How To Fix” Twitter Keeps Logging Me Out 2022

The experience of a situation whereby twitter keeps logging a user out is often a common problem that is experienced by twitter users. We noticed several twitter users have complained about this issue, this is the reason why we decided to provide you with sufficient answers to your problem.

Before we enlighten you more on this, you need to realize that there is just a very minor reason for twitter logging you out and this includes account security issues, twitter application downtown, your browser issues (perhaps you are using it to access twitter) and many.

Stick with us as we take you through a list of more reasons and a quick solution in details and some other related information you need to be aware of.

Why Does Twitter Keep Logging Me Out?


I’ll be highlighting a few reasons why this particular problem occurs during the activities of most twitter users. Be rest assured that you don’t need to be frightened concerning this issue as the problem might not even be as a result of your actions. Regardless of this, keep reading in order to get the full Information.

  • Security Issues
  • Browser Settings/Issues
  • Application Issue
  • Security password changed or reset

Security Of Your Account 

There are literally fraudsters and scammers everywhere nowadays. Your twitter account might get tampered with and you could possibly lose all your data and personal information to a stranger.

This is the reason why twitter logs you out if they suspect any suspicious activities on your account. It does not necessarily mean you would not be able to access your account bank.

You will obviously get logged out as a user and an email could be sent to you in order to confirm the original owner of the twitter account.

Via this reset link, you would be able to access your twitter account back, change your password along with other necessary procedures.

Browser Settings/Issues

As we have mentioned above, if you are someone that uses a browser to access your twitter account. Then you need to be aware that your browser settings might have been tampered with and this could be the reason why you keep getting logged out of twitter. 

If cookies keep getting deleted or disabled on your browser, it could affect your activities on twitter and this could lead to constant logging out of twitter. 

Yes, your data and information are stored by websites in the form of cookies so you need to stay away from softwares that might be deleting these cookies. Important information is contained in your browser cookies, this is why it’s very vital to keep them stored.

Note that this particular reason is applicable for twitter users who make use of a browser to access their account. It might actually be a different case if you make use of the mobile application while logging in. Continue reading so as to grab the remaining important reasons and fix your problem.

Application Issue

One of the common reasons why twitter keeps logging you out is due to issues with the mobile application. Sometimes, the app might need some certain permission before you can be logged in.

If you can’t provide them, then you certainly won’t be given access to the account and this is why your login requests keep getting disallowed. Some other problems that might have occurred regarding that app issues include lack of secure connection.

Perhaps you are accessing your twitter account with a network that isn’t secure. This might serve as a proof that twitter needs to log you out due to suspicious activities.

Security password changed or reset

If changes were made to your password by you personally or anyone else, you will automatically be logged out by twitter. This is because the app needs to reprocess the recent actions authorized by the user. It is just similar to starting all over again.

No worries, if you recently changed your password then you will definitely get logged out. All that is required of you then is to log back in using the new password you just changed. It’s as simple as that.

What Can I Do About This Issue?


In the particular segment of the post, I will be highlighting the solutions or things you can do if you are experiencing this problem.

  • One of the first things to do is to wait for a few minutes or hours after several frequent logins. You should be able to login back after waiting.

Waiting is very important because there could actually be a glitch in the system which would definitely be resolved. 

This prevents you from already going through several complex fixing procedures when the solution to the problem is just to wait for the glitch to get resolved.

  • If you do use browsers to access your twitter account, you should clear your browser cache in order to get back on track.

In case you don’t know how to do this, all that is required of you is to follow a few steps and you are done. 

Just go to the browser settings by opening your pc or mobile device. Click on the three dots at the top in order to access the settings.

After doing this, you will see a message and at this point you will be required to click on more tools. That’s if you are using a laptop, this could be a little different for mobile devices.

The next step is to click on “clear browsing data” or ‘clear cache‘, this procedure will automatically clear the cache on your browser and will be able to login to your twitter account again.

  • Ensure that you don’t delete your cookies as we have mentioned above in the other sections of the article. 
  • If your account was tampered with, I recommend that you change your password. You will obviously get logged out by twitter if suspicious activities are detected by the system. 

Due to this reason, you are advised to change your password, reset the twitter application by removing any recent activities. Then, you can decide to log in again after changing your password.

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A situation whereby twitter keeps logging you out should not necessarily be a tough task to solve with the help of content above. There are only a few reasons why this issue keeps happening, feel free to read again perhaps you are still confused. You need to realize that twitter might be experiencing a glitch sometimes, so you need to confirm this first before changing any settings on your device.

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