Longinus Anokwute Biography – Net Worth, Age, Wife, House & Comedy

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Longinus Anokwute, popularly known as Chief Imo, is one of the funniest comedians in the Nigerian movie industry and comedy industry. He is popularly known for his hilarious sarcasm which he delivers in the Igbo language.

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His full names are, Longinus Anyaehiechukwu Anokwute but he is popularly known as Chief Imo, a Nigeria comedian and a Nollywood actor. Chief Imo was born in May 19th at Umuduru, Ekwe, Isu Local Government Area in Imo State. Details about his birth include the hospital called “Nnaji Hospital & Maternity”. where he was born. Chief Imo was born in a family of 6 children where he is the last child of his parents who gave birth to 4 boys and 2 girls.

Chief Imo was raised up single-handedly by his mother and his late elder sister. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon as things weren’t easy for him growing up. His name “Chief Imo” is simply because he is from Imo state and a self-acclaimed chief.

Longinus Anokwute Imo Education

Chief Imo began his primary school at Ekwe Central Primary school but completed it in the Northern part of Nigeria at Army School in Gombe State. Chief Imo left the north returning back to his home town for his secondary education at Ekwe Secondary school where he did just JSS 1.

Longinus Anokwute biography – net worth, age, wife, house & comedy

Due to financial difficulties, Chief Imo went back to Gombe staying with his elder sister to complete his Secondary education, JSS 2 & 3 at Gantu Secondary School. Chief Imo had his SS 1 – 3 levels at All Saints Secondary School in Gombe State.

Sadly, he lost his eldest sister whom he was living with and had to return back home to Ekwe Secondary school, he was asked to repeat a class owning to the fact he was not fluent in the Igbo language as he only spoke Hausa fluently.

Longinus Anokwute Biography – Net Worth, Age, Wife, House & Comedy


Longinus Anokwute started his acting career with a drama group. They would act a bible passage of the day and their teachers would appreciate them at the end of each performance. According to Chief Imo, people would discourage him but he never looked back or allowed what they said to him stop his set goal.

Chief Imo discovered his talent, a long time ago, since he was a kif. He has been in Nollywood, the entertainment industry since 2000. Since 2000, Chief Imo has been working so hard ever since he joined the entertainment industry.

He has done so many movies, comedy, stage performance, and even music in Nollywood. He would make his co-actors laugh till they fell off their seat, his comedy was innate. Chief Imo earned his spot when he did a story and produced a film that sold very fast, thanks to his Igbo language. Check out;

Chief Imo faced a bit of black slash before he got to the limelight. After his movie production, he would run to marketers to sale his movie but they would insult him in “all manner”. His breakthrough film stayed with him for more than a year. But when is time came, someone called reached out to him immediately saying that his film was aired on African Magic – a popular home video channel.

is chief Imo married?

is chief Imo married? Yes, Chief Imo is married and the couple is blessed with beautiful children.

As a matter of fact, that is where he finds comfort most.

Chief Imo net worth


Chief Imo is a renowned Nigerian comedian who has featured in top comedy shows and events, he has a Youtube account with thousands of subscribers. His net worth is an estimated $100,000

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