How To Unpin Someone On Snapchat?

Do you have a pinned conversation that you don’t want to see anymore? You don’t know how to unpin such a conversation? Well, you just have to relax and carefully read this content, as we have detailed helpful information on how to effortlessly unpin someone on Snapchat.

Snapchat is a highly popular social networking platform that primarily focuses on sharing photos and short videos with amazing filters,lenses and other features which you can make intriguing snaps, funny and interesting videos with.There is also the Snapchat Stories feature.

The Snapchat application is loaded with seemingly endless features. Whether you want to play with fun AR filters/effects, see where your friends are on a virtual map, or watch Tiktok-like videos, Snapchat lets you do it all. Additionally, Snapchat has turned into a messaging app for countless users.

And it’s easy to see why. Not only are Snapchat messages a swipe away from the home screen, but the messaging experience has a lot to offer. You can have group chats, start video calls, easily send high-quality pictures, make free phone calls, play games with each other,etc. If many of your friends/family use Snapchat, it may be your preferred messaging app over WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and others.

How To Unpin Someone On Snapchat?


Pinning a Snapchat conversation is a great way to have access to it, permanently keeping it up above all other chats ensuring that it is always within reach. That’s all fine and randy. But, what to do when you can’t seem to unpin it any longer.

  • Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
  • Go to the Chat Screen either by swiping right from the camera screen (Snap tab) or by tapping on the “Chat bubble” on the Camera screen (snap tab).
  • Look for the pinned conversation that you want to unpin.
  • Tap and hold on this conversation and select the “Chat Settings” option from the menu that appears.
  • Next, tap on the “Unpin Conversation” from the menu to unpin this conversation.

When a conversation is unpinned it is still displayed alongside all of your other chats, it’s just no longer pinned to the top of your screen.

Knowing how to unpin someone on Snapchat is just as important as pinning them and since you don’t have to worry about the person knowing about you unpinning them, feel free to do so whenever you feel necessary.

How To Pin Someone On Snapchat


Pinning someone/ a conversation on Snapchat is extremely easy. Let’s see how to pin a conversation on Snapchat. This method can be done on Android phones and iPhones as well.

  • Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
  • This opens into the Camera screen or the Snap tab.
  • On this screen, you can see the Chat bubble at the bottom, next to the Capture button. If you tap on this button, it takes you to the Chat Screen.
  • Alternatively, you can just swipe right on the Camera screen to open the Chat Screen.
  • Here, you can see the list of all conversations you had on Snapchat.
  • Choose the conversation you want to pin. Tap and hold this conversation.
  • You will get a “Chat Settings” option. Tap on it.
  • Next, tap on the “Pin  Conversation” option from the settings menu.
  • A Thumb Pin icon appears next to the pinned conversation.

There’s no additional meaning or significance to pinning someone on WhatsApp. It doesn’t change the account status of the person. Also, there is a limit to the number of conversation you can pin at a time and that limit is 3, you can only pin 3 most important chats to you.

How To Customize Snapchat Thumb Pin Icon


When a conversation is pinned,a thumb Pin icon is used by Snapchat as an indication used on that conversation. The thumb Pin icon can be changed or customized very easily. Let’s see how to go about that.

  • Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
  • Click on your Profile picture to open your profile page.
  • On the top right corner,you can see a gear icon. It is the settings icon. Tap on it to open the Settings page.
  • Scroll down to the Additional Services section and tap on Manage.
  • Now, in the Manage subsection, tap on the Friend Emojis option.
  • Next, select the Pinned Conversation option.
  • You can see the default icon (the thumb Pin) on the top.
  • Below that, you will get all the possible emojis you can use to replace the thumb pin icon.
  • Choose whatever you like. The changes are immediate and there is no need to select or click anything else.
  • Go back and you will see the new icon used for pinned conversation.


This section of the post contains some questions that is directly related to the unpinning someone on snapchat and others.

How Do I Remove Someone From A Pinned Conversation On Snapchat?

On the Snapchat chat screen, long press on the pinned person that you want to unpin. From the pop-up menu, tap more. Tap unpin conversation. This section of the post contains some questions that is directly related to the unpinning someone on snapchat and others

Why Can’t I Unpin Someone On Snapchat?

It occurs mainly when you have unfriended someone,when they have deleted their account, or when you have been blocked by someone. In this case, there is no way to unpin the pinned chat. Your only choice will be to clear the chat messages.

Can Someone Tell If You Unpin Them On Snapchat?

No, it doesn’t matter if you pin or unpin, your friends won’t get a notification when you do that.


You have hundreds of friends on Snapchat, but only a few are important. Even among those important friends,only a handful of people are very important to you. As we have several friends, the chat Screen keeps changing by keeping the most recent chats on top. But what if you want a particular chat to always remain on the top. And what if you no longer want that chat to remain on top.

Here, we highlighted how to pin someone on Snapchat and how to Unpin someone/ conversation on Snapchat. By doing this your desired choice of conversation stays on top of your Chat Screen and leaves as you so wish.

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