UNICAL Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery 2023-2024

Numerous institutions have a required cut off mark for medicine and surgery, but what is the university of calabar cut off mark for medicine and surgery? I’ll be highlighting the minimum score which medicine and surgery aspirants of the University of Calabar ought to pass if they intend to get admitted.

In the article below you will also learn about the other basic requirements for you to compete with other students in this space. In addition to this, the departmental cut off mark needed for you to study this course likewise a detailed explanation on the Post UTME will definitely be highlighted ahead in the article.

However, cut off marks can be regarded as a minimum mark or score set aside by the management of any institution which Jamb or UTME candidates need to pass or meet in order to be qualified or considered for admission. The University of Calabar has its cut off marks for every course as this leads us to highlighting the cut off mark specifically for you to study Medicine and Surgery in UNICAL.

What Is The Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery In UNICAL?


Without a doubt, Medicine and Surgery is a very competitive course and perhaps lucrative in the country. This is the reason why there’s a kind of high requirement for students who intend to study the course.

The University of Calabar cut off mark for Medicine and Surgery is 200. This implies that only the JAMB candidates that meet up with this score would be eligible for admission provided they successfully pass the other admission criterias. 

If you just concluded your examination, you need to be aware that the management of University of Calabar has publicized the minimum cut off for this year’s admission programme.

Note that perhaps you didn’t meet up with the minimum score requirement to study Medicine and Surgery, there are basically some other courses you could be transferred to or considered for by the school management.

However, applicants that successfully passed their examination should be prepared for the upcoming Post UTME as it is considered a compulsory aspect of gaining admission into the University of Calabar to study your preferred course. 

Departmental Cut Off For Medicine And Surgery In UNICAL


Studying medicine and surgery requires you to have a departmental cut off mark of approximately 280 in order to be considered for admission. Not all candidates can pull off a UTME score of 280 and this is the reason for the high competitiveness of the course in the University Of Calabar.

Nevertheless, you need to be aware that there are still several bricks to be broken even if you manage to score above 280 in your UTME examination. 

Some of these include the quality of your O level result, merit and catchment areas, Post UTME screening exercise whether or not you it’s your first or second sitting and many more. This is very vital because not all institutions actually accept candidates that have probably sat for the same examination twice. 

Requirements For Admission In UNICAL


After you ought to have scored above 280 in your Jamb examination, you obviously should be concerned about the next steps to take and information you need to be aware of in order to complete your admission requirements. Some other basic requirements you need to be aware of includes the following;

  • At least a minimum of 5 credits in your O level results. You might find it different securing an admission if you don’t meet up with this requirement unless you have a backup.
  • Students must have selected the right subject combination. If you had above 280 in UTME but your subject combination does not tally with the subject combination for Medicine and Surgery. 

I’m sorry but you won’t be able to proceed at this stage and that’s why it is important for students to be aware of their course subject combination before the examination.

  • Your score must be up to the general requirements for JAMB.

Below are some quick frequently asked questions which will definitely provide a more accurate answer to your queries.

Is Medicine And Surgery A Good Course To Study?


Anything good is always competitive. The fact that medicine and surgery is a very lucrative course with loads of job opportunities is one of the reasons why it’s among the most selected courses in most institutions in the country. 

This could probably be the reason why several institutions attach a relatively high minimum requirement for students to study the course. In spite of the heavy criterias, this didn’t prevent universities from recording a huge number of Medicine and Surgery applicants on a yearly basis.

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What Should I Do After My UTME To Gain Admission Into UNICAL?


I assume you have just completed your examination and you are probably in search of the guidelines to take after the examination. This is really simple and easy as you have to be patient until your preferred institution releases the date for your Post UTME screening exercise to take place. 

Screening exercise dates would be communicated to the applicants prior to the examination. Following the announcement, you can then register and apply for University of Calabar Post UTME screening.

Making preparations after the registration is recommended if you want to pass the university’s Post UTME examination in flying colors.

What If I Didn’t Meet Up With My Department Cut Off Mark?


If you probably didn’t score up to the minimum score required to be admitted to study your preferred course. Note that there is a high chance that you perhaps get transferred to another similar course if other requirements are met.



It is important that you don’t over concentrate on University of Calabar cut off marks for medicine and surgery as all you should be doing is focusing on how to pass excellently. High scorers would definitely have a higher chance of securing admission than others.

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