How To Retrieve eWallet Pin ( Quick Steps )

One of the major requirements to withdraw money from your wallet account is a PIN. In fact, without a pin, you can’t access the money in your wallet account. But if you don’t know how to get a new eWallet PIN or how to retrieve it when it expires, well! This article is designed to guide you on how to retrieve or request a new wallet pin.

South Africa’s eWallet is a financial banking service offered by First National Bank (FNB) that permits account holders to carry out financial transactions like fund transfers to individuals who have a functional South Africa phone number.

Interestingly, you can make withdrawals from FNB ATMs, or better still, you can withdraw from selected retail stores. It is pertinent to note that FNB’s eWallet service can only work optimally on mobile devices that have airtime and the same is applicable when you want to withdraw from eWallet.

How To Reset Or Retrieve Your eWallet Pin


If by any means your wallet Pin expires or you think that your current pin can’t help you to secure your fund, you have no other option than to reset your pin to protect your account from fraudulent-related activities. Remember that your pin is very important and it should be your utmost secret because if anyone gets access to it, the person can empty your account within a twinkle of an eye.

You can reset your eWallet Pin by using the FNB short code, all you have to do is to dial *120*277#. Once you dial the code, choose “reset password” and follow the onscreen instructions.

How To Request A New PIN For FNB eWallet


If you send funds to someone during the transfer, you will be required to send the receiver a PIN to use in withdrawing the money. But this particular code is valid for just four hours and if you don’t withdraw the money within the four hours, the PIN will expire and you won’t be able to make the withdrawal again. 

Meanwhile, if you want to withdraw money, most especially from an FNB ATM, you’re gonna receive a PIN to use and withdraw the money after requesting a withdrawal. This particular PIN is valid for about sixteen hours. However, if the PIN expires, you can still request another pin which would invariably help you to complete the transaction.

Meanwhile,  you can request another pin by dialing *120*277# and following the onscreen instructions to get another pin. But this new pin is solely for one-time use to help you to enable you to withdraw money from your eWallet account. 

How To Get eWallet PIN In South Africa


If you don’t have an eWallet Pin, then this section is for you because we have outlined the easiest ways how to get an eWallet Pin, the procedures are enumerated below;

  • First of all, dial *120*277*1# on your mobile device
  • Click 1(one) to request a new  eWallet Pin
  • Now you will get a message from FNB which will contain a new 4-digit eWallet Pin
  • Now, you have to visit any FNB ATM stand nearest to you and use the new eWallet Pin to make withdrawals
  • This new pin will expire after sixteen hours you received it, so try to make withdrawals before it expires
  • However, to get your new eWallet Pin  for retail stores, dial *120*277*4*1# on your mobile device and click on 1
  • Now your eWallet will send you a one-time pin that will expire within 30 minutes.

List Of eWallet-Supported Retailers In South Africa


There numerous retail stores in South Africa have adopted eWallet as a means of payment, some of the retail stores are outlined below;

  • Lighthouse Spar
  • Lighthouse Tops
  • Savoy Spar
  • Myezo Spar
  • Sutherland Ridge Superstar
  • Northcrest Superstar
  • Ngqeleni Superstar
  • Bray’s Spar
  • Umlazi Tops
  • Umlazi Megacity Spar
  • Sandgate Tops
  • Sandgate Spar
  • Thohoyandou Tops
  • Thohoyandou Spar
  • Limpopo Tops
  • Limpopo Spar

Now that you know some of the retail stores that support eWallet, let’s look at how you can use the eWallet in the above-mentioned stores.

How To Use eWallet In Retail Stores


If you visit a retail store that is eWallet-Supported, the steps below are what you should use to carry out your transaction. The steps are enumerated below;

  • Check-in at any eWallet-supported store
  • Then dial *120*277*4# to access eWallet
  • Click on 1 to choose to withdraw cash
  • Click on 1 to get the retail pin
  • But you have to make purchases from a credit or debit card before you can withdraw from eWallet
  • At checkout, choose to withdraw cash
  • Now, choose to withdraw cash from eWallet
  • At this point, choose the exact amount that you want to withdraw from eWallet
  • A provision will be prompted for you to enter your phone number and you should enter your mobile phone number
  • Finally, enter your one-time pin to complete the transaction. And if you follow these steps correctly, you will be able to use eWallet in the participating stores.


How Do I Recover An eWallet?


If you do it for one reason or the other and you lost your eWallet, there is no cause for alarm, just dial *120*321# on your mobile device, and after that, choose alternative 4 which is an option for sending money. The next thing to do is to choose alternative 5 which is the option for eWallet reversal and you will be able to retrieve your eWallet.

How Do I Get A New eWallet PIN Without Airtime?


If you don’t have airtime but you want a new eWallet PIN, all you have to do is to dial *130*277#. Once you dial this code on your device, it will allow you to buy airtime from your eWallet money. After that, dial *120*277# to get an automatic ATM Pin. The PIN will be sent to you via message.

How Do I Find My eWallet PIN?

Finding your eWallet Pin is not a big deal, all you have to do is to dial *120*277# to enable you to have access to the eWallet, now set a 5-digit secret pin for the eWallet. After that, choose to withdraw cash and you will be able to get an ATM pin. Finally, you will receive a message which contains the PIN.

How Do  I Get An FNB eWallet?

Getting FNB eWallet is not a difficult task, all you have to do is to;

  • Visit the FNB ATM stand
  • Once you are at the ATM, choose the green button
  • Choose proceed/enter Or choose “Cardless Services”
  • Choose eWallet services
  • Enter your device phone number and choose to proceed
  • Enter the ATM PIN that you received through the message
  • Now, choose the amount you want to withdraw
  • Finally, take your cash

How Long Does An eWallet PIN Last?


According to the norms, the eWallet PIN usually expires after 16 hours. So we strongly recommend that you should visit the closest FNB ATM within 16 hours to use the PIN before its secret code expires.

Interestingly, when you visit the nearest FNB ATM stand and you don’t have a card, you can easily go for a cardless withdrawal. All you have to do is to choose the eWallet services on the ATM screen and follow the onscreen instructions.

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