Obi Cubana Phone Number – WhatsApp Number & Email Address

Recently, I discovered that’ a lot of people are desperately searching for Obi Cubana Phone Number – And WhatsApp Number cantact. While some are seeking for guidelines on how to get help from Obi Cubana. Well, you have to count yourself very lucky to stumble on today.

We have provided you guys with real Obi Cubana phone number and his WhatsApp number as well. Not only, we also share Obi Cubana wife Phone Number, for those searching for his wife contact, we also have it here.

Are you looking for means to communicate with popular Nigerian celebrity bar man, aka Obi Cubana? If yes, search no further. We are going to provide you with everything single information that will help you connect with him.

In fact, if you aren’t able to connect with him using the phone number  provided here” you can as well call his wife or send him a text message on his verified instagram page. Amazing right? Cool, you just have to calm down and follow instructions on how to chat with Obi Cubana and make him assist with money or employ you.

Obi Cubana Phone Number - How To Get Obi Cubana WhatsApp Number

But before we proceed to sharing Obi Cubana phone number and WhatsApp contact, I will first of all” brief you guys about him. There are few things you need to know before calling or texting him.

Who Is Obi Cubana?


Obinna Iyiegbu popularly known as Obi Cubana is a Nigerian Based businessman, entertainer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a show killer, he is the chairman and the owner of the popular Cabana groups, Obi Cubana was born 12th April 1975.

He is among the richest men in Anambra State Nigeria. Obi Cubana is a well known philanthropist, who derives joy in helping Nigeria youths. There are lots more about him, but I will proceed to sharing the information that bright you here.

How Can I Get Help From Obi Cubana?


A lot of people are probably searching for Obi Cubana phone number, because they want to get help from him. Either financial assistance, or to offer them job.

Well, in as much as he may not assist everyone seeking for his help” because he’s not God. But you may be among the lucky ones, so try first and see the outcome.

First of all, for you to reach out to Obi Cubana and seek for financial help, you must have his real phone number, or WhatsApp number. Not only that, you must have a good reason that will make him help you. Also don’t forget to approach him in a good manner.

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Obi Cubana Phone Number – How To Get Obi Cubana WhatsApp Number


During his interview with BBC news, he made it clear to everyone that’ he help people as much as he can. As a human being and business man, there’s no way he can assist all Nigerian youths.

Just as I said earlier, the first step is to pen down a very good reason for seeking for his financial support. I believe this will make him to consider helping you. Below are things to take note of;

  • Do not call him more than two times in a day.
  • Don’t send him multiple text messages on WhatsApp.
  • As soon as you call or drop a text, wait until he reply you.
  • Calling him late hour might lead to Instant blocking.
  • Approach him in a respectful manner
  • Don’t start my tabling your problems, show concern first.

Hopefully you read the above Instructions properly. Anyways, let me proceed to sharing the constant and I hope it favours you.

Obi Cubana Phone Number – 0903434679©

Obi Cubana WhatsApp Number – 0903434679©

Obi Cubana Email address –

Cubana wife Phone Number


If you’re unable to connect with Obi Cubana, you can still call his wife, or chat him up on Instagram.

Cubana wife Phone Number – 0813886516@

NOTE –  I can help you to connect with him, but not free. If you really want to contact him as soon as possible, kindly let me know” I will help you.


I hope you have gotten Obi Cubana Phone Number – And WhatsApp number, feel free to ask questions or drop your feedback via the comment box below.

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