How Can I Get A Personalized Chime Card? ( Quick Steps )

Are you a Chime user who is bored with going about with one card design?  Do you want some customized features on your Chime card that will resonate with your personality? Are you one of those asking “Can I get a personalized Chime card?” Then search no further as all you’ve been looking for are detailedly captured in this article.

Quick Answer: Yes, you can get a personalized Chime Card but not totally customized. Read this complete article to get the detailed information about this. 

Chime Card Design

As you may have known, Chime is a mobile banking app with great innovation that has attracted millions of users. It offers great security for your funds at no fees. This is further heightened by its free Chime card policy. In other words, Chime gives debit and credit cards to their users at no cost. Interesting, right? That’s not all, as these cards also come in various beautiful designs.

Along with other exciting g card designs, Chime credit cards come in green color while its debit card Is in white. However many users with the drive for more are asking “Can I get a personalized Chime card?”. Let’s see the answer to that in the next paragraph.

Can I Get A Personalized Chime Card?


The answer to this is very tricky hence you need to pay optimum attention to read this carefully. Yes, you can get a personalized Chime card. However, this will not be completely personalized. Chime has some personalized card designs that you can choose from while ordering a debit or credit card.

How Can I Get A Personalized Chime Card?


There are two ways to get a personalized Chime card that better suits your taste. This could be made to reflect your philosophy, business, status, etc. So let’s see them as we proceed quickly.

From Chime


This is the first available option. This method involves picking one of the designs available on the Chime website while ordering a card as explained above. This method gives you limited options as you are restricted to the available colors and designs. You can not input an external idea or design into it.

As we move on in this article, we will look at the available designs. Nonetheless, the Metallic Black Cardi’s one of the unique designs that are available when getting a personalized card from Chime.

Customizing A Chime Card Yourself


This is the second method of getting a personalized Chime card. This method came into the limelight after the contest that was organized by Chime in 2019. This contest was tagged #MyChimeCard. During the contest, many Chime card users were allowed to create various designs in their cards according to their ideas and creativity. Participants were allowed to use anything to design their Chime card ranging from colors to designs, logos, portraits, pictures, etc.

Can I Get A Personalized Chime Card

The designs that were made came out very beautiful and were greatly commended by Chime. A Facebook post was made on the official Chime page commending the efforts and creativity of the participants. This post reads thus

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in our #MyChimeCard contest! We’ve observed a few interesting things during these two weeks: Y’all are ARTISTS. No joke. We were shocked by the amount of talent.”

“Lisa Frank stickers are alive and thriving…”

It further went on to urge all users to get creative and make designs on their cards. And the white background card is a perfect blank canvas to make any design of your choice. Therefore, you can get a personalized Chime card by creating your desired design on your card when it is delivered to you. Note that when doing this, care should be taken not to tamper with the chip and other vital parts of the card.

Types Of Chime Cards


Chime has different types of debit and credit cards.

  • Chime White Colored Plastic Debit card
  • Chime Credit Builder Card – Green Plastic Colored
  • Black Colored Metal Debit And Credit Card
  • Green Colored Metal Credit Card.

How To Get Chime Card


To get a Chime card, you will first open an account with Chime either on its mobile app or visit its website. Submit all requirements and start using the account. Now you can order a free debit card which will be mailed to you.

For a credit card, however, you must apply and get pre-approved. This is after you must have opened an account with Chime. The process is however a little different for a metal card.

For a Chime Metal card (black or green), you first have to sign up for a Credit Builder Card. It will be delivered to your mail. Activate and start using it. If you make 40 purchases within 60 days with the plastic Credit Builder Card, you would have qualified for a metal card. Chime will then mail a metal card to you.

How Long Does It Take To Get Chime Card?


Getting a Chime Card takes between 7-10 business days. This is excluding holidays and weekends. So even if it is a new Checking account or replacing a lost card, it takes at most 10 business days.


What’s The Difference Between A White And A Green Chime Card?


The white-colored card is a debit card that uses the money from your Chime account when you make withdrawals at ATMs, purchases, pay bills, etc. The Green colored Chime card, on the other hand, is a credit card. The funds in the credit card are given in advance and are deducted from your credit generator account.

Is Chime Verified By Visa?


Yes, the Chime card is verified by Visa hence it is secured by the Visa Zero Liability policy, privacy, and security.

What Color Is Chime Debit Card?


The Chime debit card is white with a green Chime logo on it.


Chime has some interesting designs for you on any card you order (debit or credit card). However, you can use your imagination, ideas, creativity, and innovation to customize your card in whichever way you want. Therefore we say a big Yes to the question “Can I get a personalized Chime card?”

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