Burger King App Not Working ( Quick Fix )

Sometimes you need to understand that you might experience issues whereby your burger king app might suddenly decide not to work. Technical problems regarding “burger app not working” are constant for most customers, so you are not alone. It is most times as a result of app maintenance directly from the fast food restaurant chain. More reasons will be highlighted below in the other sections of the content.

Burger King is a chain of fast food restaurants located in the United States which has been owned subsequently by numerous American owners. The restaurant is actually worth billions of dollars in terms of partnership and stakes gained by business owners. Regarding the specific type of food that is served at burgers king, this mostly includes sandwiches in addition to the breakfast, dinner and lunch meals. 

Why Is Burger King App Not Working?


It is usually annoying whenever you encounter issues whereby your burger king app doesn’t load, it hesitates to pick up speed or eventually becomes slow at times. Meanwhile, below are the main possible reasons why your burger application might decide not to work.

  • Bad Network Connection
  • App Maintenance From Burger King
  • The Size Of The File Of The App
  • An Outdated Burger King App

Bad Network Connection


The first and most obvious reason why your burger king app might not work which can easily be detected is due to a typically poor internet connection. The moment your mobile device encounters a bad network issue, it definitely leads to reduced conversions, users might easily get frustrated and several applications tend not to work properly.

However, the burger king app is not left out in this kind of situation whenever this issue comes up. Have it at the back of your mind that your network issues would highly be the reason why burger king App might not be working. There are several strategies to implement so as to solve your poor network issues which will be highlighted in the other segments of the content.

App Maintenance From Burger King

Application maintenance is very important for keeping users engaged and constantly working to fix any issues that may arise. Note that Burger King will have to interrupt all operations ongoing in the app in order not to affect their customer services.

This could, however, be another reason why your burger king app keeps malfunctioning. It might be due to an ongoing maintenance by the fast food restaurant franchise.

The Size Of The File Of The App

Some direct issues might not influence the way your burger king app works, it might obviously be due to the size of the application or indirectly be as a result of so many large files on your mobile device along with the burger king App.

Large files do affect the proper functioning of your mobile device and might also have an adverse effect on the way each application works on the device precisely. If you intend to know how to put an end to this issue, you need to keep reading as a simple method to implement will be highlighted as follows.

An Outdated Burger King App

The main reason why you ought to regularly update your burger king app if it is outdated is due to the fact that it ensures the app is less susceptible to crashing and some other technical issues. 

Your burger king app comes with new features and developments after every maintenance procedure. An outdated burger king app will only keep encountering issues which would obviously leave you frustrated.

How To Fix Burger King App Not Working?


Eventually, you are the particular segment of the content wherein a detailed solution on how to fix “burger king not working” issues and any other related problems you might be experiencing with the app.

  • Wait For The Completion Of The Maintenance
  • Troubleshoot Your Network Connection
  • Restart Or Reset Your Mobile Device
  • Find A Compatible Mobile Device
  • Get In Touch With Burger King

Wait For The Completion Of The Maintenance


As we have stated above in the article, a sudden app maintenance might be ongoing which you might not be informed about. Whenever this update is rolled out, customers tend to experience server downtime while using the burger king mobile application therefore resulting in “burger king app not working” notification.

Perhaps you find yourself in this kind of situation, the only solution is to wait for several hours till the app maintenance gets completed. You just have to wait it out, find some other things to do while the maintenance is ongoing.

Troubleshoot Your Network Connection

You need to realize that app maintenance doesn’t occur all the time, so your burger king app might be down due to a network issue and you might think maintenance is ongoing. 

Simply inspect your network connection by refreshing the connection. Whether or not you are using a wi-fi or mobile data connection, check to confirm if it has been actively connected or not before proceeding to attempt using the app one more time. If this still doesn’t work, attempt the following solutions below.

Restart Or Reset Your Mobile Device

You might have inspected your network connection and still find out you have difficulties navigating the burger king app. All you simply need to do is restart your mobile device or just rest the precise mobile application (Burger King App).

Find A Compatible Mobile Device

In terms of downloading a burger king app on your mobile, you can actually do this on your android device or iOS by following a few procedures. But it becomes obvious that your mobile device might not be compatible with the burger king app and the app stops working.

Without doubt you might need to change your mobile device and attempt using the burger king app on another device. I hope this works as perhaps the app is just not compatible with your device.

Get In Touch With Burger King

It normally gets to a point whereas you might not be able to accurately detect the exact reason why your burger king stopped working. 

The easiest method to put in place is to instantly contact the burger king customer service support, which can be done via an active email address or the company’s hotline. Get in touch with the company via several methods by following this link below. https://www.bk.com/contact-us


Burger king is one of the most patronized fast food restaurant with various branches and locations in the United States. They might one encounter a downtime with their server and this is why their app doesn’t work while using it. A detailed information on how to fix this issue and advice has been highlighted above in the article. 

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