Can PayID Be Reversed? All You Need To Know

Can PayID be reversed? This is a pressing question that we are going to discuss in this article. Perhaps you have been wondering if it is possible to reverse the Osko transfer in Australia. Well! You are in the right place, we’re gonna be finding out shortly. Keep scrolling through the article to get the right information that you desire because we are going to show instances where Osko transfer can be reversed. 

A PayID is a special identifier linked to your bank account. The PayID can be an ABN, mobile number, and email address. The PayID was initiated by the New Payments Platform (NPP) to ease financial transactions for the residents of Australia.

However, for individual accounts, you can register your mobile phone number as a PayID but if you are a sole proprietorship or you have a limited liability company, you can use your ABN as your PayID. Interestingly, you can give your PayID to payees, in place of your account number and BSB, this offers you an easy way to share your account details.

Why Would An Osko Transfer Be Reversed?


An Osko transfer can be reversed in some instances. Some of the reasons why an Osko transfer can be reversed include but are not limited to;

  • The Osko transfer can be reversed if the money was sent to the wrong PayID or BSB account number
  • A reversal can also be made if the payment is made to the wrong account
  • The transfer can also be reversed if the wrong amount was sent.

The above-mentioned points are some of the reasons why the Osko transfer can be reversed after initiation.

Can Osko Payments Be Reversed?


The answer is Yes. An Osko Payments can be reversed. When an Osko payment is made within 24 hours and an error occurs, it can be reversed via the online banking system. However, if the payment exceeds 24 hours, you have to contact Osko bank to reverse the payment.

Can Someone Reverse An Osko Transfer?


Yes, someone can reverse an Osko transfer, if after the transfer you notice that the transfer has errors, you can swiftly opt for reversing the transaction because there is an option for that. 

First and foremost, you have to contact your bank immediately when you notice that you made a wrong payment for assistance. After that, the bank now must halt the payment to stop the recipient from having access to the fund which would invariably stop them from making withdrawals until the whole issue is resolved amicably.

Alternatively, if you have the recipient’s details, you can also reach out to them to send back the money. However, it is pertinent to bear it at heart that there is no guarantee that your payment will be retrieved once you have completed your transaction. Hence we recommend that you should be very careful when making financial transactions to avoid transferring money to the wrong account. 

Can You  Cancel Osko Payment?


The answer is Yes. You can cancel Osko Payments. However, for you to cancel the payment, you have to follow these simple procedures

  • Login to your Osko mobile app
  • Toggle to ‘My Payments’ on the menu
  • Tap on the ‘Cancel Payment’ link which is close to the payment you want to cancel
  • Finally, if you follow the above steps succinctly, you will be able to cancel your Osko Payments.

How To Lock PayID


At this point, you know that it is possible to reverse or cancel an Osko transfer. Now that you know that, let’s quickly look at how you can lock your PayID to protect your secret financial details from unauthorized Payments in Australia.

However, if you make payments to a closed or a locked PayID, the payment will fail automatically and the funds will be reversed to your account immediately. Meanwhile, if you want to temporarily lock your PayID to stop receiving Payments, all you have to do is to follow these simple procedures below;

  • You have to download the mobile app from Google Play Store or App store depending on your device and launch it appropriately
  • Open the online banking and log in with your account details
  • Go to the transfer and Bpay tab
  • Choose PayID manager
  • Choose view details
  • Now, choose to send the code to a mobile number
  • Put the authentication code that you received
  • Now, click on ‘Submit’
  • At this point, choose the options dot next to your PayID that you would like to lock
  • Choose lock from the available options shown and confirm
  • Now, choose to send to an email address or a mobile number
  • Now, you can enter the code that you just received
  • At this point, choose to verify to authenticate locking your PayID 
  • Click on “Submit”
  • At this point, a receipt for your PayID locking will be displayed
  • Finally, a confirmation message will be sent to your email address or phone number to inform you that you have successfully blocked your PayID.

How Long Does Osko Transfer Take?


It takes about one to two working days to complete an Osko transfer.


Can You Dispute A PayID Transfer?


Yes, you can dispute your PayID. If you suspect that someone is interrupting your ownership of your PayID, you can simply dispute the ownership by clicking on Dispute PayID.

Once you are done clicking the dispute PayID, you can put in the code that was sent to your linked mobile number.  At this point, Osko bank will take up the case and investigate the PayID dispute, after the investigation, they will get back to you with their resolution and a way out.

Can I Cancel A PayID Payment?


Yes, you can permanently cancel your PayID payment.If you want to de-activate or permanently stop payment to your PayID, you can contact the Osko customer service representative on 1300 655 505 and ask them to close your PayID. And remember that once your PayID is closed, you’ll not be able to receive payments to it, however, you can still receive Osko Payments to either your BSB or account number.

How Long Does It Take PayID To Clear?


The good news is that if you are an Osko existing customer, once you make payments using your account, the payment will be received within a minute. However, for new subscribers or first-time payees, the payment may be withheld up to 24 hours for security reasons.

Can PayID Take Longer Than 24 Hours?


Some financial institutions like Osko may likely withhold your first PayID deposit as part of their measure to prevent fraudulent activities. However, the amount you want to deposit also plays a vital role in the duration that the funds will be withheld. 

Ordinarily, it is common to experience a delay of up to 24 hours when a large amount is involved. However, if the delay becomes extreme, we strongly recommend that you contact the bank for help, however, don’t expect a swift response because the delay may be part of their policy.


At this point, you know that it is possible to reverse or cancel Osko Payments that were made via PayID.However, as we know that it is possible to reverse a payment made with a PayID, we strongly recommend that you should be keen when carrying out financial transactions to avoid sending money to the wrong account because the reversal process is not guaranteed and anything can happen which may lead to losing your money. Please be guided!

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