eWallet Code : Here’s FNB eWallet Code

The full function of eWallet code does not just stop at purchasing Voice bundles, do you know that you can use the eWallet code to get a pin which could withdraw your cash at the ATM? You see, eWallet Code up till today still seems as a surprise and interesting to most South Africans, and it is worth being that way.

However, eWallet code has so many features such as making it easy for a fraudster not to withdraw your money without getting approved by FNB. With the way things seem to be, most of our readers are very interested to know more about the eWallet code as they keep asking us how it can be used to purchase airtime and withdraw cash.

In this article, I will be addressing everything you need to know regarding the eWallet code. So without wasting time, let us proceed 

What Is eWallet Code?


You see, before knowing how to use eWallet code to purchase voice bundles and withdraw money from FNB ATMs, you need to understand what eWallet code is, which will be addressed in the next paragraph.

eWallet code is a USSD code issued by FNB to FNB customers to use and send money instantly to anyone who has a valid South African mobile number and also purchases voice bundles with it. However, you can also transfer money using the eWallet code to your Account.

What Is eWallet Code Use For?


eWallet code can be used to get different transactions done but there are main use of eWallet code and there are listed below;

  • eWallet code is used to buy airtime
  • eWallet code is used to generate a pin which can be used to make money withdrawn at FNB ATMs or supported eWallet in-store
  • Send money to another South African number
  • Buy prepaid electricity

How To Buy Airtime From eWallet Code


  • Dial *130*277#
  • Enter the recipient’s number
  • Enter amount
  • Proceed with the transaction

Note: you can only dial *130*277# if you want to purchase airtime from FNB, and most times, this airtime is used to get an FNB ATM personal identification number (PIN).

How To Withdraw Money From eWallet Pin Using FNB ATMs


The first thing you should have in your mind while trying to withdraw money at First National Bank (FNB) using eWallet is requesting for the withdrawal and an accompanying Personal Identification Number (PIN). However, below are the steps involved in withdrawing money from eWallet using FNB ATMs.

  • Locate the nearest FNB ATM
  • Dial *120*277# with your mobile phone to access your eWallet (if you are out of airtime, dial *130*227# to purchase airtime directly, then follow the displayed instructions on your screen).
  • Press “1” to select “Withdraw Cash”
  • Press “1” again to select “Get ATM PIN”
  • eWallet will send you a four digit-pin through SMS, and this pin expires after 16 hours of receiving it
  • Press “Proceed/Enter” on the ATM 
  • If you do not press “Proceed/Enter”, you can also select “Cardless Services” on the ATM screen
  • Select “eWallet Services” on the ATM screen
  • Enter your valid South African number and press “Proceed”
  • Enter the four-digit pin you received through SMS from eWallet
  • Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw
  • Verify your transaction before sending it for processing

How To Withdraw Money From eWallet Pin Using Retail Stores


  • Dial *120*277*4# to Access eWallet
  • Press “1” to select “Withdraw Cash”
  • Press “1” to select “Get Retail PIN” (you will receive a one-time PIN (OTP) which will be 30 minutes after delivery

NOTE: To avoid getting your PIN expires, then considered working on withdrawing money from eWallet PIN using Retail stores when you are available at the in-store

  • Visit the South African stores that support eWallet money transaction 
  • Select “Withdraw Cash” at Check out
  • Select “Withdraw Cash from eWallet” on the displayed screen
  • Enter the amount of cash you want to withdraw
  • Enter your phone mobile number when approved
  • Enter the one-time PIN that was sent to you to get the transaction done.

Which South African Store Supports eWallet?


While choosing a retail store to withdraw money from eWallet, the following are retail stores that support eWallet withdrawal in South Africa –

  • Umlazi TOPS
  • Bray’s SPAR
  • Myezo SPAR
  • Ngqeleni SUPERSPAR
  • Savoy SPAR
  • Lighthouse SPAR
  • Thohoyandou TOPS
  • Randgate TOPS
  • Limpopo SPAR
  • Lighthouse TOPS
  • Sutherland Ridge SUPERSPAR
  • Limpopo TOPS
  • Thohoyandou SPAR
  • Randgate SPAR
  • Umlazi Megacity SPAR
  • Northcrest SUPERSPAR

However, you might be interested in sending money via FNB eWallet, so, later on in this guide, I will be showing you how to send money via eWallet –

How To Send Money Via eWallet


To send money via the FNB eWallet, you need a mobile phone, an internet bundle, and a good internet connection. So, if you are good to go, below are the steps involved in sending money via eWallet –

  • Log in to Online Banking (eWallet account) with your Username and password
  • Select the “Pay” tab
  • Select the “Once Off” tab
  • Select “An eWallet” as the type of recipient you are sending money to
  • Fill in the recipient’s information such as name and cell phone number
  • Click on “From Account” as where you want to use as payment
  • Select the future date if you wish to future date the payment
  • Click the “Pay” button
  • Review the filled information and make changes if there is a need, then proceed with the “Confirm” button once you are done
  • Enter the “One-Time PIN” 
  • After indexing the One-Time PIN (OTP), Click the “Submit” button


Is FNB eWallet?


Yes, FNB is the founder of eWallet services. FNB is a bank governing financial services offered by eWallet, hence, FNB is eWallet.

Can I Use eWallet Anywhere?


No, you can not use eWallet anywhere. eWallet can only be used at FNB ATMs and retail stores that support eWallet services.

Which ATM Supports eWallet?


The only ATM that supports eWallet in FNB. Aside from using FNB to proceed with eWallet services, there is no other ATM capable of providing eWallet services.

Can eWallet Be Used To Withdraw Cash?


Yes, of course, eWallet can be used to withdraw cash from FNB ATMs. You see, one of the main aims of eWallet is cash withdrawal. However, if you did check the above, you will see where I gave guidelines on how to withdraw cash from eWallet.

Can eWallet Be Use To Purchase Voice Bundles?


Yes, of course, eWallet can be used to purchase voice bundles. You see, one of the main aims of eWallet is making bills payment and purchasing voice bundles and internet bundles. However, if you did check the above, you will see where I gave guidelines on how to purchase airtime from eWallet.



Unlike other financial firms, eWallet offers different financial services that most banks in South Africa do not, and services most South African banks offer but are interesting.

However, with eWallet, you can free yourself from all types of fraud such as Cyber fraud. So, it is very important to get the eWallet if you do not have one, and of course, you need to put it into consideration.

Furthermore, you can take your time to go through this article again for a better understanding of what eWallet code is, what eWallet code does, how eWallet code can be used, and others.

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