Northeastern University Acceptance Rate 2023/2026 – Early Action

Are you looking forward to applying for admission or you have applied for admission into Northeastern university but wish to know their acceptance rate? If yes, this article is for you” because we have succinctly pinpointed all you need to know about Northeastern university acceptance rate and other relevant information about their modus operandi.

According to the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, Northeastern University is classified as one of the first-tier (tier 1) universities in the United States.

This first-tier status of Northeastern university depicts that it is a bit difficult to get admission into the school. Speaking, the first-tier university represents schools that accept below 10% of applicants. Most of the prestigious universities in the United States are in the first-tier category.

Some of the first tier (tier 1) consist of renowned private research universities such as California Institute of Technology, Duke, MIT, Chicago, Stanford, John Hopkins, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, and many others too numerous to mention.

These tier institutions have common features of having large campuses, and they also incorporate graduate schools with an averagely large number of students.

According to Times Higher Education (THE), Northeastern University (NEU) is the 168th best university in the world and 86th in the United States ranking. In the same vein, US News also ranks NEU as the 177th best university globally and the 49th best university in the US.

Since Northeastern University is among the tier 1 universities, signing into the university is usually competitive and selective. The NEU official report revealed that a greater percentage of the applicants admitted to the school have an ACT score of between 33 and 35 or an SAT score of 1410 and 1540.

Interestingly, it revealed that about 25% of the admitted applicants scored above 33 and 35 for ACT and 1410 and 1540 for SAT. Meanwhile, 25% of applicants scored below the above ranges. However, if your cumulative GPA is around 3.91, you have a higher probability of getting admitted into NEU because they appreciate excellence.

Northeastern University is a private research university that was founded in 1898 with its main campus in Boston. Interestingly, the university offers both graduate and undergraduate programs on both its main campus and satellite campuses. The institution is dedicated to excellence and they don’t compromise standards.

Overview Of Northeastern University Acceptance Rate


In the recent past, around 2009, there was a steady rise in the intake rate of freshmen into the university but recently the increase in prospective undergraduates’ applications and average SAT scores affected the acceptance rate negatively. Recently, the acceptance rate of Northeastern University dropped from 18% to 6.7%.

From the information available on the official website of the school, it revealed that the school received 75,244 applications and only 13,829 were admitted for full-time undergraduate admission, for 2021. The admitted number represents 18.38%. Not only that, the average SAT score of the enrolled freshmen for Fall 2021 admission is 1,484.

Meanwhile, according to the school spokesperson, Shannon Nargi, he revealed that for the class of 2026, they had a total number of 90,989 applicants but only 6,179 were admitted. This means that the Northeastern university acceptance rate for the 2022 academic year is about 6.7%.

Apart from the reasons I mentioned earlier, they also revealed that the reason for the drastic reduction is to avoid overcrowding and over-enrollment.

However, for your transfer application to be accepted at the Northeastern university, you must have completed at least twelve semester hours of college-level coursework (which should be after high school graduation) or you must have at least attempted one semester of full-time coursework with enrollment through the whole period (which should be after high school graduation).

From the above analysis, we can see NU is quite selective. In most instances, it may be a bit difficult to meet their GPA and ACT/SAT standards and if you didn’t meet their requirements, your chances of getting admitted into NU are nill

Northeastern University General Requirements


Now that you have known the acceptance rate and you still wish to proceed with your admission or transfer application, there are some requirements that you must meet before you can be accepted into Northeastern university. 

However, as it is with other reputable academic institutions, where you need to meet certain criteria before you could be admitted to their programs, Northeastern university is not an exemption as they have minimum Grade Point Average (GPA), SAT, and ACT requirements. For the avoidance of doubt, we are going to be looking at the different requirements in the sub-sections below, keep scrolling.

Northeastern University GPA Requirements

As it is with other educational institutions where a good and excellent GPA is given priority, NU is not an exception. Northeastern University appreciates academic excellence and that is why applicants with higher GPAs are given priority during the selection process. They have minimum GPA requirements if applicants didn’t meet them, their application would be rejected automatically.

So, if you are applying for admission into Northeastern university with an excellent GPA which is equal to first class or its equivalent, you stand a greater chance of getting an offer while applicants with a lower GPA of below 4.00 are at their fate. The average GPA at Northeastern University is pegged at 4.04.

Northeastern University SAT And ACT Requirements


Before you can be admitted into Northeastern University, you must either take the Scholastic Aptitude Test(SAT) or the American College Test(ACT) examination. But taking the exam is one thing while getting a good score is a different thing entirely. Nevertheless, it is expected of you to get excellent scores to boost your chances of getting admitted into NU.

However, Northeastern University considers the average Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score of 1465 on a 1600-point scale. So since you are aware that Northeastern university is very competitive, you should get yourself fully prepared before sitting for the exam to enable you to get an excellent score.

Admission Rate And Academic Performance At Northeastern University


In this section, we are going to look at the academic performance and the overall admission rate of applicants to the university from across the globe. The statistics are enumerated below

  • The graduation rate at Northwestern University is 83%
  • The acceptance rate at NU is 27%
  • The mean undergraduate enrollment from 2017-2018 is 13,666
  • Mean annual cost before help is $70,952
  • Probably if you get aid like scholarships and grants, the cost will be reduced to $29,748

For the undergraduate student, the statistics are enumerated below

  • Total application entry by states is usually 50 states
  • Total application entry by countries is usually 110 countries
  • International applicants are usually 17%
  • Asian American applicants are 27%
  • Hispanic applicants are 11%
  • African American applicants are 8%
  • Native American applicants are 4%.

Admission Distribution Of Applicants  By Region

On a regional basis, the statistics are enumerated below

  • New England Students: 17%
  • Mid-Atlantic Students: 27%
  • International Students: 16%
  • West Students: 15%
  • South Students: 14%
  • Midwest Students: 5%
  • Other (U.S. Territory/International Students): 5%

How To Apply For Admission At Northeastern?


Now that you have to know the basic requirements that are expected of you before you can apply for admission into Northeastern university, presumably you are handy with them, then follow the below procedures to apply

  • Create your application profile through the coalition application or the common application 
  • Once you are done creating your application account, choose Northeastern University to submit your application
  • Then pay the total application fee of $75 or a need-based fee waiver
  • The Northeastern University application website is


  • During the application process, ensure that you entered your details correctly as it appears in your documents, also ensure that you provide all the needed documents during the application so that it will be reviewed.
  • To confirm that your application is successfully submitted, you have to visit your application status check to view the complete information and updates on your application status.

Is NYU Or Northeastern Harder To Get Into?


If you are looking at admission alone, Northeastern University is more difficult to get admission to compared to NYU(New York University).

What GPA Do You Need To Get Into Northeastern?


The minimum GPA that is needed to get admission into Northeastern university is 4.04.  The higher the GPA the greater your chance of getting admitted.



The acceptance rate at Northeastern University is relatively low because it is highly competitive, hence when applying for admission into Northeastern university, ensure that you submit all the needed documents during the application.

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