MC Tagwaye Biography – Net Worth, Age, House, Cars & Wedding Pictures

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Senator MC Tagwaye real name is Obinna Simon, and he is a comedian, entertainer and activist. MC Tagwaye state of origin is Katsina state.

The artist is known for his stage image that is very alike to the image of Muhammadu Buhari. MC Tagwaye tries to look and talk like a current president of Nigeria.

MCTagwaye is Igbo man, his religion is Christianity. It is also known that the artist has an identical twin brother who is a businessman. According to the words of the artists, he started to mimic the president because he liked his personality. MC Tagwaye managed to achieve striking resemblance with the president, and the artist became known and popular in the entertainment industry of the country.

MC Tagwaye Biography – Net Worth, Age, House, Cars & Wedding Pictures


MC Tagwaye said that he always was a comedian, he mimicked people since childhood. The comedian claims that he studied to mimic Mr. Buhari on his video interview that was given to Saharareporters in Kaduna in 2011.

He mimicked president for the first time on radio in Katsina State, and this performance appeared quite successful. A lot of people liked it, and some even believed that it was real president on the radio station. After that experience, the comedian started to practice this stage image more often. Now, this is the main image of MC Tagwaye, and he plays this role in a very realistic way.

The people sitting on his table were looking at his countenance to know whether to laugh or not. They were indecisive, but there was something I said that was very funny, so the president turned his face to a corner and laughed, then the rest followed suit. That was when they were free to laugh. It was very hilarious. — That was the words of MC Tagwaye about his first performance before President at an event in Katsina State.

These are all the known facts about great comedian MC Tagwaye. According to his words, he doesn’t plan to change his stage image no matter who will be the president of the country. So, we wait for new great performances and we hope that the comedian will share more personal information from his biography.