Yemi Elesho Biography – Net Worth, Age, Wife, Mother & Comedy

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Adeoye Adeyemi Elesho popularly known as Yemi Elesho is a famous Nigerian multi-Talented comedian, actor, Mc who acts in an indigenous way.

He is a Yoruba by tribe and mostly acts using the Yoruba language. He is the son of veteran Yoruba film actor, Adewale Adeoye, popularly called Elesho

Yemi Elesho Life History


The super talented Nigerian comedian, Yemi Elesho was born on the 14 of September 1989 in Kwara state and he was the firstborn of the familyHe hailed from Ikirun, Ifelodun Local Government, Osun State, Nigeria.

Yemi Elesho attended Yemm Nursery/Primary school Isale Oyo, Oyo state, and Continued Secondary school in Lagos at Lagos State Civil Service Junior and Senior Model College, Igbogbo, Ikorodu in 2002.

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Adeyemi wrote jamb and gained admission into Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Ile-Ife, Osun state, where he studied theatre and art and Graduated in 2016.

How Yemi Elesho Started His Comedy Career


Adeyemi started acting at a young age In Oyo state, He makes people around him Laugh by saying something funny, He started seeing elderly people like Baale, chiefs in the town started calling him to come to an event to act as a comedian because anything he said always makes people’s laugh but Yemi didn’t realize he was funny only that whatever he says makes others laugh.

In 2002 Yemi Elesho was in Jss1 at Ikorodu Lagos, when they started calling him for Mc in a birthday party or any event happening in the area Even though he didn’t know the meaning of MC as at that time until jss3 before he started understanding himself and his Talent.

Yemi Elesho Biography - Net Worth, Age, Wife, Mother & Comedy

When he was in Ss1 in 2005, He started making money from Mc like #2000, #2500, In 2006 Yemi Formed is own Drama group in the school, After graduating from the school, he gathered more people about 50 to 55 to the group and named it “The Piller Theatre Entertainment”.

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Yemi Elesho and his group started going to Night vigil, praise night to present Drama, They do give them 5min to perform on stage. If the church has about 10 or more Drama groups to perform, Yemi group will be the one to called last because they believe he’s going to come with something funnier than other Drama Groups.

Years after, Yemi gained admission into OAU were he continued his career as an actor and a comedian but then, there is nothing like Instagram, There is a place called Chop & Finger in the school campus where people eat and watch video while eating so they started showing Yemi Elesho comedies and that was were the popularity started.

Yemi Elesho Biography – Net Worth, Age, Wife, Mother & Comedy


Adeyemi is not just a comedian but a stand-up comedian, He started anchoring school events/program such as Traditional night, Dinner, Freshers party and so on in the school. This brings a lot of awareness for him and became well known in the school.

Yemi Elesho joined Instagram in 2016 after Graduating from Obafemi Awolowo University where he started uploading his comedy skit even though it’s not easy at the beginning because nobody was there to support him or any well known that can repost his comedies for him to gain awareness on IG.

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Yemi had a friend called Abula who encouraged him and normally Shot skit for him because he is a film director, Yemi normally go to Iyana Ipaja from Ikorodu to meet people

He started featuring other comedians and started gaining followers, From there he became a popular Instagram comedian, Tunde Ednut has reposted his comedy 2times ever since he started.

Yemi Elesho has worked together with some popular Instagram comedians like Broda Shaggi, Thecuteabiola, Taaooma, and many others.

His Personal Life


Yemi Elesho was Interviewed on BBC Yoruba were he made it cleared that His father Adeola Elesho didn’t want him to go into acting despite the fact that he is an actor.

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Yemi said:

I need to left the house to work hard for myself because I want to be an actor, We shot a film/movie and took it to Idumota but was rejected and we were told to feature celebrities, we featured Dejo, Iya No network still yet they rejected it.

There is no other option than to start selling it by ourselves and that what we did to recover the money we spent on the movie.

I Suffered a lot when am not with my parent, Nobody to give me money, I used to pray sometimes that I should just see #100 that am going to use to buy food.

When this suffering is too much, I went back to Oyo state and started selling handkerchief, Bread at Iwo road but I didn’t go to my parent’s house

When things are not working well, I returned back to Lagos state and Started working as a receptionist at one hotel but the challenges am facing there is too much, #12,000 is my salary and at the end of the month the manager will end up giving me #8000.

I left the job and I got a Tricycle and started using it for transportation, I used it for transportation for Five years.

Yemi Elesho was in OAU when Woli Arole  invited him to join Instagram but he didn’t turn up to it but after reaching home and met Yemi Elesho Biography - Net Worth, Age, Wife, Mother & Comedy comedy on his father phone then that was when he rethinks and started Using Instagram.

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Adeyemi Instagram account was hacked after his comedy were he abused Davido and Chioma which went viral and bring him more followers, He created a new account and started uploading his comedy skit, Now Yemi Elesho is having Over 379,0000 Instagram followers.

Yemi Elesho Awards


  • Best Cinematographer at Yemm Nursery/Primary school
  • Best Innovative student at   L.S.C.S.S. Model College
  • he also Won Award at Adekunle Ajasin University in Ondo state (AAU)

Yemi Elesho Net Worth


Yemi Elesho is a car owner but he was unable to reveal his net worth to us when we asked him, But we are going to continue our research and once we get the estimated net worth we will update this post

Yemi Elesho Social Media Handles


  • Instagram: @officialyemielesho
  • Facebook: @Yemi Elesho

Frequently Asked Questions About Yemi Elesho Biography


2.) How old is Yemi Elesho?

Yemi Elesho was born on the 14 of September 1989.

1). Who is Yemi Elesho Father?

Yoruba film actor, Adewale Adeoye, popularly called Elesho Is the father of Yemi Elesho.

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