Knox County Schools Spring Break 2022 – 2023 ( Student Calendar )

Prior to the anticipated release of Knox County Schools 2022 to 2023 academic calendar, it is required of you to be fully aware of the schedule put in place by the management of the institution, dates for specific events, Knox County Schools spring break and a little information concerning other holidays.

Basically, Knox county schools are operated by the government of tennessee, the region where the institution is precisely located around Knox county. 

If you have been looking forward to finding out about your school break (Knox county schools spring break) and holiday periods, how academics are scheduled and many other related queries. There is more than enough information in this article which you have the opportunity to grab so long you stick with us to the end of the content.

Knox County school is basically a school system that is based in Knox County within the province of Tennessee. It is basically run under the government of the region and is responsible to administer all the 

A Brief Insight On Knox County Schools 


As I assume you are already aware of this information, you can decide to skip to the main focus of the article in the sections of the content below. Just like every other public school in the county, Knox County Schools is regarded as one of the well respected institutions in Knox county, particularly in Tennessee.

Knox county schools provide a whole combination of primary and secondary education with various grades. Instead of enrolling in a private school, Knox County Schools is generally a better alternative due to the fact that you won’t necessarily be required to pay expensive tuition fees unlike some others.

When Is The Knox County Schools Spring Break?


Now back to the main point. We do normally get excited anytime a holiday or break comes our way and this is unarguably a fact.

The Knox county schools holiday only starts in the month of March, on the 13th in the year 2023. It is therefore followed by a 4 days break which will come to an end on the 17th of March in 2023.

Knox county schools holiday Begins Finishes
Knox County Schools Spring Break 13th of March, 2023 17th of Mar 2023


With the above illustration, you need to be aware of the fact that the spring break period for the 2022/2023 academic session didn’t fall in the year 2022.

The reason being that the previous immediate spring break was initiated on Thursday, the 26th of May 2022 and it ended on Friday the 5th of August 2022. Basically, it is the spring break schedule for the 2021 to 2022 academic session. 

Other Knox County Schools Holidays/Breaks?


In this year alone and extending to the next year, the following holidays of Knox county schools are in accordance with the information on the institution academic calendar. This however, consists of the holidays you would be given periodically and the starting and finishing dates respectively.

Knox County Schools Holidays Begins Ends
Christmas break Thursday, 22 Dec 2022 Friday, 6th of Jan 2023
Thanksgiving Break Wednesday, 23 Nov 2022 Friday, 25 Nov 2022
Easter Break Friday, 7th of Apr 2023 Monday, 10th of Apr 2023
Summer Break Thursday, 25th of May 2023
Fall Break Monday, 10th of Oct 2022 Friday, 14th of Oct 2023
Winter Break December 23, 2022 January 3rd, 2022
Professional Work Day October 31
Martin Luther King Jr’s Day January 16, 2023
Early Release Day March 2, 2023
George Washington Day February 20, 2023
Eid Al Fitr 3rd of April  7th of April
Veteran’s Day November 11, 2022
Yom Kippur break October 5, 2022
Student Holiday October 10, 2022
Memorial Day April 21, 2022


Knox County Schools Academic Calendar


Aside from the various holidays which can be referred to as non academic activities, there are also some academic activities that also take place in the school according to Knox county schools academic calendar.

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Knox County Schools Academic Activities Schedule
First Day Of School 3 August,2022
Beginning Of First Term 7th September,2022
Beginning Of Second Term 2nd November,2022
Beginning Of Third Term 18th January,2023
Beginning Of Fourth Term 20th March,2023
Last Day of School 24th May,2023


It is recommended that you check out your school academic calendar in order to have you prepared for upcoming academic and non academic activities such as Knox county schools spring break whose starting and finishing date has been highlighted above.



Irrespective of the particular school or institution, sometimes each holiday or break might differ from other schools unless it’s perhaps an official break or holiday. In summary, this is a reminder that Knox county schools break only occurs once in the school academic calendar. According to this year’s schedule, the spring break will start on the 13th of March, 2023 and will come to an end on 17th of March 2023.

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