Farm Work Jobs In Canada With Free Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

There are more than 10,000 vacancies for Farm work jobs in Canada with free visa sponsorship. If you have been searching for an opportunity to relocate to Canada as an immigrant, here is what you’ve been waiting for.  Read this article to see how to apply and other details that you will need to successfully get farm work jobs in Canada. 

Canada has one of the world’s most thriving agricultural sectors. Hence, it is a major producer and exporter of agricultural products like apples, vegetables, strawberries, etc. Interestingly, this has created job opportunities for its populace.

However, the downside of it is that there are not enough Canadians to work on the farm, hence the need to get immigrants with free visa sponsorship. This article has explained how to apply and get these jobs including other information. Read to the end to know it all. 

Farm Work Jobs In Canada


Agriculture is a mainstay of the Canadian economy as it has not only provided food for its citizens but has also generated a large percentage of its revenue. To keep this sector thriving, all hands must be on deck to work round the clock. Most times, however, the labor in the country is not enough hence the need to get foreigners who are interested in farm work jobs with free visa sponsorship.

Currently, internationally paid workers make up about 53% of the agricultural workforce. Hence it has the highest job vacancy rate with millions of employees yearly. Interesting right, follow me to see more. 

Requirements To Get Farm Work Job In Canada With Visa Sponsorship


It is important to know that farm work jobs in Canada do not require educational qualifications, age, or country restrictions. However, physical strength and the knowledge of the use of farm tools are needed. The ability to communicate in English or French depending on the province is paramount. 

Salaries Scale Of Farm Work Jobs In Canada


The estimated salaries are

  • Entry Level-  $28,470 yearly. 
  • Experienced Workers- $45,484 yearly. 
  • Average salary hourly – $16.50. 

How To Apply And Get Farm Work Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship


When searching, look for farm jobs included in the C and D categories. These jobs come with free visa sponsorship. Send your resume projecting relevant skills such as the ability to work under pressure, adaptive skills, the ability to work with little or no supervision, etc.

If you are employed for the job, the employer will sponsor your Visa. The employer will provide you with an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) number which will be used for your visa application.

How To Find Farm Work Jobs In Canada


To find a farm job in Canada, visit job portals and send your resume to them. Also, contact farming organizations that give information on job opportunities in agriculture. Canada’s national agricultural publications also contain job listings. Finally, network with employers and employees in the field by attending job fairs and other related events.  

Types Of Farm Work Jobs In Canada With Free Visa Sponsorship.


Below are some farm work jobs available in Canada for immigrants with free visa sponsorship.

  • Fruit picker jobs
  • Dairy farm work
  • Fruit packer
  • Fruit farm laborer
  • Crops planters and harvesters
  • Horticulture jobs
  • Livestock caretakers
  • Farm equipment operators. 
  • Farm supervisors
  • Farm managers, etc. 

Canadian Provinces With Top Farm Work Job Vacancies


See the provinces with high demands for farm workers in Canada below. 

Ontario: This is the hub for orchids, vineyards, and greenhouses in Canada. It’s best for fruit pickers.  

Saskatchewan: A top producer of agricultural produce like wheat, Canola, barley, peas, etc. 

Alberta: It is for livestock farming jobs. 

British Columbia: a hub of fruit, vegetable pickers, and livestock farmers. 


There are millions of vacancies for farm work jobs in Canada with free Visa sponsorship. Identify the type of farm job that suits your ability and follow the process above to apply. Take the bold step today and you will be amazed at the result you will get. 

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