Ongoing Earmarked Scholarships At Queensland University, Australia 2024

Application for the 2024/2025 Earmarked Scholarships Program to Back Category 1 project grants at the University of Queensland, Australia, is currently ongoing. And we are going to properly guide you with detailed information about the scholarship description, the requirements and also how to apply now.

This scholarship is hosted by the University of Queensland Australia, which ranks among the world’s top 50 universities in the world. The University was first Founded in 1909 by the Queensland parliament and it is primarily located in Brisbane Australia. Since when the school was founded till date, Queensland is known to be  blooming with bright students.

If you are interested in studying in Australia, Queensland is a good school to go to. The school’s learning environment, the lectures, the educational amenities and structures definitely makes the school lives up to its name. In case you are wondering if the school gives admission to international students or not, the answer is yes.

However, as an international student looking to study in Queensland, the fees for taking this step might be bulky. You have to pay for traveling, , feeding and also your tuition fees. Due to this bank tearing fees, many students have given up their dream of studying in Australia.

Is it your dream to study in Queensland, Australia? Good news. You don’t have to worry about being financially incapable as you can apply for the 2024 Earmarked Scholarships Program to Back Category 1 Project Grants at The University of Queensland, Australia which will support you financially.

These projects tackle some of humanity’s most pressing challenges, pushing the boundaries of knowledge across diverse fields like:Climate change mitigation and adaptation, Sustainable energy solutions, Precision medicine and personalized healthcare, Artificial intelligence and machine learning advancements, Quantum technology and its applications.

Earmarked Scholarships Scheme To Support Category 1 Project Grants 2024

Let’s briefly explain all you need to apply for the scholarship, starting from the description, value, basic requirements and more. Carefully read,

Scholarship Description:

This scholarship is funded by the Australian government and it’s for PhD students who are looking to study in Queensland university. Securing this scholarship means you will be among the team members researching humans’ most pressing challenges like Climate change mitigation and adaptation, Sustainable energy solutions, Precision medicine and personalized healthcare, Artificial intelligence and machine learning advancements, Quantum technology and its applications. This scholarship covers living costs, and also tuition fees.

Scholarship Value

This scholarship grants you a Living stipend of $32,192 per annum, it’s tax free and it also covers your tuition fees. Other benefits of this scholarship includes:

  • With the Scholarship covering your Full tuition, you won’t have to worry about any financial restraints during your PhD studies.
  • The scholarship also comes with a $32,192 which will be paid per annum and also living stipend of $32,192. With the stipend, your stay in Brisbane will definitely be enjoyable
  • The Scholarship also covers International students’ health insurance.
  • The scholarship also sponsors your traveling expenses and supports your research journey into other countries.

No doubt this scholarship is a good opportunity for international students. With various fees to be covered, this scholarship greatly helps relieve your financial restraints.

Eligibility Criteria

This scholarship is applicable for all international and domestic students irrespective of their country. However you have to apply for a PhD programme of your choice at Queensland university. Other eligible requirements includes:

  • Applicants must have an outstanding educational background
  • Must be a PhD Students
  • Must show a sign of interest and be ready to make researches in giving projects
  • Must possess the potential to contribute meaningfully to the project.
  • The students must excel in some English language tests.
  • Must have an IELTS score result of 7.0 and above.
  • Must have a TOEFL PBT test score of 570 and above
  • Minimum TOEFL IBT test score of 87

How To Apply Now


Firstly, bear it in mind that you will be required to submit documents like;

  • Academic transcripts,
  • Degree certificate,
  • Academic CV,
  • Passport,
  • Letter of recommendation/reference and a Proof of citizenship.

And you must meet up with Queensland university admission requirements. After securing these documents, you can proceed to the Queensland university website to further your application.


Note that this website does not claim to be giving scholarships, this content was only written to serve as a guide for students interested in applying for the Earmarked Scholarship program. To learn more about this scholarship, kindly check the Queensland university website.

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