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Are you searching for the Ford Motor Credit Lienholder Address? Search no more because this is the right place for you because this write-up will be of immeasurable help to you because it will guide you on how to get the Ford Motor Credit Lienholder Address which would invariably help you to repay your loan in installments. Chill and relax as I walk you through the article.

Ford Motor Credit is a predominant shareholder of Ford motor company that oversees the commercial financing for Ford and Lincoln automobiles via supporting both Ford and Lincoln dealers. It also concentrates its service on dealership inventory and leasing. Over the years, the company has been assisting its customers with car loans and leasing with convenient repayment plans.

In the relentless efforts of Ford Credit company to ensure that its customers have financial peace of mind, it provides multiple Payment options. Not only that, but the company also accepts Western Union mobile payments, payroll deductions or postal mail, MoneyGram, etc. So, you have numerous Payment options to choose from when you transact your business with Ford Motor. For more information on the activities of Ford Motor, keep scrolling through the subsequent sections to get the full gist.

What Is A Lienholder?


Before we proceed, let’s get the facts straight. In the simplest term, Lienholder which is also called a lienor is the financial company or Person that holds your loan until you complete your whole payment.

Hence, your Ford Motor Credit Lienholder for your car loan or other loan is simply the financial institution like a credit union or bank that acts as a lienor.

Ford Motor Credit Lienholder Address


In this section, I am going to be hitting the nail on the head, since you have known what Lienholder is. Without further ado, let’s quickly look at “Ford Motor Credit Address. The Ford Motor lienholder address is P. O. Box 30201 College Station / TX 77842. Hence if you need the official address for mailing a lienholder to Ford Motor,  we strongly recommend that you use this address P. O. Box 30201 College Station / TX 77842 to do.

However, it is vital to note that the address for mailing the lienor may vary. Hence if that is the condition for you, then we recommend that you contact  Ford Motor Credit Company for directive and possible assistance.

Ford  Motor Credit Lienholder Code


People must know the code/address of the lienholder to be able to access Ford Motor Credit auto loans and other related mortgage services. Hence this section is very important if you don’t know the lienholder code.  Without further ado, let’s get the code right away.

The Ford Motor Credit Lienor code is C01349. This code is very important when dealing with Ford Motor Credit lienor, so get the code at the tip of your finger whenever you need Ford Motor Credit Lienholder services.

Ford Motor Credit Payoff Phone Number


Now that you have known the Ford Motor Credit lienholder address, what if you want to contact them, well! No worries, we’re gonna guide you. If you want to inquire more about the activities of Ford Motor Credit company either as an existing customer or a new customer, you can easily contact the company via phone call on 800-727-700.

However, in some instances, most customers will be required to contact financial institutions before proceeding with their payment for a mortgage or loan. Hence we strongly recommend that you contact Ford Motor Credit on 800-727-700.

Before making payments to avoid paying into the wrong address (account). For easy comprehension, the table below summarizes Ford Motor Credit’s contact number. 

S/N Service Phone Number
1. Retail loan  (800) 727-7000
2. Ford Credit Customer Support (800) 727-7000
3. Ford United States (800) 392-3673
4. Lincoln Concierge United States (800) 521-4140
5. Ford Roadside Assistance (800) 241-3673

Ford Motor Credit Headquarters Address


The headquarters of Ford Motor Credit is located at Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI 48126. However, if you want to send a letter to Ford Motors, then you need to use the corporate headquarters address which is Ford Motor Company, 1 American Road Dearborn, MI 48126, United States.

But if you want to visit the Ford Motor Credit corporate headquarters in person, we recommend that you book an appointment with them in advance so that you won’t spend much time waiting whenever you visit them.

Ford Motor Credit Company Mailing Address


If you would like to communicate with Ford Motor Credit via email, then the appropriate mailing address to use is Ford Motor Company, Customer Relationship Center, P.O. Box 6248, Dearborn, MI 48126, USA.

But if you have additional questions or inquiries to make about Ford Motor and you want to speak with the Ford Motor Credit corporate headquarters representative on phone, the right number to call is 1-313-322-3000.

Ford Motor Credit Company Additional Address


If you want to contact Ford Motor Company for employment-related information or wish to contact the Chief Executive Officer of the company, then this section is for you.

Ford Motor CEO / Executive Chairman Email Address

If you want to reach the CEO of Ford Motor, you can do that by contacting him via email address but unfortunately, we don’t have the CEO’s private email address, nevertheless, you can easily reach the CEO of Ford Motor via the Ford Motor official website at

Ford Motor Company Employment Verification

For further information or inquiries on Ford Motor’s current and former employee verification, kindly call +1 800-367-5690 or better still, visit the official website for detailed information

Ford Credit Change Of Address

If you want to make some adjustments or changes to your Ford Motor Credit address, you have to update your account information like phone number, residential address, or email. To do that, just follow these few steps

  • Login to your account manager
  • Toggle to “Settings”
  • At the settings, choose the information that you desire to change or update
  • Once you choose the information, follow the onscreen instructions and that’s all.

What Is Ford Credit Address?

The central executive office address of Ford Motor Credit is One American Road, Dearborn, Michigan 48126. You can also contact them via (313) 322-3000.

Where Do I Mail My Ford Motor Credit Payment?

If you want to repay your personal and commercial loan or Instalments payoff, the appropriate address to use is Ford Credit. P.O. Box 650574. Dallas, TX 75265-0574.

Is Ford Credit The Same As Ford Motor Credit?


Not really because Ford Motor Credit company is a subsidiary of Ford’s financial services. It would be recalled that it is one of the leading companies for automobile financing across the globe for Ford and Lincoln dealers and their esteemed customers. Nevertheless, the duo works mutually to ensure that they give their customers the best automobile financing experience.


Ford Motor Credit Company has numerous addresses through which you can reach and one of which is their lienholder address. We have been able to discuss all you need to know about the Ford Motor Credit Lienholder Address. But the summary of the key points in this article is summarized below;

  • Ford Motor is the leading company for automobile financing across the globe for Ford and Lincoln dealers and their esteemed customers.
  • The Ford Motor Credit Lienholder Address is P. O. Box 30201 College Station / TX 77842
  • The Ford Motor Credit Lienor code is C01349.

This is all we have for you today. Thanks for engaging.

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