William Hausa Biography – Real Wife, Wealth, Family & More

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William Hausa (born Dennis Musyoka) is a Kenyan actor. He gained popularity for playing the role of ‘Boss William’ on Maria Drama Series.

The Series is a popular Kenyan television show and it airs on Citizen TV.

The TV series has given birth to several other popular actors including Yasmin Said (Maria), Brian Ogaana (Luwi), and Antony Ashioya (Tecno).

Boss William Biography


Name Dennis Musyoka
Other names William Hausa
Nationality Kenyan
Origin Akamba community of Kenya
Gender Male
Popular TV show Maria Citizen TV

William Hausa Real Name


Though many people have adopted his name on Maria, Citizen TV popular series, William Hausa a.k.a. Boss William. His real name is Dennis Musyoka.

He has drawn the attention of many Kenyan television viewers to himself. William is an epitome of what a good father should look like.

In the popular TV series Maria, he is a husband to Madam Vickie. Williams also has two daughters including Maria and Vanessa.

He adopted Maria while Vanessa is his biological child, but still, he shows them, equal love.

William Hausa Biography – Real Wife, Wealth, Family & More


William also has a son Luwi, whom he tries to groom into a respectable. He doesn’t take it likely wrong wrongdoers in their position.

His character as a ‘real father figure’ many fathers are to emulate has made many lovers of the series fall in love.

Many viewers know the actor as ‘Boss William in Maria’. He has appeared in several other local shows.

He portrayed a lead role in Mashtaka, a popular show that airs on Citizen TV.

Williams has also appeared in Rafiki, Selina, Sense8, and Varshita.

William Hausa Real Wife


In the television series, Madam Victoria a.k.a. Madam Vickie portrays the role of his wife.

His real-life wife is yet to be revealed to the public. He is however married and a father.

Boss William Hauusa Daughter


In real life, his daughter recently wedded her lover and they had a colorful wedding ceremony. Dennis attended the ceremony while his daughter and her husband exchanged their marital vows in the presence of family and friends.

William Housa Biography - Real Wife, Wealth, Family & More

He shared a photo on Facebook containing him with his daughter dancing at the wedding ceremony.

“My eldest daughter (in real life) got married on Saturday, February 22, giving me a new title; father-in-law. This is the father/daughter dance with my lovely girl,” he captioned.

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