YABATECH Cut Off Mark For Public Administration 2023-2024

Did you select public administration as your choice of course while applying for UTME? Have you been looking forward to knowing the minimum cut off mark required to study public administration at Yaba college of technology (YABATECH)?

Perhaps you have any of the above questions running through your mind at the moment, be rest assured that you will be provided with a detailed answer in the content ahead of you. All that is required of you is to stay tuned and keep scrolling through the post in a bid to grab the information you need.

YABATECH is indeed one of the most popular polytechnics in the country with thousands of already admitted students. However, there are various courses offered at YABATECH and one of them is certainly Public Administration.

In addition to this, every course offered by the institution has different cut off requirements which applicants need to meet up with in order to be considered for an admission. This is basically what we are going to be highlighting in the article below. Stay tuned!!

What Is YABATECH Cut Off Mark For Public Administration?


In your UTME examination, if you desire to study public administration as a course and your choice of institution is YABATECH. You need to be aware that you will be required to score at least 150 and above. 

The YABATECH Utme cut off mark for public administration is 150 and above. Since you are now aware of the minimum cut off mark, students can then proceed to compare this with their current or yet to be released score. 

Most students do meet this criteria as it isn’t such a difficult mark to score in your Utme examination. 

Perhaps you have already written your UTME and you probably passed the cut off mark, you need to know that there are still some basic necessities you need to carry out. More information on this would be highlighted in the other sections of the article below. 

Adjustments could be made to the cut off marks and this might force it to change on a yearly basis.

The cut off mark is released by UTME and the institution during the start of every academic session so this simply implies that the cut off mark for a particular year might differ from the cut off mark for the following academic session.

What Happens If I Beat The Cut Off Mark For Public Administration in YABATECH?


I assume you have successfully completed your Jamb examination and you might have also compared the minimum cut off mark with your results. If you happen to pass the cut off mark, then you are on the right path of gaining admission to study your preferred course in YABATECH which is probably Public Administration. 

The following procedure that is required of all applicants is to prepare for the Post UTME screening exercise, you might need to sit for an examination which is organized by the polytechnic.

Most of the time, it is only students that meet up with the minimum cut off mark that would be eligible for the Post UTME screening exercise.

Therefore, other applicants that didn’t pass the cut off mark will need to find alternatives elsewhere. But, you need not to worry as a high percentage of students usually meet up with the cut off mark and eventually get admitted into the University to study Public Administration. 

In other words, the strategy is first past the cut off mark to be able to be considered for admission and then prepare to carry out your Post UTME screening exercise. 

What Is YABATECH Post UTME Cut Off Mark For Public Administration?


As we have stated above in the upper segment of the content, you should only consider preparing for Post UTME screening exercise if you pass the cut off mark. Making preparations without having a score that is eligible for Post UTME screening examination is similar to a waste of time unless you would be considered for other courses.

Yes, sometimes if students have a score so close to the actual cut off mark but not the exact minimum cut off mark. They could be considered for some other related courses in the institution which their cut off mark is eligible for.

Now back to the main point, the post UTME cut off mark accepted for public administration in YABATECH is 58.50. 

In other words, students are required to have an average total post UTME score of 58.50 in order to eventually get admitted to the polytechnic. You have to know that there are various post UTME cut off points for different courses in the institution, we are only talking about that post UTME cut off mark for Public Administration.

What Do I Need For The Screening Exercise At YABATECH?


Apart from the fact that students would be required to pass the minimum cut off mark and so on, there are still some basic requirements that must be provided to aid their admission. This would not be duly highlighted in this section of the article below.

  • You need to provide some documents such as your Jamb Slip and O level result. In the documents aspect, perhaps you have gotten your O level result, YABATECH does not accept awaiting results. 

So you would need to have a copy of your original waec result before proceeding to register.

  • Still on the O level result, you will be required to have at least 5 credits most of which should be present in English and Mathematics respectively in addition to some others.
  • Provision of enough passports is also needed and your birth certificate will be required for clearance.

I think that’s basically the most important documents you need to provide for the YABATECH screening exercise. 



In the content above, we discussed YABATECH Cut Off Mark For Public Administration and so much other related information. In conclusion, you need to remember that the cut off mark for public administration in YABATECH is 150 and above while the post UTME cut off is simply 58.50. Thank You.

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