MTN Data Cheat Code ~ Latest MTN Free Data Cheat Code

MTN data cheat ~ latest MTN free data cheat code for unlimited access to the Internet. No more spending your hard earned money in buying MTN, because we have discovered so many ways to browse for free with your MTN line.

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No more spending your hard earn money in buying mtn data, but if you must buy it? Make sure you get paid. What do I mean by this? Join the moving trend of buy recharge card or data and get paid. Because, even if you start using this MTN data cheat now, how about calls? You will still be buying recharge card to make calls.

Well, I won’t say much on this. Those are very smart are already making huge amount of money from it on daily basis. Now I will proceed to what brought you here, which is the latest MTN data cheat code .

MTN Data Cheat ~ Latest MTN Free Data Cheat Code.


My friends and I have been enjoying this mtn free browsing cheat for the past two days now, just to verify that it is working perfectly. So, after confirmation” I decided to share it with you guys. Also see;

But sorry to say this, this mtn data cheat 2020 is not absolutely for free” I tag it free, because the cheating is too much. So, I will show you how my friends and I enjoy 2gb for as low as N500 and 4gb at 1000 naira. Amazing right? Ohh yes” I already told you guys that it is a complete cheat.

MTN Data Cheat – Enjoy 1GB For 300 Naira.


Now you buy huge data for almost free using this our latest mtn data cheat codes 2021. Definitely, it will help you to but data at cheaper rate” and you will also get paid if you are followed our buy data and get paid.

To enjoy this MTN Data cheat make sure that you have 300 naira airtime available in your phone. The cost of this plan is 300 naira. If you have that follow the steps below to activate it.

Latest MTN Free Data Cheat Code.


  • First of all, dial *121*1# send it and wait for reply.
  • You will receive a reply saying 1.5gb for 300 naira.
  • Then reply 1, a menu will pop up rely 1 to activate it.
  • Lastly, enable auto renewal. You will be credited with 1500MB and charged 300 naira.

How To Enjoy MTN 1000 Naira For 4GB.


Dial *121#
Now reply 2 ( Data offers 4ME )
From there choose if you are buying the 1000 naira plan or 500 naira for 1.5GB

How To Enjoy 1GB For 250 Naira On MTN.


I shared this before and I want to do it again…

I just got 2GB with 500 naira now.. It is very cheap

To enjoy this make sure you have minimum of 50 naira in your phone. The good news is that you can enjoy the daya without any settings or vpn.Just dial *131*25#, send it.

Now wait, when it is successful. You will receive a message that the bio weekly data have been activated. You will be given 200MB ( Second Below )

MTN Data Cheat 2020 ~ Latest MTN Free Data Cheat Code

Conclusion For MTN Free  Data Cheat.

To keep enjoying this amazing offer from MTN, make sure that you are repeating this method over and over, provided that you have 50 naira. The data will be accumulated.. That’s how to easily get 2gb using your mtn line.

Remember!!! We usually discover new mtn free data cheat almost every week. So, I will advise you to bookmark our website and visit often for more new updates.

MTN Data Cheat ~ Latest MTN Free Data Cheat Code