How To Make A New Snapchat After Being Banned

Every platform has its Terms of Services and Snapchat is not excluded. Snapchat is a highly popular social networking platform that primarily focuses on sharing photos and short videos with amazing filters, lenses and other features which you can make intriguing snaps, funny and interesting videos with.

But what if you don’t get to do any of these anymore, what if you lose access to hundreds or thousands of your photos and videos? Sounds frustrating right? Let’s see what can be done about it in this guide.

How To Make A New Snapchat After Being Banned?


If you still want to use Snapchat even after being banned, you can consider getting a new phone then signing up for a new account using a new email address. You can still use your old phone number to sign up for Snapchat but with a totally different/ new email address. You cannot use an old email address again, besides switching Sim card slots won’t work as well.

Since Snapchat bans the device based on its IMEI number, just getting a new phone and starting all over might be just that one option. But you can still try the following options.

  • Delete third party apps, tweaks and plugins

To make a new Snapchat account after getting banned, you need to delete all third party apps such as Snapchat++, SCOthman or other mods. Using third party apps violates the Terms of Services of Snapchat so do not intend to install them while or even after signing up for a new account.

  • Unlock your account on Snapchat support

You can try unlocking your account on Snapchat support as your account might have been compromised because of a sudden change in the login IP address, multiple failed login attempts, or any other spammy behaviours. Follow the following steps to unlock your Snapchat account on Snapchat support:

  • Step 1: Visit, 
  • Step 2: Enter your Login Credentials.
  • Once the login page opens, enter the login credentials of your locked account.
  • Step 3: Tap on Login
  • Then, tap on “Login”  to open your account page.
  • Step 4: Tap on “Unlock My Account”
  • On the account page, tap on “Unlock My Account”.
  • Step 5: Check for a message written in Red.
  • When you are on the new page, check for any message written in red

If a message that says “permanently locked” exists, it means you just have to get a new phone and try opening a new account. However, if such a message doesn’t exist, you can simply unlock your account by tapping on “Unlock”.

  • Step 6: Check email for resetting your Snapchat password.
  • Finally, a mail will be sent to you from Snapchat for resetting your password.
  • Contact Snapchat support.

If you think your account has been banned for no reason, you can contact Snapchat support. In other cases, someone might have attempted to or hack your account thus causing Snapchat to lock your account permanently to secure it.

Even at that, you can still contact Snapchat support. Open the page and enter your Snapchat username, email and phone number. You can then explain your issue, you might get your account back after contacting them.

How To Know If Snapchat Has Banned Your Device


When your device gets banned, you will get locked out of all your Snapchat accounts and are unable to create new accounts. Any other attempts to unlock your Snapchat account will only lead to a permanent ban in some cases.

Also, when you try to log in to Snapchat on a banned device, you might get logged in for a minute or two until you are logged out again. This is how you know if Snapchat has banned your device. To check if your account has been banned temporarily or permanently, log in to your Snapchat account on your PC or your phone using the web version.

For that, visit, log in to your account, then tap “Unlock” to check if your account is temporarily or permanently banned.

Why Does Your Device Get Banned By Snapchat


Your account gets locked or banned mainly because you violated some of Snapchat Community Guidelines Or Terms And Conditions. The unacceptable forms of conducts are explained below:

  1. Terms of Service Violation

Adding third-party plugins to your Snapchat. Posting sexually explicit content – Posts shouldn’t include nudity, pornography or child sexual exploitation. You should neither post it nor send it or save it.

  • Violence against other people or yourself

Snapchat does not allow the promotion of any form of violence, Büllying and haråssing others – Snapchat can have your account banned if you attempt to:

  • Contact users that already blocked you.
  • Sharing other people’s private information and photos without their consent.
  • Declining to remove this type of content after the featured person asked you to.

Threatening someone to harm them, posting materials that glorify or promote self harm or eating disorders is also prohibited.

  • Illegal Behaviour Or Content.

Pretending to be someone else, spam or manipulate content in an attempt to imitate the Snapchat format is highly prohibited.

  • Spreading of harmful or hurtful false information can get you suspended.
  • Promoting or sharing of criminal activities, such as buying and selling of drugs, weapons or counterfeit objects for illegal activities.
  • Hate speech and promotion of extremism is also prohibited.


Snapchat bans due to the violation of their Terms of Services, so if you maintain the rules you are most likely not to be banned. But if you are eventually, you can try the few options in this guide. We can’t guarantee that they will work especially if your account was permanently banned.

Note that Snapchat bans are IP based, so you won’t be able to bypass the ban decision by simply opening a new account. Bear in mind that you only need to use any other email address aside from the one that was banned. I hope you gained a lot and that you are finally going to join the Snapchat Community again.

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