb cut off mark that is acceptable for pharmacy, what exactly do you think is the minimum score?

If you are an aspirant that just applied for UTME and your intention is to study pharmacy, you definitely need to be aware of the score you will be required to have in your Jamb examination in order to be qualified to study the course in your preferred institution.

Most times, the overall cut off for pharmacy varies from institutions to institutions as only JAMB has a fixed cut off mark. In this article below, you will be getting to know the accepted Jamb cut off mark for students to study pharmacy in any institution, you would learn and have an idea about the cut off marks for some certain schools that offer pharmacy as a course.

What Is The Jamb Cut Off Mark For Pharmacy?


If you intend to study pharmacy as a course in Nigeria, you need to know that you will be required to secure a minimum of 200 in your UTME examination. A score of around 200 is basically the Jamb cut off mark for students who are willing to study Pharmacy as a profession.

Regarding the minimum score that has been highlighted above, some other institutions might decide to set their jamb cut off mark for pharmacy below the minimum score. An overall mark will be estimated and it generally depends on the result of the Post UTME screening examination.

Only students that successfully made it through by passing from minimum Jamb cut off mark for pharmacy would be required to sit for Post UTME examination. Most schools won’t accept candidates who didn’t meet up with the cut off mark and therefore not guaranteed Post UTME examination.

Literally, chances of securing admission to study pharmacy are quite low for students who scored below the Jamb cutoff for the specific course. If these students can complete the other admission requirements, they might probably be considered for other courses aside pharmacy in their respective choice of institutions.

How Can I Be Qualified To Study Pharmacy?


In spite of the Jamb minimum cut off mark for Pharmacy and several other courses, irrespective of this you can still skyrocket yourself into having a higher chance of securing an admission to study Pharmacy.

  • The first activity that makes you qualify for the course is by making sure that you score an extremely high score. This way you won’t necessarily have to focus your attention on the Jamb cut off mark for pharmacy since you have more than enough score to compete.

Scoring something like 270, 280 and above will really help you a lot.


  • Ensure that you have the minimum number of credit grades in your O level result to study Pharmacy so as to be eligible for admission.
  • Other requirements such as catchment areas, merits, and important documents needed to be provided to the management of your preferred institution in order to study the course.

How Can I Calculate My Aggregate Score For Pharmacy?


Depending on your choice of institution, the pattern through which the aggregate score to study Pharmacy is calculated differs from school to school. Most universities use a combination of Jamb, O level and Post UTME results to estimate the aggregate score to be granted admission into the school to study Pharmacy.

Although, this does not exclude the fact that some institutions don’t even offer Post UTME screening examination at all, their aggregate score is based on your Jamb score and probably your O level grades. 

 For instance, OAU uses a system whereby students would be required to sit for Post UTME examination after they have successfully passed the Jamb cut off mark for Pharmacy. 

After this, the overall mark will be calculated based on the candidate’s UTME results, recent Post UTME results and O level result. This is why the main focus of this section of the article will be about calculating the aggregate score via O level, UTME, and Post UTME. All that is required of you is to follow the quick procedures below:

You need to know that your JAMB results weigh a total of 50% out of 100%, while the remaining half is splitted into two which comprises 20% for O level result and 30% for Post UTME.

In case you might want to be aware of this information, Institutions that don’t make use of O level results will have to divide UTME Results by 8 while Post UTME will be divided by 2. In total, this amounts to the average overall or aggregate score for students to study pharmacy in any of their preferred institutions.

Is Pharmacy A Course That Worth Studying?


Pharmacy almost tops the list of one of the most competitive courses in the country at the moment as there are over 20,000 candidates awaiting admission into various universities to study Pharmacy.

What this literally means is that pharmacy is a very lucrative course aside from the fact that it is also a really difficult one. There are basically tons of Job opportunities if you decide to study the course. It goes side by side with other competitive courses such as medicine and surgery, law, engineering and many more. 

What Is The Minimum Cutoff Mark For Pharmacy In Universities?


Aside 200 being the Jamb cutoff for Pharmacy, there are basically some institutions that accept nothing less than 250 to 270 before a student can be eligible for the course. This also doesn’t exclude the Post UTME requirements and many more. 



The Jamb cutoff for all courses including pharmacy can change or be updated during any academic session. It is very possible as this is the reason why the board does not always have a fixed score or requirement for admission. However, they are liable to change at any moment depending on the current circumstances.

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