Withu Loans Reviews ( Everything About Withu Loans )

Withu Loan reviews show that it has a very low trust score which poses a 50/50 scam alert. Have you heard or read about the juicy loan offer that Withu Loans have to offer? Do you want to know if it is legit or a scam? Then read the complete article to see all that it entails. You will see customers’ reviews and be able to determine whether it is safe or not.

In an era where there are many loan firms and scammers are devising new means of defrauding people, one needs to apply extra caution when dealing with financial transactions online. And this applies to the loan form that you give out your personal and financial information.

Like Press Loan, Grace Loan, and many others, Withu Loans is an online platform that gives personal loans to individuals in need of urgent cash. It gives up to $2,500 through a simple application method. It does not require strict eligibility criteria and even with a low credit score, there is the assurance of securing a loan here. However, the big question is “Is Withu Loan legit?” read the next paragraph to get the answer to this question. We will give a thorough review of this firm as well as see what customers are saying about it.

Is Withu Loans Legit?


After considering some variables, it could be said that Withu Loans is not a legit platform. It has a high percentage of being a scam website that is aimed at collecting the information of users and would disappear anytime soon. Here are the variables that were considered to come up with that conclusion.

Website Quality

The withu loan website has very low quality. It was registered in 2022 and would expire in 2023. Access to the website is limited unless you are allowed by the owner. The website shows a 48.4 trust score and has a spam score of 5/100. Its malware rating is 4/100 and has a phishing rating of 8/100.

This alone raises so many questions about the legitimacy of the site thereby making it a threat to work with. But that’s not all, see other variables as you continue reading.


Furthermore, Withu Loan is considered a scam because there is no information about its license. Legit firms and companies are quick to display their licenses to win the trust of the public. But in this case, nothing is said about its registration with any government body and the license it has to operate.


The firm is also not transparent in its dealing. Its terms and agreements are not clearly stated and the interest rates of the loan as well as other aspects of the company are not transparent. This also goes to show that it is not totally a legit loan firm.


Looking further, we also observe that there is no information about the ownership of the organization. Legit firms or companies are quick to let you know the details of their ownership. However, Withu Loans has hidden its ownership from the public. These alone are enough to raise eyebrows about its legitimacy. But before we do that, let us see what others are saying about Withu Loans in the review section below.

Withu Loan Reviews


Withu Loans reviews have generally shown that a large percentage of their customers are not satisfied with the services offered. Many customers claim to have completed the process but were not paid and others who got loans had to pay a ridiculously high interest rate. See specific reviews on some platforms below.

Withu Loan Reviews On BBB


Withu Loans is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, it has a very low rating of 1.05/5 which is not a good one at all hence its overall rating by the bureau is B-. There are many complaints from users about its products and services most especially concerning exorbitant interest rates, and unresponsive customer service among others. See some comments from customers below.

“Not one word is mentioned about the 500+ annual percentage rate during the process, says up to 35% on their site so you don’t get informed until after you get the money, they prey on people and deceive you through the process, please help! Please make them honor the 35%, not 535% rate”

Withu Loan Reviews on Trustpilot

Withu Loans Reviews

Withu Loans has a 1.5/5 rating on Trustpilot. And many reviews about it also show how dissatisfied customers are with them. Lots of negative comments point at the high interest rates and others simply referred to it as a scam. A customer wrote “Horrible!!! Don’t waste your time, they do not want to give you a loan. It’s not worth it, don’t do it!!!” 

Here is what this customer has to say about the high interest rates. “Do NOT get a loan with these guys.. they are scammers. I got a 300 dollar loan the first time and paid back 500 which wasn’t back the second time I got 700 and they have me paying back almost 3,000 dollars with 469 percent interest..

Is Withu Loan Safe?


With all of the negative reviews gotten so far about it and the legitimacy analysis, it could be said that Withu Loans is not safe. However, the decision to trust them or not is left to you.

Pros And Cons Of Withu Loans


The following are some pros and cons of this loan firm.


  • Easy sign-up and account creation process.
  • Simple loan application process
  • Does not require a collateral
  • Allows installment payments.


  • High-interest rates.
  • No clear terms and conditions.
  • Not easily accessible by any server. The website has a low trust score.

How Much Can I Borrow From Withu Loan?


The loan firm claims to give up to a $2500 loan on your first application.

Will My Loan with Withu Loans Affect My Credit Score?


No, your credit score will not be affected by the loan given to you by Withu Loans.

Withu Loans Login

If you have signed up already, kindly login to your withu loans account by visiting their official website at https://myaccount.withuloans.com/. Enter your correct username and password, and hit login.

How Long Does Withu Loans Take To Deposit

According to WithU Loans’ website, it takes 1-7 business days to deposit a loan after approval. This means that if you are approved for a loan today, you could receive the funds in your bank account as early as next week. However, it is also possible that it could take up to 7 business days for the funds to be deposited.


Withu Loans reviews as we have seen are majorly negative which goes a long way to show that it is not totally legit. Therefore doing business with it would be a risky ride. Hence, caution should be applied so as not to regret such a move.

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