JAMB Subject Combination For Computer Science ( New Subjects )

Making preparations for your UTME examination requires ensuring that you have put all necessary criterias in place. Among these requirements includes knowing your subject combination for your course in Nigeria in order to avoid stories that touch the heart at the end of the day.

What exactly is the stated Jamb subject combination for a particular course? Regardless of your department or field, you need to be aware that you would be required to offer some particular subjects related to your selected course.

For instance, if you are a student in the art department, the subject combination for any course relating to art would be directed based on this departmental.

Perhaps your desired course is computer science and you intend to know the correct subject combination for computer science, be aware that all the information you need concerning this topic shall be highlighted in details below.

In addition to this, some other related queries such as the direct entry jamb subject combination for computer science, a list of frequently asked questions and many more.

What Is The JAMB Subject Combination for Computer Science?


Before you sit for your JAMB examination, you need to be aware of the subject combination so that you could prepare ahead for the subjects which questions would be set from.

Most of the time, the subject combination for every course consists mainly of 4 unique subjects and this might depend on the course initially. Notwithstanding, there are also some compulsory subjects for all courses and departments.

JAMB Dubject Combination For Computer Science.


  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

The aforementioned subjects are basically the 4 subject combination for computer science. You will realize that the English language was mentioned at the top of all.

English language is regarded as a general language, this is the only mandatory subject for all courses to be offered. Students just have to add the subject to their combination irrespective of their choice of course.

Therefore, English language, mathematics, chemistry and physics makes a total of 4 subject combinations for computer science as a course to be offered.

What Are Some Other Requirements For Computer Science?


Aside from only being aware of the subject combination for your course respectively, you should also take note of some important information regarding the other requirements for computer science. If you already have an O level result, I assume you have a very impressive result that is capable of studying computer science in any institution.

Note that if you do not have an O level result, you will be required to have at least a minimum of five (5) credits in your subjects and this includes Mathematics, English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics respectively.

You should also need to meet up with your school cut off mark to be eligible for computer science. In summary, all we are referring to has been highlighted below.

  • O level results must contain at least credits in 5 different important subjects.
  • Meeting up with your school cut off mark is very important regardless of your course subject combination.
  • You also need to be at least 16 years of age for you to be considered for admission.
  • Other less important requirements include having a Neco, Gce results.

What Is The Direct Entry JAMB Subject Combination for Computer Science?


If your mode of entry is via direct entry and your intention is to know the direct entry Jamb subject combination for computer science, be rest assured that you are getting your desired answer in this section of the article.

Just like the normal JAMB subject combination that was analyzed above, it is quite similar to the direct entry subject combination for computer science.

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

In addition to this, there are also some additional requirements for computer science via direct entry. This includes not having more than two (2) sittings in your O level result alongside at least 5 credits in your O level subject overall.

Some other basic requirements include purchasing the direct entry form accordingly and many more.

What If I Selected A Wrong Subject Combination For Computer Science?


Perhaps you selected an incorrect subject combination for computer science, note that you might not be eligible for the course since you have chosen a wrong subject combination.

This is basically one of the main reasons why it is very important to find information about your course before taking any further procedures.



While wrapping up, it is recommended that you take note of your course subject combination even if it isn’t computer science. There are also other different courses with unique subject combinations.

Lastly, the subject combination for computer science is Mathematics, English Language, Physics and Chemistry respectively. Some other courses that are also very related to Computer Science would also have similar subject combinations.

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