[ Quick Fix ] Snapchat Device Ban 2023

Snapchat device ban is one of the worst situations that can be experienced by Snapchat users. It is obviously a very frustrating one, but you can obviously get yourself out of this mess if you can follow our extensive guidelines. Most of the time, this social media platform does ban devices when users violate their terms and conditions. Although, there are other numerous facts behind this.

Basically, they also do this to protect their users; perhaps any sign of malicious or fraudulent activities is detected. Fixing a snapchat device ban issue requires you to go through a few steps for completion. In this post, you would also be getting to know the reasons why your device gets banned on snapchat and the several ways to detect this issue on your device.

Why Did My Device Got Banned By Snapchat?


First and foremost, I will be highlighting the few reasons why this instant messaging app decided to ban devices. It is probably due to one reason or the other, if you definitely are aware of these reasons.

Then probability of getting banned by Snapchat again is low, by then you would already be aware of what to stay away from in order to avoid snapchat device ban.

  • If Your Account Got Reported
  • Violating Their Terms And Condition
  • Signs Of Suspicious Activities
  • If Your Account Got Reported

Perhaps you are a user that normally engages in illegal activities, if your account gets reported by someone or a client. This might bring attention to the account and snapchat might decide to ban your device if they find and confirm unusual activities.

The social media platform really takes their privacy and policies strictly without levity. So whenever an account gets reported, they carry out instant investigations and fish out guilty snapchat users.

You definitely need to be careful and make sure your account doesn’t get reported by anyone at all so as to avoid attention.

Violating Their Terms And Condition


The second reason why snapchat usually bans devices is due to violations of their terms and service. For new users, the social media platform does display their users normally.

You have to read this information in order to be aware of the rules and regulations behind the use of snapchat, the type of content that is not allowed, what you are expected to do and not to do alongside many other things.

A good example of this is sending snaps that are directly related to drugs, if you send any drug related snaps, the probability of getting your device banned instantly is definitely assured.

These are a few reasons why snapchat do ban accounts, you obviously need to stay away from these activities in order to keep your account safe.

Signs Of Suspicious Activities


A list of suspicious things that could get your device banned on snapchat includes spamming, posting of illegal substances, carrying out fraudulent activities and many more.

If the social media platform notices any signs of these activities, they would be forced to ban your device. Snapchat users should also stay away from any illegal third party applications like Snapchat ++, SnapTool, Emulator and others.

These are third party applications you need to avoid using in order not to get snapchat to ban your device. However, the following segment of the content will contain the step by step guide on how to fix these issues in addition to the things you have to do if you recently had your account banned.

How Do I Fix Snapchat Device Ban?


In this section of the content, I will be highlighting some methods which you can decide to implement if you want to fix the snapchat device ban.

Most of the time, these methods do work and have literally been shared as a proven strategy. Keep scrolling through in order to get the information you need.

Check If Your Device Date And Time Is Correctly Set


One of the easiest ways to fix this error is to check if I have a correct date and time set on your mobile device. Perhaps you notice that the date and time on your device isn’t correct, then this could be a possible reason why your device was banned.

Go to the settings of your device and locate “date and time”, you can either do this by search via the search bar or just scrolling through until you find what you are looking for. Be rest assured that if this method looks too easy and probably didn’t work, there are still some methods you can try out. Keep reading!

Update Your Snapchat To The Latest Version


You need to try out different methods in order to make sure that you are on the right path. Another way of fixing snapchat device ban is by updating your snapchat app to the latest version.

Perhaps you are still using an outdated version, you need to switch to the new version as soon as possible. There are even several benefits of updating to the latest version which includes having access to the latest features and many more.

Wait For A Few Days


Sometimes you just need to wait it out, the ban of your device by Snapchat might be due to some glitch. You can then decide to wait for some days whether it would be restored or not.

After waiting for some days and you seem not to notice any sign of your account getting restored, then you need to try the final method below.

Getting In Touch With Snapchat


Following a series of methods to fix snapchat device ban, after you have attempted all methods and it seems like the outcome is still the same.

At this point you definitely need to reach out to snapchat, you can either get in touch with them via their social media platforms or find some other contact means.

Inform the social media platform about your current experience and it would be resolved as soon as possible. Perhaps you won’t be able to get the issue fixed, you will be notified of the reason for this.

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How Do I Know My Snapchat Device Has Been Banned?


The first sign of snapchat which confirms that snapchat has banned your device is you would get this display message below while logging in.

“Oops, your account has been temporarily locked. For more details on why this might have occurred visit…..” Or “You are using a version of snapchat or operating system that is no longer supported, please upgrade your device operating system and update to the newest version of snapchat”.



Snapchat device ban can literally occur to any snapchat user but as long as you comply with the terms and conditions of the mobile application, you definitely have nothing to worry about.

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