BMO Harris Mobile Check Deposit Limit

In this article on BMO Harris Mobile Check Deposit Limit, we shall be taking a look at mobile check deposit limit at BMO Harris bank and other related aspects of this write-up. Keep scrolling through the article to get the right information that you desire.

Opening a new savings or checking account is usually good but before you think of the particular bank to opt for, there are some vital factors to take into consideration before doing that, one of which is the mobile check deposit limit of the bank.

Hence, if you want to open a new account with BMO Harris bank or you are an already existing customer, it is crucial that you know the BMO Harris Mobile Check Deposit Limit because it will be of immeasurable help to you whenever you want to transact your business with them.

Bank of Montreal which is also called BMO Harris Bank is one of the popular financial institutions in the United States that is located in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded in 1882 by Harris Bankcorp. This means that BMO Harris bank has been rendering excellent financial services to the United States citizens for the past 140 years.

It is a member of the Federal Reserve System and has outlets in Minnesota, Kansas, Florida, Wisconsin, California, Arizona, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. Currently, it is the 20th largest financial institution in the United States with over 600 branches and 1,300 Automated Teller Machines across the US.

BMO Harris mobile deposit allows users to deposit checks through the BMO mobile banking app into a qualified BMO checking, money market or savings account with the use of your device and guess what? The process is not tedious, it is very easy to carry out. I will be putting you through shortly, keep scrolling!

BMO Harris Mobile Check Deposit Limit


The BMO Harris mobile deposit limit is pegged at $5,000 every five business/working days. What this means is that you will not be able to deposit further checks once you reach your deposit limit. 

However, once you reach your deposit limit and you have not exhausted your financial transactions, then you need to seek alternative measures. Hence, you have to visit BMO Harris bank outlet or the ATM stand to deposit your fund. This $5,000 limit is solely for BMO Harris bank located in the United States.

How To Use BMO Harris Mobile Deposit In The United States


If you are indigenous to the United States or you are residing in the US but you don’t know how to use BMO Harris mobile deposit, then you need to pay keen attention to this section of this article because we x-rayed the simplified procedures on the way forward. The simplified procedures on how to use BMO Harris mobile deposit in the US is enumerated below;

  • First of all, download the BMO Harris mobile banking app and launch it appropriately.
  • Sign in to your BMO Harris mobile banking App.
  • Now, choose check deposit from the transfer and pay menu.
  • Choose deposit to commence the transaction.
  • At this point, you have to take a picture of the front and back sides of the check.
  • Now, fill in the check amount
  • Cross check and confirm your deposit details
  • Tap on “submit”
  • Once you follow the above steps correctly, you will get a mail confirmation informing you that your check has been received and also you will get a second mail which will finally notify you if your deposit has been approved or not. And that’s all, as simple as that.

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The above steps is how to use BMO Harris mobile deposit in the United States

What Should I Do With The Check When I Deposit It


Now that you have successfully deposited the check, what next? Well, we are going to inform you on what you should do with the check right away. Once you are done depositing your check, the first thing to do is to write “Depositedand the exact date of the deposit on the front of the check.

Once you have done that, then safely guide the check and keep the check for 14 business days to ensure that it clears. Whenever it clears, you can then destroy the check after fourteen days.  However, there is no need to keep the check for 120 working days after the deposit date. The above analysis is what you should do with your check after depositing.

Why Are My Check/Fund On Hold


If after depositing your check and you find out that it is on hold, there is no cause for alarm because there may be a reason for that. Your fund may be put to hold in line with the agreement and the BMO cheque policy which you assented to during the transaction.

However, if your check is placed on hold, the hold amount and the date the fund will be released will be displayed in the success message. But you have to wait until the date is communicated to you for you to be able to access your fund.


Does BMO Harris Accept Mobile Deposit?


Yes, BMO Harris accepts mobile deposits. Interestingly, with BMO Harris DepositSM, it is possible to deposit checks into a qualified BMO Harris savings, checking or money market account  from your device within the shortest period of time.

It is very easy. All you have to do is to login to the BMO Harris mobile banking app from your device and follow the onscreen instructions.

Can You Mobile Deposit A 5000 Check?


Yes, with BMO Harris mobile banking app, it is possible to mobile deposit a check of $5, 000 as long as you don’t go contrary to the $5,000 check deposit limit. Meanwhile, the good news is that if you have multiple checks, you can still make separate mobile deposits but you have to create separate mobile deposits for each item.

What Is The BMO Harris Zelle Limit?


There is no limit placed on receiving money in your BMO Harris account. But the least amount that you can request or send with BMO Harris mobile banking app is $5.

How Long Does It Take To Clear A Check At BMO Harris?


It takes about two working days after the deposit to clear the check. This means that approved checks deposited into a money market  or savings account, it only takes two business days to clear the check from the date of the deposit.

Does BMO Have A Daily Limit?

Yes, BMO has a daily debit card limit. However, to be able to find your BMO daily limit, you have to sign in to your account and tap on view your daily debit card limit which is under your bank account. However, the general BMO ATM withdrawal limit is pegged at $1,000.


In this article, I have been able to walk you through BMO Harris Mobile Check Deposit Limit where we observed that the BMO Harris mobile check deposit is pegged at $5,000 every five business days. We also discussed other activities of BMO Harris as it relates to this topic. I hope you got value by going through the article. Keep a date with us. Thanks for your time.

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