How Often Does Snap Score Update? Find Out

Snap chat is more than a social network, the mobile application encourages users to spend as much time as possible on the app thanks to features like streaks, snap maps and the mysterious snap score. In simple words, snap score is usually used to determine how active a user has been on this application.

It is also a specific number that gives you a numerical rating based on your  snapchat usage. However, this is calculated throughout the life of the app utilised by users. Now, focusing on how often users snap score updates. If you have this question running through your mind for quite a while now. You will definitely be fulfilled with our answer to your question in this post.

A quick answer to how often your snap score is updated is that the snap score of your own personal snap chat account updates almost immediately. Moreover, this is different when you are looking at someone’s snap score. Find more information on this in the content below.

How Often Does My Snap Score Update?


As we have mentioned in the introduction of the content above, your snap score updates instantly but if you are checking or the snap score of other people’s account, it might take a while to get updated. The only thing that could serve as an obstruction and prevent your snap score from updating immediately is probably due to an error of the app.

Aside from this, expect your snap score to always get updated instantly unless you are viewing the snap score of your friends or some other people’s account. Regarding the reason why it takes a while for your friend’s snap score to get updated. Most of the time, it is probably due to refreshing time or time buffer.

It might take from a couple of minutes to hours for other people’s snap scores to update for you while checking them. So the activities (snap score) for the account which you are checking would be hidden by the time buffer and show it to you on time. This is used for helping a user protect their online activity.

I think that’s the main reason why the snap score of your friends won’t get updated quickly while checking it. This is quite different if you are checking yours personally.

When Does Snapchat Score Updates?


If you have been using snap chat for quite a while now or this is your first time using the app. You should know that the snap score updates anytime you send or receive snaps. It is just like calculating the total activity of a user. So to increase your snap score you really have to be engaging with your friends on the app.

Note that your snap score gets updated when you check yours as soon as possible just like other snap chat users. 

But personally, you might not be able to view your friend’s new updated snap score instantly as it won’t be updated in order to protect the user’s online activity.

Can I Check Whenever Someone Checks My Snap Score?


There is actually no way you can know if someone has checked your snap score or not. No feature for this has been established by the mobile application. Note that rather than whether or not someone can check your snap score, it is rather possible for you to know when your snap story was viewed. 

How Can I Check My Snap Score?


To check your snap score, start by opening the app and tapping on the profile icon in the top corner. 

  • Beneath your bitmoji and snapchat, you’ll find your snap score displaying the full number of points you’ve made over a certain amount of time.
  • In order to view the scores of your friends, slide to the right from the view finder to open your chat tab.
  • Then select or search for the friend you want to view, tap on their bitmoji beneath their username you can find their own respective snap scores.

Can I Hide My Snap Score On Snapchat?


Unfortunately, you can’t hide or disable your snap score which may seem unfortunate if you have a competitive friend or you’re new to using snapchat and your snap score seems low.

However, you can’t hide your snap score on the application, but you can prevent people from checking them by removing them from your friend list and many more.

Can I Improve My Snap Score? 


You can work to raise up your snap score in no time, snap scores have some known rules which are worth paying attention to. 

First, sending and receiving snaps, you get awarded a single point occasionally. You may receive more that said, sending snaps to multiple people at once doesn’t award you any additional points so don’t spam your friends with snaps to raise your scores.

Posting to your story gains you a single point. By posting stories with multiple videos over a 10 second mark for example doesn’t gain you any additional points likewise viewing stories don’t gain you points.

Informing or continuing streaks have no impact on your snap score either. Outside of the usual point given with those concepts in mind you can work towards racing your snap score in no time.

Sending snaps is the best way to do it and if you use the app regularly, you will start seeing your snap score boost again and again. In other words, your engagement with friends or celebrities is a vital way of increasing your snap score.

Why Can’t I Check Someone’s Snap Score?


One of the main reasons why you can’t check your friend’s snap scores is probably because you guys haven’t added yourself yet. Another possible reason is if you have been either removed or blocked by someone. If you are blocked by your friend, you won’t be able to interact or engage with the user as long as you have been removed as a friend.

Ensure that you have been added by someone and you have also accepted. By doing this, you would be able to view their snap score. 


While moving towards the final thoughts in the article, you need to remember that your snap score updates almost immediately. But if you are checking the snap score of others, it might take a while for it to update. Snap chat does this with a time buffer in order to protect a user’s online activities. Although, it would still get updated on it might just take a while.

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