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In case you are in search of the wake county school calendar to make preparations for upcoming events and you probably don’t know how to get this, every single information you need to be aware of in terms of the events, holidays, schedules and breaks round the year would be highlighted in this article.

Wake County is one of those school district units that operates local administration of public schools in the United States. It perhaps remains the largest public school district in North Carolina.

However, most important information including the resumption date, dates and time for specific programs, holiday dates, spring break and many more would be incorporated in the school’s academic calendar below;

Wake County School Calendar


Regarding the academic calendar for wake up county, most of the important dates include specific breaks and school days.

Wake County Academic Activities Wake County School Dates Wake County School Description
First Day of School Monday, 29th of August, 2022 This is regarded as the resumption date for all students of the school
Thanksgiving Holiday Wednesday, 23rd of November, 2022 Friday, 25th of November 2022
Christmas Break Thursday, 22nd of December, 2022 Monday, 2nd of January 2023
Spring Break Friday, 31st of March 2023 Friday, 7th of April, 2023
Last Day of School Friday, 9th of June 2023
Summer Break Monday, 12th of June, 2023


You need to realize that if the school district management decides to close schools, the already shared academic calendar would be updated in order to provide more dates for other events. 

This might not have been included in the tabular representation of the academic activities. 

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Past Wake County School Calendar


Only a slight difference in the dates can be spotted in the previous academic calendars. 

Wake County Academic Activities Wake County Date 2021/2022 Wake County Ending Date
First day of classes Monday, 23rd of August, 2021
Thanksgiving Wednesday, 24th of November 2021 Friday, 26th of November 2021
Christmas Break Monday, 20th of December, 2021 Friday, 31st of December, 2021
Mid Winter Break Friday, 18th of February 2021 Monday, 21st of February, 2021
Spring Break Monday, 11st of April, 2021 Friday, 15th of April 2021
Last Day of School Friday, 10th of June 2021
Summer Break Monday, 13th of June 2021 Friday, 26th of August 2021

Where Can I View Wake County School Calendar?

The calendar is available for everyone irrespective of your language, it can literally be viewed on the school website in English language, Spanish language and many more. 

Students can easily view the school calendar on the institution website. You can literally view all previous academic session calendars on this site in addition to other non academic calendars, traditional accessible calendars, year round calendars, modified calendars, leadership academic calendars and many more.

When Does Wake County School Begin Classes?


According to the school’s academic calendar, classes and academic activities start on the 29th of August 2022. There are lots of advantages bound to having an idea about the school calendar. 

When Does Wake County School Ends?


Just like most public schools in the United, they also typically have similar calendars. Wake County School academic activities end on the 9th of June 2023.



Without a doubt, students need to know that amendments might be made to the school calendar. This simply means you should regularly check for any changes on the school website and adjust your plans simultaneously.

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