Keystone Bank Transfer Code 2020 – Keystone Bank USSD Code For Mobile Banking

This article provides you with verified Keystone bank transfer code 2020 – keystone bank USSD code for mobile banking. Now you can easily transfer money to your family and friends without visiting the bank. Learn how to register and activate your account here, and start making transactions, buying airtime and others with just *7111#

You and I know how standard keystone bank is, and this time around” they have come up with something so amazing. They have made banking so easer than before, now you can pickup your mobile phone and transfer money to any bank at all. With the help of this keystone bank USSD code? You won’t stress yourself going to the bank, just to make a transfer. Also check out:

But, for this keystone bank transfer code can work for you? You must have registered and also active your account to keystone mobile banking. Hey dear, don’t panic. It’s very easy, and I will show you how to do it here and now. All you have to do right now is to calm down and read it, so that you will learn how to do it the right way.

How Register For Keystone Bank Mobile Banking


This is for those that have not registered or used keystone bank USSD code number for transaction on the sim card they opened account with. And we believe that most of you guys are yet do that, so you need to activate keystone bank money transfer code. With the phone number linked to your keystone account.

To do this simply dial *7111*0# and follow the on-screen instructions. You will be asked to enter your account number and choose a 4 digit PIN which you shall be using to do the transactions.

Advantages Of Keystone Mobile Banking


  • It’s the easiest way to send money without visiting the bank.
  • It’s not phone selective, you can do it with any phone at all” be it andriod or not
  • You can enjoy Bank Transfer, Airtime recharge at instant and available 24/7.
  • Transactions don’t require Internet connection or service provider charges
  • And many more.

How To Send Money Using Keystone Bank Transfer Code


For you to make transfer from your account using this keystone bank transfer code, all you have to do is to simply don’t *7111*Amount*Account Number#. For example dial *7111*10,000*0082529796# to transfer N10,000 to that account. Then follow the instructions on your phone screen to complete your transaction.

NOTE: For the transactions to be successfully, you need your 4 digit pin to authorize your transaction. With the 4 digit pin, your transaction wouldn’t be complete.

Keystone Bank Transfer To Other Banks


If you want to send money from your keystone bank account to another bank account, e.g. firstbank, access bank, zenithbank, Union bank or anyone at all. Dial *7111*Amount*Account Number#, follow the instructions on your phone screen to complete your transaction.

Keystone Money Transfer Charges And Limit


We all know that there’s a little tokon banks do collect each time we transfer money to other banks, with this bank ussd transfer code. And that’s why a lot of people are asking, ” what’s the charge transferring money using keystone bank?” keystone bank transfer charge range from 30 naira to 60 naira. Transfer to fellow keystone bank account attracts lesser fee and transfer to other banks like GT bank, FCMB etc gets higher charge.

Keystone Bank Transfer Code 2020 – Keystone Bank USSD Code For Mobile Banking


Keystone bank money transfer is capped to a limit on daily use. You can enjoy money transfer below 100, 000 naira on your keystone mobile banking daily. Any transaction above that requires you to move to banking hall for guide and assistances.

How To Check Your Keystone Bank Account Balance Using Phone


Just as stated earlier, you can actuallyu check your bank balance from your comfort, using this keystone bank ussd code. Dial *7111*1# to check your bank balance. It can only work with the sim card that you linked to your account.

This service requires a fee, once this is done your account balance will be sent to you as a message. This reduces the stress of going to ATM or bank to check account balance. Most times this service requires 20 naira charge.

How To Buy Airtime Using Keystone Bank USSD Code


In some areas, you will have to add small money to buy airtime, but with this ussd code? You won’t run out of airtime. You can easily buy one from your account. Recharge from your account. It is fast, secure and safe. You can recharge for yourself or buy airtime for some else.

For you to buy airtime for yourself, simply dial *7111*amount# on your registered phone number. E.g *7111*500# to purchase N500 airtime credit.

Then, if you want to buy airtime for someone else; Simply dial *7111*Amount*Phone Number# E.g *7111*1000*08104128059# to recharge 1000 naira for the person.



That’s all, with the way we explained everything, hopefully you understood all we said about this keystone bank transfer code 2020 – keystone bank ussd code for mobile banking?. If you have any question at all, simply use the comment section below to voice it out and don’t forget to join us on telegram.