Federal Polytechnic Nekede School Fees, ND & HND 2023-2024

Are you a prospective candidate seeking admission into Federal Polytechnic Nekede but want to know the exact fees they pay? Or are you a continuing student that has finished ND and wants to switch over to HND but doesn’t know the fees HND students pay? No worries! You have come to the right place and we get your back. All you have to do is to keep scrolling through the article to get the right information that you desire.

Federal Polytechnic Nekede is one of the most popular polytechnic in Nigeria where theories have been extensively experimented with in the laboratory. One good thing about Nekede is that their quest for academic excellence is top-notch and second to none.

But as a prospective candidate seeking admission into an institution, it is best to know the fees that are paid in the said institution before opting for the institution. This will help you to know whether the fees are affordable to you or not. Hence this article on Nekede School Fees is specially designed to keep you informed on the fees that are payable at Nekede and other related relevant information about Nekede. Keep scrolling to get the full gist.

However, Nekede as an institution has different departments and as it is with other polytechnic across the country, the school fees usually vary depending on the department and Nekede is not an exception as different departments have different school fees. But the good news is that the subsequent sections contain all the necessary information that you desire.

Nekede School Fees


Due to the fact that there are many departments at Nekede, I have grouped the different departments into what some people may call faculty, college, or school depending on individual perspectives.

Notwithstanding, each school at Nekede consists of similar departments which may share similar features. Without much ado, the departments are summarized in the tables below with their fees attached.

Federal Polytechnic Nekede School Fees, ND & HND


Category One: School Of Industrial & Applied Sciences

School Fees For ND Students


S/N Department ND 1 ND 2
1. Science Lab. Tech 30,100 23,300
2. Environmental Biology 30,100 23,300
3. Dispensing Opticianry 30,100 23,300
4. Pharmaceutical Technology 30,100 23,300
5. Hospitality Management 30,100 23,300
6. Biology/Microbiology 30,100 23,300
7. Fisheries 30,100 23,300
8. Food Technology 30,100 23,300
9. Maths/Statistics 30,100 23,300
10. Library Science 30,100 23,300
11. Chemistry/Biochemistry 30,100 23,300
12. Physics with Electronics 30,100 23,300
13. Computer Science 30,100 23,300


School Fees For HND Students


S/N Department HND 1 HND 2
1. Computer Science 29,600 25,300
2. Physics with Electronics 29,600 25,300
3. Chemistry/Biochemistry 29,600 25,300
4. Library Science 29,600 25,300
5. Maths/Statistics 29,600 25,300
6. Food Technology 29,600 25,300
7. Fisheries 29,600 25,300
8. Biology/Microbiology 29,600 25,300
9. Hospitality Management 29,600 25,300
10. Pharmaceutical Technology 29,600 25,300
11. Dispensing Opticianry 29,600 25,300
12. Science Lab. Tech 29,600 25,300
13 Environmental Biology 29,600 25,300


Category Two: School Of Engineering Technology

School Fees For ND Students   


S/N Department ND 1 ND 2
1. Electrical and Electronic Engineering 30,100 23,300
2. Mechanical Engineering 30,100 23,300
3. Mechatronics Technology 30,100 23,300
4. Civil engineering 30,100 23,300
5. Computer engineering 30,100 23,300
6. Chemical engineering 30,100 23,300
7. Agric. engineering 30,100 23,300


School Fees For HND Students


S/N Department HND 1 HND 2
1. Electrical and Electronic Engineering 29,600 25,300
2. Mechanical Engineering 29,600 25,300
3. Mechatronics Technology 29,600 25,300
4. Civil engineering 29,600 25,300
5. Computer engineering 29,600 25,300
6. Chemical engineering 29,600 25,300
7. Agric. engineering 29,600 25,300


Category Three: School of Environmental Design & Technology

School Fees For ND Students


S/N Department  ND 1 ND 2
1. Urban & Regional Planning 30,100 23,300
2. Surveying & Geo-Informatics 30,100 23,300
3. Quantity Surveying 30,100 23,300
4. Estate Management 30,100 23,300
5. Building Technology 30,100 23,300
6. Art & Design Technology 30,100 23,300
7. Architecture 30,100 23,300


School Fees For HND Students


S/N Department HND 1 HND 2
1. Urban & Regional Planning 29,600 25,300
2. Surveying & Geo-Informatics 29,600 25,300
3. Quantity Surveying 29,600 25,300
4. Estate Management 29,600 25,300
5. Building Technology 29,600 25,300
6. Art & Design Technology 29,600 25,300
7. Architecture 29,600 25,300


Category Four: School of Humanities & Social Sciences

School Fees For ND Students


S/N Department ND 1 ND 2
1. Social Sciences 30,100 23,300
2. Humanities 30,100 23,300
3. Mass Communication 30,100 23,300


School Fees For HND Students


S/N Department HND 1 HND 2
1. Social Sciences 29,600 25,300
2. Humanities 29,600 25,300
3. Mass Communication 29,600 25,300


Category Five: Other Fees At Nekede 


S/N Fee Name Amount (N)
1. Acceptance N20,000
2. School File N500
3. TEDC N3,000
4. Library N100
5. S.U.G N600
6. Departmental N500
7. ALUMINA N1,000
8. Matriculation Gown N1,000


Category Six: Mandatory Payments For Weekend Program For New ND Intake At Nekede


S/N Fee Name Amount (N)
1. School File N500
2. Microsoft N5,500
3. Weekend Program N500
4. Library N100
5. Matriculation Gown N500
6. ALUMINA N1,000
7. TEDC N3,000
8. S.U.G N600
9. Departmental N500
10. Acceptance N20,000

Step-By-Step Approach On How To Make The Federal Polytechnic Nekede Payment Online


  • Visit the official website of Fed poly Nekede at http://portal.fpno.edu.ng/nekede/
  • Login to the site wiz your passcode and ID
  • Ensure that your profile is correctly updated
  • Choose the type of payment you want to make
  • Now, you have to generate an invoice. Once you are done generating the invoice you proceed to make the payment
  • Then, tap on the option of Pay with ATM or Credit card and that’s all, as simple as that. Also check out:
  • Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti School Fees

Important Note For Fresh Students


The new intake at Federal Polytechnic Nekede, are expected to pay their acceptance fee immediately after they are notified of their admission during the acceptance fee payment process, it is also expected of you to print your admission letter to ensure that your admission is genuine.

However, to be on the safer side, it is highly recommended that you print your admission letter before proceeding to pay to accept fees because the acceptance fee is not refundable once the payment has been made. So be guided.

In the same vein, it is also worthy of note that Federal Polytechnic Nekede doesn’t run any program be it part-time or full time that allows students to make payments in installments. Hence you should get yourself fully prepared financially before opting for admission into Federal Polytechnic Nekede.

How Much Is The School Fees For Nekede?


The school at Federal Polytechnic Nekede varies depending on the department. Some departments pay higher than others. Nevertheless, the school fees at Nekede range from N23,300 to about N50,000 but according to the norms, no department at Nekede pays more than N60,000 as school fees. Meanwhile, for detailed information on the fees paid by each department at Nekede, kindly check the previous sections of this article.

What Course Does Nekede Offer?


Many courses are offered at Nekede, some of which include but are not limited to;

  • Engineering/Technology
  • Agricultural Science
  • Building Technology
  • Banking and Finance
  • Accountancy
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Arts and Design etc.

How Much Is Poly Nekede Evening Program Form?


The evening program form at Nekede is relatively cheap, it is sold at Seven thousand and five hundred naira (N7,500) only.



There are many departments at Nekede with different fees for both their National Diploma and High National Diploma programs. Though the fees are relatively cheap when compared with their contemporaries you need to be sure of the fees before opting for the institutions to know whether it is affordable to you or not. Thanks for your time

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