Uniben Post UTME Past Questions PDF ( Get It Here )

Are you in search of Uniben Post UTME past questions and answers? Have found some but are probably not enough to practice for your upcoming Post UTME examination. Be rest assured that you will definitely get an answer to your question in the article below.

The University of Benin always conducts a post utme screening examination specifically for students who are eligible. Before you can be eligible for Uniben Post UTME screening exercise, you need to have passed your JAMB examination.

In addition to this, you would also be required to meet up with the minimum cut off mark for the course you choose. I think you should be fully aware of this by now. Without passing the cut off mark for your selected course to study in Uniben, you might probably not be selected for the Uniben Post UTME screening exercise.

Nonetheless, if you meet up with the necessary criterias and you have qualified for the screening exercise. With this alone, then you definitely need to get a hold of our Uniben Post UTME past questions so that you can prepare and make practice ahead of your upcoming exam.

In this content below, I would be highlighting the samples of Uniben Post UTME past screening examination in addition to some other related information you need to be aware of.

What Does Uniben Post UTME Past Questions Look Like?


If this is your first time sitting for the University of Benin post utme examination and you have no idea what the papers look like. Be rest assured that you will be getting some insight on what Uniben past questions look like. The first thing you need to be aware of is that University of Benin post utme is a computer based examination, which is also referred to as CBT.

CBT simply means that you will be required to answer the questions with the use of a computer rather than a written examination. The combination of the post utme questions would definitely be related to your UTME examination subject combination. If you are a science student, note that you could come across questions under Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Uniben Post UTME questions are also over 70 to 80 in total. This means you definitely have to be prepared for what’s coming, as answering over 80 questions would require a lot of practice and you have to do this within a minimal amount of time. (Sometimes around 1 hour)

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The Sample Of Uniben Post UTME Past Questions



Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

That the Nigerian nation is reeling under the weight of iniquities, the foundation of which was laid by military misrule

represented by Military Heads of State and their Civilian collaborators will not enjoy respite, was confirmed by the recent

exposure of financial impropriety, fiscal rascality and squander mania pulsating the National Assembly.

Eleven years into Civilian Rule, we agree that no magical transformation can rid our present situation of affairs completely

free of the dirty past, but one was expecting that lessons ought to have been learnt.

The present leadership ought to have

mended their ways and should have abandoned and jettisoned the rottenness, greed, irresponsible behavior and large scale looting of the past.

However, as the leopard can never change its spots our worst fears are confirmed by the scary findings indicating that Nigeria very much remains the erstwhile corrupt nation.

1. “The leopard can never change its spots” implies that corruption is (a) endemic (b) a passing phase (c) part of national growth (d) accidental occurrence

2. The word “reeling” in the passage means (a) Failing (b) staggering (c) moving with unsteady steps (d) moving.

3. The word foundation in the passage implies that the so-called ills are (a) entrenched (b) salutary (c) accidental (d) outcome of nefarious system.

4. “Collaborators” in the passage are

(a) Partners in victory (b) co-sinners (c) perpetrators (d) unintended masters.

5. Enjoy respite as used in the passage means (a) know peace (b) have recreation (c) enjoy oneself (d) have respect.

6. The word “pulsating” in the passage means (a) shaking (b) rocking (c) reverberating (d) causing upheavals

7. The intention of the writer of this passage may best be described as (a) vituperative (b) corrective (c) washing the

Nigerian dirty linen in public (d) restorative


Choose the correct option in the following questions.

8. The historical Benin massacre took place in the year (a) 1897 (b) 1879 (c) 1914 (d) 1941

9. Who among the following is popularly referred to as the founder of modern Nigeria?

(a) Lord Lugard (b) Bishop Ajayi Crowther (c) Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe (d) Tulbman Goldie

10. The body that played the king make in the old Oyo Empire was the

(a) Elders council (b) Hare Chiefs (c) Oyomesi council of chiefs (d) Afonja

11. In which year was the Niger Coast protectorate made the protectorate of southern Nigeria?

(a) 1900 (b) 1914 (c) 1952 (d) 1817

12. The Royal Niger Company was founded by

(a) James Robertson (b) Sir Arthur Richards (c) Sir Tulbman Goldie (d) Sir Margery Perham

13. The title of the King of Borno before the 19th century was (a) Oba (b) Shehu (c) Mai (d) Sultan

14. Burkina Faso was formerly known as

(a) Upper volta (b) Burkin bay (c) Burkina (d) Upper Niger

15. The current Vice-Chancellor of the University of Benin is

(a) Professor A. A. Oshodin (b) Prof. O. G. Oshodin (c) Professor O. G. Oshodi (d) Professor O. G. Oshodin

16. Lagos, Nigeria became a crown colony in (a) 1861 (b) 1866 (c) 1914 (d) 1992

17. Which of the following constitutions was the first to declare Nigeria as a federation

(a) Arthur Richards (b) John Macpherson (c) Oliver Lyttleton (d) Hugh Clifford

18. The term Legal-Rational Authority was coined by

(a) Adam Smith (b) Max Weber (c) Karl Marx (d) John Austin

19. For territorial purposes, South Eastern Nigeria is replete with one of the following (a) autonomous communities

(b) autologous divisions (c) age grade systems (d) vertical honors list

20. The trans-atlantic slave trade was abolished in all British territories in (a) 1804 (b) 1807 (c) 1914 (d) 1900

21. One of the under listed is not necessarily a characteristic of the state

(a) population (b) territorial waters (c) sovereignty (d) government

22. Indirect democracy also refers to

(a) Athenian democracy (b) majority rule (c) Greek democracy (d) representative democracy

23. The term stratocracy is also used to refer to

(a) rule by statement (b) government of technocrats (c) military rule (d) rule of the rich

24. In parliamentary system of government, the majority leader of the ruling party in parliament is also the

(a) Chief whip (b) National leader of the party (c) Prime Minister (d) Defense Minister



With the help of the aforementioned Uniben Post UTME past questions, you should definitely be able to practice for your exams and eventually come out with flying colors.

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